10 Amazing Benefits of Sex during Pregnancy


For most pregnant women and fathers-to-be too, sex during pregnancy is not welcome. Pregnancy does affect a woman’s libido in several ways. During the first trimester, it could not be on a mother’s mind with all her morning sickness. But at the later stages, you may find yourself with increased libido. Sex during pregnancy is quite a complicated issue for any mother-to-be as he will have a lot of other things on her minds. The primary worry for a mother is whether it will have a detrimental effect on her baby. One must know that sex during pregnancy is not off-the-limits and will cause no damage to your health or the baby. Adapt to your body changes and go ahead and indulge in making love with your partner as it only has benefits and poses no harm to you or your baby. Indulging in sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe, and there are actually several benefits associated with it.

Benefits of Having Sex during Pregnancy

Just follow your sexual drive and indulge in some love-making when pregnant. Sex supports a woman to feel good about her body and also her genitals. Once the baby arrives, you may not find yourself with enough time to have sexual interactions with your partner. It will take a while before you experience your sexual drive again. Go ahead and enjoy this phase as there are no distractions. It is the best time to solidify your relationship with your better half to ensure that you are able to deal with childbirth and the arrival of the new member of the family. Pregnancy sex has a load of benefits- some physiological and some emotional. It can relieve stress and give a good night’s sleep. It helps in easy delivery and certain components of the sperm abate any painful condition that may affect pregnant women. Read on to find out the benefits of sex in pregnancy.

1. Aids in Circulation in the Body

Blood supply doubles up during pregnancy to meet the requirements of the mother and child. A slow circulation could hinder the process. Increased circulation is one of the importance of sex during pregnancy period.With the release of hormones, sex restores the adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition to the foetus to aid growth and development.

2. Leads to Greater Satisfaction and Better Orgasm

The release of oestrogen and progesterone, the two main hormones during pregnancy, helps women experience better orgasm. Increased oestrogen leads to more blood flow in the pelvic are thereby arousing a woman. Increased sensitivity in the sensual areas helps women achieve a better orgasm. It is one of the most intense and lasting benefits of intercourse during pregnancy.


3. Strengthens the Pelvic Floor Muscles

One of the greatest benefits of sex during pregnancy especially in the 3rd trimester is that it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. Regular sex during pregnancy keeps these muscles toned and strong enough to deal with the arduous task of a normal delivery.

4. Improves and Boosts Immunity

Immunity in a pregnant woman can hit a low. Doctors prescribe a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure that pregnant women are not susceptible to any illnesses. Sex plays an important role in strengthening immunity. It increases the level of IgA antibodies to improve immunity and provide resistance to seasonal cold and flu which is common during pregnancy.

5. Improves Personal Ties and Bonding Between Couples

Sex during pregnancy releases endorphins that reduce stress levels thereby giving a healthy environment to the baby and mother. Apart from this, sex also increases production of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for attachment and love. This stimulates better bonding and intimacy between partners. If you have sex regularly with your partner, it could cement a strong bond during the pregnancy phase and help in a complication-free progression of pregnancy and labour.

6. Prevents Pre-eclampsia

The second trimester is characterized by an increase in blood pressure otherwise called pre-eclampsia. Although diet, medication and lifestyle changes will definitely help to keep a check, sex during pregnancy could do wonders to alleviate this condition. The male sperm contains a protein called HLA-G to regulate the immune system and also lower blood pressure in a woman during pregnancy.

7. Improves Self-Esteem

Sex during pregnancy is revealed to improve self-esteem by leaps and bounds. With a lot of physical and emotional changes in your body, you may no longer feel very gung-ho about yourself or your appearance. It is quite common for you to feel that your body is no longer your own. An increased sex drive gives you more confidence and develops a positive attitude towards yourself. It makes a difference to your relationship with yourself and others.

8. Fewer Bathroom Leaks and Better Bladder Control

You may find yourself visiting the bathroom frequently or experience slight incontinence when you laugh or sneeze. Sex helps to contract the muscles and make them strong thereby helping to regulate the flow of urine.


9. Accelerates Postpartum Recovery

Orgasms during sex during pregnancy prepare the pelvic muscles for birth which in turn speeds up postpartum recovery. If you are not able to take the Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, indulge in some lovemaking to contract them.

10. Aids in Inducing Labour and Easy Delivery

Regular sex during pregnancy helps to contract the pelvic muscles and open the cervix. This helps in a normal delivery as the process of labour becomes easier and does not need any external help to bring the baby out. Some doctors even suggest having sex closer to your due date to induce labour.

Pregnancy will see you adapting to the many changes that accompany it, so follow your instinct, your libido and do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you feel like relaxing, do it, but don’t hold yourself back if you wish to satisfy your sexual urge. Enjoy the transition your body is going through for a smooth delivery and a great sense of personal esteem.

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