10 Toys That Helps to Foster Creativity in Kids

10 Toys That Helps to Foster Creativity in Kids

It can be so hard to resist buying those super fun toys every time pass by that landmark toy store with your children. But often a moment of weakness can lead to piles of clutter mounting on top of the existing pile of discards. Children’s enchantment with toys never goes beyond the first few hours. Once the novelty of a toy or game wears off, it is either broken, discarded, or ignored forever. To add to parental woes, new toys keep making their entry when relative’s visit or during birthdays and other occasions. In the end, there is always a box with half a puzzle set, some broken cars, a head without its body, a few remote controls that have become functionless, and an assortment of several blocks that fit into nothing. So, as parents, we waste a colossal amount of money to collect junk in our houses. This can be remedied by making informed purchases that will hold your child’s interest for longer and will have a much higher utility value because of how it nurtures your child’s creativity. We bring to you, a list of the top toys that help kindle the curiosity and creativity in your children, as they play.

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10 Best Creative Toys for Children that will Boost Their Creativity

Toys should be carefully picked so that they can assist in some way with the growth and development of your child. Toys can be great tools to improve social skills, language skills, and gross motor skills. Open-ended toys, especially, can be used in creative ways depending on the child’s imagination and ingenuity. Here are some toys that you can bring home to bring out your child’s creativity.

1. Magnetic Tile Set

These ultra-colourful tile sets come in a variety of shapes. The ends of the tiles have magnets which help them stick to each other. Most sets have translucent pieces in a beautiful spectrum of colours. These tiles are great for pre-schoolers and young children alike.

2. Building Blocks

One thing that can keep children of all ages thoroughly engaged is most definitely building blocks. These magical entertainers come in all sizes and shapes. They even have interesting animals, people, trees, vehicles, and other miniature shaped blocks that fit in with the regular pieces to create magical make-believe stories. Building blocks can be creative toys for pre-schoolers or even 10-year-old children.

3. Fold and Go Doll House

This quintessential item is great if you want to encourage free-play in your child. Having a doll house can bring out the quaintest or most imaginative story from your child’s imagination. It enables the development of cognitive and neurological functions while also improve motor skills in children. Dollhouses are the perfect creative toys for 2 year olds.

4. Fold And Go Style Farmhouse

Just like the dollhouse, a farmhouse with all the itsy-bitsy farm animals can get your child’s imaginative side sparking. Playing and taking care of animals can also bring out qualities like compassion and empathy in children. You can also fold these handy toys and carry them when you want to travel or send your child for a playdate. These farmhouses are great creative toys for 5 year olds or slightly younger children too.

5. The Kitchen Play Set

The kitchen set is the star at most homes because the child is engaged for a long duration while pretend cooking. There are a great number of recipes that can be tried by the little ones. The well-modelled pans, ladles, ovens, spices and condiments, and cook-tops make even adults want to join in for a round or two of pretend cooking. Bright colours and noises that mimic the sounds of mixers or oven can get the little munchkins all excited keep them engaged.

6. Dress Up Accessories

Dress-up play is an important part of growing up. Presenting your child with the required accessories will help them express themselves without inhibitions. Being able to put on a suit or wield a wand can help your child add some zing into their story-telling abilities. It allows them to be imaginative, inventive, and resourceful.

7. Puppet and Puppet Theatre

Puppets are very endearing. No matter what age you are, puppets are something that you can always enjoy. But a toddler will most certainly be intrigued and excited by puppets especially if you have a mini theatre with curtains that can be drawn back and forth. Children love the little hand puppets when you put in an act for them with queer voices and sound effects. They make wonderful and creative toys for toddlers.

8. Puzzles

Puzzles can be used to entertain an array of ages from toddlers to an 8-year old. The complexity of the puzzle obviously increases with age so that the child can be kept occupied for the right amount of time. The colours and themes available are exciting, and often a child can get so absorbed in solving a piece that they do not move from their place. Puzzles are also available in 3D for children who have grown out of the two-dimensional version.

9. An assortment of Balls

Every house must have a ball. Toddlers can have balls that light up and that have a good gripping surface. Slightly older children can have soft, tossing balls while older children can be given the football or the basketball. A ball helps your child understand things like speed, velocity, distance, aiming, catching etc.

10. Modelling Clay Doh

Clay may be messy for parents to clean up, but they serve as the most creative toys that were ever invented. Clay encourages free play like no other toy can. The soft and malleable material makes it endearing even to older children. Mixing colours and making different shapes will never lose the novelty with children.

The next time you are forced to go into a toy shop with your child, you know what to look out for. Do not reach out for those fancy electronic gadgets or the multitudes of soft-toys, but pick something that will encourage free-play in children and also something that will not get boring in just two uses.

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