10 Best Pirate Songs for Toddlers & Children Kids With Video

Delightful Pirate Songs for Toddlers and Kids

Pirates are often painted in a bad light, but they are free and adventure-loving souls. They are masters of sailing the seven seas. It may surprise you, but Pirate songs can actually teach kids a lot. Here are some Pirate songs your child can enjoy.

Enjoyable Pirate Songs for Children

If your kids love pirates, here are some fun, kid-friendly pirate songs that you can sing with them:

1. We Are the Pirates

This song will have you and the kids singing and humming it for days after.

About the Song: The song will help your little ones learn a few things about ships and sailing.

2. Over the Deep Blue Sea

This is one of the fun pirate songs for preschoolers.

About the Song: This song is about each child finding a pirate ship in different weather conditions. The children then climb aboard a ship to go on a grand adventure with the captain over the deep blue sea.

3. Silly Pirate Song

A silly pirate song is just what this is. It is fun and has a catchy tune.

About the Song: The Silly Pirate Song is great if you want your pirate-loving kids to work on their memories. It requires them to remember the sounds that all the interruptions the pirates face. These include a surfer, a shark, a helicopter, an octopus, a mermaid, a submarine and a police boat. You can add in some of the actions to make it even more fun!

4. If You Want to Be a Pirate

This cute and simple song is one for the very young pirates.

About the Song: Your kids will learn the basics of what pirates do, from swabbing decks to digging for treasure.

5. Port Side Pirates

This song provides a bit of fun Pirate music for the kids.

About the Song: Sailors use different terms to refer to left and right (port and starboard, respectively). This catchy tune will have your kids learn one of the basics of sailing in no time.

6. The Pirate Song

This is one of the best pirate songs for kids to learn fun actions.

About the Song: This song is a favourite amongst little children as it comes with fun actions and simple lyrics. You can play it to entertain kids any day, including your pirate-themed party by getting them to sing and dance along.

7. A Pirate Went to Sea

Kids can clap, dance and sing-along to this fun song.

About the Song: With this song, you will help your kids improve their beat recognition and rhythm. It is a great song for helping them to develop their coordination.

8. The Big Ship Sails Through the Alley Alley O

If you want old pirate songs, you can always go for this lovely tune.

About the Song: The simple yet fun actions in the video make it great for young kids. It also offers a bit of education, as the Alley Alley O refers to the Manchester Shipping Canal’s opening.

9. Alphabet Pirates

This pirate song is great for kids who are very young. It is a fun way to teach them alphabets.

About the Song: The song is very educational. It teaches your little ones the phonetics of each alphabet and also a word related to pirates and sailing to go with it.

10. Talk Like a Pirate

If you are looking for a catchy tune that you can stomp your feet and dance along to, this song is perfect.

About the Song: Your children will learn how to talk like real pirates with this Disney pirate song. It teaches them perfect pirate phonetics.

These enjoyable pirate songs for kids are bound to get them excited. After all, most kids love pirate stories and entertainment.

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