15+ Amazing Benefits of Sex during Pregnancy

15+ Amazing Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings with it many changes, one of which is an increase in libido. From the first to the third trimester, there will be a lot of fluctuations in a pregnant woman’s libido. Regardless, a mom-to-be’s primary worry is usually whether having sex during pregnancy is detrimental to the baby. So, are you wondering if you have that green signal to indulge in lovemaking with your partner during pregnancy? Read on to know how sex during pregnancy can be beneficial and how to ensure you and your partner remain safe.

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy is not off-limits unless said so by your doctor, and will cause no damage to your health or the baby’s. If you have a complicated pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to refrain from having sex, especially in the later half of pregnancy. However, if you have a normal pregnancy, you can  safely indulge in lovemaking with your partner.

Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy 

Once the baby arrives, you may not find yourself physically and mentally ready to interact sexually with your partner, which is obvious. It may take a while for you to get your rhythm back again, so just follow your sexual drive and indulge in some lovemaking during pregnancy. Sex can help a woman feel good about her pregnant body, and also help solidify the relationship between the expecting couple. Making love during pregnancy can be a great way to ensure that you as a couple are strong and able to deal with the life change that is about to commence.

Pregnancy sex has a lot of benefits – some physiological and some emotional. It can relieve stress and provide a good night’s sleep. It can help in easy delivery and certain components of the sperm can abate any painful condition that may affect pregnant women. Read on to find out the benefits of safe sex during pregnancy.

1. Aids Circulation in the Body

Blood supply doubles during pregnancy to meet the requirements of the mother and the growing baby, but slow circulation can hinder the process. Increased circulation is one of the many benefits of sex during the pregnancy period. With the release of hormones, sex aids in the additional supply of oxygen and nutrition to the foetus that in turn helps in growth and development.

2. Leads to Greater Satisfaction and Better Orgasms

The release of estrogen and progesterone – the two main hormones during pregnancy – helps women experience better orgasms. Increased estrogen leads to more blood flow in the pelvic area, thereby arousing a woman. Increased sensitivity in the area helps women achieve better orgasms. It is one of the most lasting benefits of intercourse during pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy

3. Strengthens the Pelvic Floor Muscles

One of the greatest benefits of sex during pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester is that it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Regular sex during pregnancy keeps these muscles toned and strong to deal with the arduous task of a vaginal delivery.

4. Improves and Boosts Immunity

Immunity in a pregnant woman can dwindle often. Doctors prescribe a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure that pregnant women are not susceptible to any illnesses, and sex plays an important role in strengthening immunity.

Researchers have found that sexual activity increases the level of IgA antibodies to improve immunity and provide resistance to seasonal cold and flu which is common during pregnancy, although this is still debatable.

5. Improves Bonding Between a Couple

Sex during pregnancy releases endorphins that reduce stress levels, thereby providing a healthy environment to the baby and mother. Apart from this, sex also increases the production of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for attachment and love. This stimulates better bonding and intimacy between partners. If you have sex regularly with your partner, it could cement a strong bond during the pregnancy phase and help in the complication-free progression of pregnancy and labour.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Due to the hormones released post-orgasm, the entire body goes into a relaxed state, which decreases blood pressure. This, however, does not reduce the chances of preeclampsia, and it is important that you consult your doctor in case of preeclampsia.

7. Improves Self-Esteem

Sex during pregnancy can improve self-esteem by leaps and bounds. The many physical changes in your body can be a little too much to take in – you are most likely not going to look like your older self, which may make you feel less attractive. It is common to feel that your body is not your own. An increased sex drive may give you more confidence and help develop a positive attitude towards yourself. It will make a difference in how you see yourself, and how others see you.

8. Fewer Bathroom Leaks and Better Bladder Control

You may find yourself visiting the bathroom frequently, or you may experience slight incontinence when you laugh or sneeze. Sex helps to contract the muscles and make them strong, thereby helping the regulation of the flow of urine.


9. Accelerates Postpartum Recovery

Orgasms during sex when pregnant prepare the pelvic muscles for birth, which in turn speed up postpartum recovery. If you are not able to perform kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, indulge in some lovemaking to contract them.

10. Aids in Inducing Labour and Easy Delivery

Regular sex during pregnancy helps contract the pelvic muscles and open the cervix. This helps in vaginal delivery, as the process of labour becomes easier and does not warrant any external help to bring the baby out. Some doctors even suggest having sex closer to your due date to induce labour.

11. Promotes Better Sleep

Sleeping comfortably is tough for women during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Often, the discomfort associated with pressure on the pelvic muscles and lower back keeps women up as they are unable to rest. Sex releases pent up tension in the body and will help you sleep better.

12. Helps in Staying Active

It is essential to stay active during pregnancy to ensure yours and your baby’s good health. Having sex is a form of exercise and helps you burn some calories, so win-win.

13. Gives You the Chance to Explore

Are you too scared of having penetrative sex during pregnancy? This actually gives you the chance to explore non-penetrative sex, and still not worry about too much pressure on your abdomen. 

14. Lowers Stress

The arrival of a newborn is both exciting and stressful for new parents, as they must prepare their life and home to welcome the little one. Add to that any external stressors which can make pregnancy nerve-wracking for mom-to-be. Sex produces endorphins which lowers stress.

15. Prepares You For Childbirth

Regular sex aids in vaginal lubrication and prepares the pelvis and cervix for childbirth. Hence, having sex during the 9th month of pregnancy can be advantageous for many women.

16. Encourages Communication

Sex is a great way to increase communication between partners and provides a space to share their fears about everything pregnancy and non-pregnancy related. Plus, your partner may not fully understand the changes that are happening in your body, and sex is a great opportunity for you to communicate these changes.

17. Soothes Pain

Sex releases the hormone ‘oxytocin’ which helps temporarily soothe the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Right from soreness to migraines, you’ll be surprised at how many painful symptoms are lessened or completely disappear after sex.

18. Aids in Hormonal Balance

Hormonal imbalance is a common concern for pregnant women. Engaging in sexual activity during pregnancy helps regulate any hormonal imbalances in the body. You can boost both your emotional and physical well-being by engaging in sex during pregnancy.

19. Maintains Sex Drive

Your sex drive may drop during some phases of pregnancy due to multiple reasons. Having regular sex keeps your sex drive more of less consistent, which is beneficial post pregnancy as well.

When Not to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

While sex has immense benefits for the pregnant woman and the dad-to-be, there are some conditions under which sex is best avoided. You should reconsider having sex during pregnancy if:

  1. You are at a risk for miscarriage or have a history of miscarriages
  2. Your amniotic sac has a ruptured membrane
  3. You are at risk of preterm labour
  4. You are cramping and bleeding with the cause unknown
  5. Your cervix has dilated early
  6. You are expecting twins or more
  7. Your placenta is too low in the uterus
  8. you have short cervix or cervical incompetence

Pregnancy will see you adapting to the many changes that accompany it, so follow your instinct and your libido and do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you feel like relaxing, do it, but don’t hold yourself back if you wish to satisfy your sexual urges. Enjoy the transition your body is going through for a smooth delivery and a great sense of personal esteem.


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