15 Things to Do in the Last Week of Pregnancy

A pregnant woman sitting on the sofa with her hands around her belly

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You’re nearing the final days and approaching delivery. Now you’re starting to feel a mix of worry and excitement. All mothers feel this way and there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll get through it. Although delivering a child is no cakewalk, there are few ways you can make this process enjoyable and the transition into motherhood with more ease.

From chores to shopping for your young one, here are 15 things you can do during the last two weeks of pregnancy for a stress-free delivery.

A pregnant woman holding a clock near her belly

1. Massage and Sleep

Even if it feels hard to sleep, try switching positions and ask your partner for soothing massages or backrubs. Better yet, it’s the perfect time to hit the spa and pamper yourself thoroughly!

2. Batch and Prep Meals Ahead

Prepare batch meals and freeze cooked ones for future use. You’ll be receiving a lot of treats from friends and family, and we suggest you make the best use of them by stocking up on the goodies ahead. Cook your homemade dinners and stock em’ up well in advance, because hell will definitely break loose when your little one demands your full-time attention once he/she is born. You’ll need it.

3. Time to Date

Chances are you’ll be cooped up in the house with your spouse once the baby’s out and you’ll be spending a lot of time and energy taking care of your little one. If you’re wondering what to do in last month of pregnancy then its time to spend a few quality moments together.

4. Shop Ahead

From baby toys, rattles, pacifiers, crates and more, be sure to shop for all the essentials you need before your newborn arrives. Think onesies, knickers and disposable wool breast pads. You’ll want to stock up on baby lotions, shampoos, cereals and other necessities. It’ll make your life as a parent much easier, trust us.

5. Schedule Announcements

Your friends, family and dear ones will be waiting in anticipation for the big day to arrive. Be sure to design flyers or emails ahead and send them out after the scheduled arrival date. A gentle reminder will help your special ones witness the big moment at the right time, and you wouldn’t want them to miss out on your little one’s entry into the new world. Make sure to add a cute photo of your baby before sending your emails out or better yet, make a mailing list and use an email scheduler for sending them out automatically when the moment’s perfect.

6. Do Your Baby’s Laundry

Your newborn’s skin is very sensitive, and it’s a good idea to wash the clothes and make sure they aren’t contaminated with chemicals and others harmful substances. Since your baby’s immune system is weak, make sure you give them to a dry cleaner and wipe them free from dust and grime before you let your little one wear them.

7. Charge Your Cameras

Be it your iPhone or Canon Cameras or something flashy you have in store for the big day, it’s best to get all the batteries charged. You don’t want your camera to die during the special occasion, and it’s a good idea to pack in a portable charge and load up on extra batteries if you can. Your spouse will appreciate this gesture and so will your friends. After all, nobody wants to miss the picture-taking day.

8. Get Your Car Cleaned

We know it’s too stressful when the chores after the big day pile up, and kids do get messy. Get a car cleaner or hire a professional car cleaning service if you have the budget. If your husband is willing to lend a hand, then make sure you get the car seats cleaned, interiors vacuumed and set up the windows and accessories right. Load up on tunes so that your little is engaged with entertaining beats to keep his mind busy and the mess minimal.

9. Keep your Hospital Bags Ready

You may give birth in 24 hours, or maybe it’ll take a few more days for the newborn to arrive. Whichever the case, it’s best to stay prepared which means you may end up staying in the maternity ward longer than you’d like. Pack up on chapsticks, slippers, nightgown, socks, change of clothes, portable music system and whatever else comes in handy or simple things that will make you feel relaxed.

10. The “Do-Not-Carry” List

Although we recommend stocking up on certain things for the last days of pregnancy, you don’t want to stock up too much. Make sure not to carry lots of cash, jewellery and other expensive valuables to your birthing centre, including breast pumps. The hospital can give you one if you need it and the same rule applies to medications and diapers as well. Less clutter, more peace of mind, basically.

11. Your Baby’s Outfit

It’s an exciting time when your baby comes out and greets you and your friends with his first cry. Make sure you shop for an outfit that commemorates the occasion. Make sure to wash it with a gentle detergent and keep it tucked away in the hospital bag beforehand so that you don’t forget at the last minute.

12. For Your Nurses

Throw in a few chocolates and tasty treats for your midwife and other nurses. Childbirth is a huge event, and your nursery has been taking good care of you so far (talk about taking care of other moms and similar huge responsibilities!) so why not make the moment one to remember for the staff and people around you? A little bit of gratitude and a token or two of appreciation doesn’t hurt. If everybody’s joyful, then it’s a win-win. Right?

13. Clean Your Home

Make sure you clean your home or hire a housekeeping service to do it for you. Make your abode free from dust, dirt, stains, and grime. You’ll be heavily invested taking care of your baby in terms of time and energy. This is is why it’s best to clean your home rather than leave chores for the last minute.

14. Consider Hiring a Babysitter

If you feel it’s too much responsibility to take care of everything by yourself or if your spouse and you both plan to return to work or the office soon, then a full-time babysitter may help. Granted it’s a little expensive, but wouldn’t it be stress-free to return home and see all chores taken care of, leaving you all alone with your little one to spend some quality time at the end of the day?

15. Invite Your Friends Over

Invite your friends at home once the young one is out and feel free to bring in guests occasionally. Maybe you can have your best friend take care of your little one for a few hours if you’re super busy and friends can even bring lunches or snacks for the baby. Either way, the more, the merrier and getting some company is a definite plus.

And that’s it! Keep these simple things in mind and check them off your to-do list one by one, once you start accomplishing tasks. By noting these things down and doing them, you’ll be reaping the benefits and make motherhood a lot more stress-free, especially in the beginning days and who doesn’t want that?