Top 80 Viking Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 80 Viking Names for Boys and Girls

Most parents search for unique Norse-inspired names for their children. Although the term “Viking” itself means “pirate raid” in Old North, not all Vikings were raiders; many voyaged around the world and demonstrated different skills and represented their ancestors. Even today, the descendants proudly flaunt their heritage and culture. The most common way to do this is by naming your child something meaningful and beautiful. We have a list of female Viking names, male Viking names and gender-neutral Viking names. If you’ve been looking for Norse-inspired names; your search ends right here. This article has a list of some impressive and rare Viking baby names with their meaning.

35 Viking Names for Boys With Meanings

The Vikings were Germanic people who have always had a fascinating culture and travelled across the globe. There are many famous popular Viking names from the Norse mythology. These baby names pay tribute to the incredible Scandinavian seafarers:

1. Ake

Ake is a unique Viking name that means “ancestors”.

2. Aric

It is a common Viking name for boys; it means “eternal ruler”.

3. Arne

This Viking name means ‘eagle’.

4. Axel

This is a popular Viking-originated word, which refers to a “man of peace”.

5. Bjorn

Bjorn came from Scandinavian cultures; it means “Bear”.

6. Birger 

The name means ‘helper’ or ‘saviour’.

7. Bo

The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘to dwell’.

8. Corey

Corey has a Germanic origin. It means “Chosen”. It is also used by Irish and Gaelic people.

9. Dane

It’s an English Viking name which means “God is my Judge”.

10. Erik

This name was founded by the first Viking settlement in Greenland. It means “King forever” or “an eternal ruler”.

11. Frode

This cool Viking boy name means “wise” or “clever”.

12. Gunnar

Gunnar is a beautiful name which refers to a warrior.

13. Gorm

The name is derived from Old Norse and means ‘good’ or ‘god’.

14. Halfdan

The name is derived from an ancient legendary king.

15. Harald

This name was given to the ruler of Norway. It means “Lord” or “ruler”.

16. Ivar

Ivar is a lovely Viking baby boy name. It means “Bow warrior” or “archer”.

17. Knud

The name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘kind’.

18. Kåre

The name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘curly’ or ‘curved’.

19. Leif

This name “descendant” or “beloved”.

20. Loki

Loki is a strong word which means “the trickster God”.

21. Magnus

Magnus refers to something big, great, and mighty.

22. Njal

The name is of Scottish and Irish origin. It means ‘champion’.

23. Odin

It was the name of the supreme Viking God.

24. Oscar

A widely used name in all the countries, it means “gentle friend”.

25. Rune

Rune was the Nordic people’s first writing system, and the term means “mystery”.

26. Ragnar

This is one of the famous Viking names used all across Scandinavia. It means “Army ruler”.

27. Roar

The name is of Norse origin and means ‘fighter of praise’.

28. Selby

The name means “from the farm of willows”.

29. Skoll

Skoll is a Danish-Norwegian-Swedish word used for “cheers” and “good health”.

30. Skarde

The name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘hack’.

31. Sten

The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘stone’.

32. Thor

This short name means “God of thunder and lightning”. It can also be spelt as Tor.

33. Ulf

Ulf is a simple and old, Viking name, which means “wolf”.

34. Ulrik

Ulrik is an excellent choice for an animal-based Viking baby boy. It means “noble ruler”.

35. Vidar

An unusual Viking boy name, which refers to the “God of revenge and silence”.

35 Viking Names For Girls With Meanings

Some of the greatest names in the world are Viking girl names. Here are some unique Viking names of the girls along with their meanings:

1. Aife

Aife word is deprived of a Celtic word, which means “a great warrior woman of myth”.

2. Alvar

Alvar means “warrior”.

3. Astrid

The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘divinely beautiful’.

4. Bodil

The name is of Norse origin and means ‘Leader’.

5. Branka

A popular Slavic-originated name refers to a “glorious defender”.

6. Brita

This beautiful Scandinavian name for your little princess means “strength”.

7. Chara

Chara has a German origin. It means “free spirit”.

8. Dagmar

Dagmar is a beautiful Scandinavian name meaning “glorious”.

9. Erling

A famous name with a Scandinavian origin, it means “Descendant”.

10. Estrid 

The name means ‘fair and beautiful goddess’.

11. Freya

Freya means “lady”. It is derived from the old Norse language and is acquainted with Norse mythology.

12. Frida

It is a peaceful name which means “Woman of Peace”.

13. Gertrud

The name is of Germanic origin and means ‘spear’ or ‘strength’.

14. Gro

The name is of Norse origin and means ‘gardener’.

15. Gudrun

The name is of Norse origin and means ‘secret lore’.

16. Gunhild

The name is of Germanic origin and means ‘war’.

17. Hilda

This beautiful name means ‘battle woman’.

18. Helga

This name means a “holy or sacred spirit”.

19. Ingrid

An ideal Viking name for your beautiful princess, it means “Beautiful woman” or “Ing’s beauty”.

20. Inga

The name means ‘hero’s daughter’.

21. Kindra

Kindra means “Greatest champion”.

22. Lova

A charming name for Viking girls, it refers to “battle noise”.

23. Liv

The name has multiple origins and means ‘protection’ and ‘defence’.

24. Moja

Another name with heavenly roots, this name means “great” or “a mother”.

25. Niel

An easily recognisable name, it means “Champion”.

26. Olga

This name is special to the Viking era and it this can be the best name for your favourite little princess. It means “blessed” or “successful”.

27. Randi

The name means ‘shield-wolf’.

28. Revna

The name translates to a dark-haired person.

29. Solveig

This name means “daughter of the sun” or “woman of the house”.

30. Signe

The name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘new victory’.

31. Sigrid

The name means ‘victory’ and ‘beautiful’.

32. Sif

The name is a popular Scandinavian name and means ‘bride’.

33. Triska

This name has a Slavic origin, and it means “Sliver”.

34. Walberga

A lovely name for women derived from German origin, it means “strong protection”.

35. Yulla

A short and loving Scandinavian-originated name, it means “wealthy” or “gem of the sea”.

10 Viking Gender-Neutral Names with Meanings

For parents looking for gender-neutral Viking names, we’ve got you covered!

1. Alex

This beautiful gender-neutral name is actually a quite common name across the world. It means ‘helper and defender of mankind’.

2. Audor

This short and sweet name means ‘prosperity’.

3. Hanne

The name means ‘God has favoured me’.

4. Henny

This name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘keeper of the heart’.

5. Inge

The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘guarded by Ing’.

6. Jo

This name is often used as a short form of many names. It means ‘God is gracious’.

7. Mille

The name has Latin origins and denotes someone who is a helper to a priest. 

8. Storm

The name is of Old Norse and British origin. It means ‘tempest’.

9. Vonn

The name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘hope’.

10. Vondell

This name is a variation of the name Vonn. It means ‘hope’.

Vikings have been known for taking their names literally. It is just a way for Vikings to name a baby after a deity to remember the gods they believed in so much. Hope this list of names will help you choose the best name for your little baby boy or baby girl. Happy Parenting!

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