Top 15 Books That Are Perfect for a New Big Brother

15 Best Books for a New Big Brother

Welcoming a sibling can be confusing and challenging, and can make a young child a lot more anxious than adults can imagine. However, explaining how things will slowly change may help a young child cope better with the changing scenario. One of the most effective ways to help your little one is through books along with oodles of hugs, kisses, and reassurance!  In this article, we have shared some beautiful reads that you can read with your sonny boy and help him make the transition to a new big brother!

15 Books About Becoming a Big Brother

Get ready to curl up with your little boy, and read some of these sweet books that are absolutely perfect for the new big brother!

1. I’m a Big Brother

One of the best-selling books about being a big brother; this one is an excellent book for making the older sibling feel more empowered about his newly found role.

Author: Joanna Cole

Short Summary of the Book

The book describes the position of the first-time older sibling as he takes on the new role, which is mommy and daddy’s little helper with the new baby.

2. What Brother’s Do Best

This is one of the most adorable books for older brothers that share all the things that big brothers are good at.

Authors: Laura Numeroff and Lynn Munsinger

Short Summary of the Book

This heart-warming book honours and describes how siblings grow, bond, and make memories together.

3. Michael and His New Baby Brother

This heart-wrenching book for big brothers helps them to see the upside of having a younger sibling.

Authors: Sarah, Duchess of York and Ian Cunliffe

Short Summary of the Book 

The book shares the story of an only child Michael, who on learning about the arrival of a younger sibling is taken by surprise, but soon gets all excited when his mom and dad explain the upside of it.

4. The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby

How to Prepare Your Son to be a Big Brother

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This adorable bear story will help young kids understand how fun it is to be a big brother.

Author: Stan & Jan Berenstain

Short Summary of the Book 

The timeless classic bear story revolves around a small bear who welcomes and adjusts with his younger sibling in the most adorable way.

5. Ready, Set . . . Baby!

This book is one of the most insightful big brother books for toddlers as it shares some basic facts about a new baby.

Author: Elizabeth Rusch.

Short Summary of the Book 

This book shares real information in the most fun and humorous manner and gives the elder siblings a scoop of what all to expect with a new baby in the house.

6. Behold! A Baby

This book is a beautiful take on how adults get all pleased with a baby, but big brothers are hard to impress.

Author: Stephanie Watson

Short Summary of the Book 

The book is about finding out why big brothers do not get easily pleased by babies, and what are the things that convince them to see how amazingly wonderful small babies are.

7. Monkey: Not Ready for the Baby

This adorable soon-to-be brother book shares the thoughts that go on inside a child’s mind about becoming an elder sibling.

Author: Marc Brown

Short Summary of the Book 

The story revolves around a monkey, who wishes to stay a little brother, and how his mommy and daddy teach him that it is not that bad to be an elder sibling too.

8. Waiting for Sophie

Books That Will Help Your Child Transition To Being a Big Brother

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A delightful read that describes the feelings of an elder brother who waits early for his baby sister to grow up.

Author: Sarah Ellis

Short Summary of the Book

This is a story of a boy named Liam who is too eager to see his baby sister grow fast so that she can play with him, and how in order to achieve the same he makes a Get Older Faster Time Machine with the assistance of his nana.

9. What to Expect When Mommy’s Having a Baby

A guide for the young minds to help them understand more logical aspects of welcoming a new baby.

Author: Heidi Murkoff

Short Summary of the Book 

This book deals with more informative aspects of becoming an elder sibling and can help parents answer tough questions like ‘how babies are made’ among many others.

10. The New Baby

A funny book that shares a kid’s perspective about welcoming a new baby in the house.

Author: Mercer Mayer

Short Summary of the Book 

All the joys and hassles of a new baby in the house are shared in the most humorous ways in this book. It makes for a good read for big brothers as it shared from a kid’s perspective.

11. Big Brother Daniel

One of the best books about becoming a big brother, Big Brother Daniel, shares how preschoolers can help parents with young babies.

Authors: Angela C. Santomero and Jason Fruchter

Short Summary of the Book 

The book shares the story of Daniel, who helps his parents in taking care of his younger sister, and when she is asleep, Daniel enjoys his alone time with his parents.

12. Big Brothers Don’t Take Naps

Best Book Recommendation for Big Brothers

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This funny and humorous book is written from a child’s point of view and makes for a perfect read for the new big brothers.

Authors: Louise Borden and Emma Dodd

Short Summary of the Book 

This is a book about how a younger sibling idolises her older brother and thinks that whatever he does is cool. The book helps in making the elder sibling understand how he can be a superhero as well as a role model for his younger sibling.

13. Henry is a Big Brother

This book is about how a young boy who takes the responsibilities of being the elder brother very seriously.

Authors: Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Dorothy Stott

Short Summary of the Book 

The book portrays the mixed feelings of a young boy called Henry, and how he beautifully shoulders the responsibilities of being an elder sibling and enjoys them too!

14. Olive Marshmallow

This is an exciting book that depicts the journey of Archie becoming a big brother.

Author: Katie Saunders

Short Summary of the Book 

This book shares the story of a young boy Archie whose life turns upside down when he comes to know of his new baby sister. Eventually, he learns how great it is to be a big brother.

15. No Room for Baby

This is an adorable read for young readers that describes the concerns of a new big brother.

Author: Emile Jadoul

Short Summary of the Book 

‘No Room for Baby’ showcases the story of an elder brother Leon, who struggles to find enough room to accommodate a new baby in the house, but soon realises that there is ample space.

These are some of the best new big brother books that you can share with your son and show him how beautiful it is to have a younger sibling. Happy reading!

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