Safe Sex Positions to Try in Pregnancy

Sex Positions During Pregnancy – Which Ones Are Safe?

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Most women state that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of their lives, although it comes with its fair share of good and bad. The changes brought about by pregnancy – both physical and physiological, are not always easy to accept. Though the pain and discomfort of a growing baby bump can be overwhelming sometimes, it should not be a time to feel low or give up on sex, unless medically advised. There are many positions one can try for safe sex during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sex Positions

Unlike popular belief, sex during pregnancy is not only safe, but also something most pregnant women look forward to. With raging hormones enhancing sensitivity, sex offers more pleasure and some much-needed physical and emotional support to women who are dealing with a rapidly changing body and lifestyle. Pregnancy sex positions not only ensure that the desires of both partners are satisfied, but that the safety of the foetus is ensured too. The sex positions while pregnant, depend on the developmental stage of the foetus, the size of the belly and the mother’s well-being, as well as the individual preferences of both partners. If you and your partner are looking for ways to continue to be intimate during this special time, it is a good idea to consult your gynaecologist for suggestions on some safe sex positions during pregnancy. One thing is for certain – as your pregnancy progresses, the enthusiasm for sex need not decline. There are plenty of ways one can have safe sex during the gestation period and be thoroughly satisfied.

Sex Positions During Pregnancy – First Trimester

Sex is relatively easy during the first trimester since there are not a lot of changes to the body in terms of the increase in size. This gives you lot of options to choose from. Sex is a good way of keeping your mind off nausea and fatigue. Moreover, the increase in the production of progesterone ensures that the vagina is well lubricated, all the erogenous zones of your body are sensitive and the breasts and skin respond more to touch, enhancing pleasure. However, it is important to not put a lot of pressure on the belly or try any acrobatic positions. Try safe sex positions during the first trimester for a stress-free experience. Here are some of the positions you can choose from:

1. The Missionary Position:

  • How: In this position, the male is on top.
  • Why: The craving for more physical intimacy during the first three months can be taken advantage of by the missionary position. It allows both partners to look into each other’s eyes and communicate better. This position allows you the freedom to keep your legs up or down while the hands can be used to access the partner.
  • Precautions: You can place a pillow under you to make the position more comfortable.

2. The Scissor:

  • How: Face your partner and alternate your legs to allow penetration.
  • Why: Lying down face to face with your partner can be really intimate in this position. You can kiss, cuddle or caress.
  • Precautions: You can use a pillow or cushion under your waist if required. The penetration tends to be quite shallow in this position and does not require a lot of precautions.

3. Modified Missionary:

  • How: This is when you lie a little close to the edge of the bed with your hips on the surface, and your partner enters you from a slightly lower angle from yours.
  • Why: You can wrap your legs around your partner to allow for deeper penetration, and you may also use some pillows to prop you up. This allows you to control the penetration, keeping it at comfortable levels, and your partner can also stimulate you using their hands.
  • Precautions: Using pillows, protect your back from sharp edges and avoid changing angles.

Sex Positions During the Second Trimester

The second trimester, also known as the honeymoon period of your pregnancy, is the best time to cosy up to your partner. Morning sickness and nausea are now events of the past and there is a spike in the level of hormones, promising easier and more pleasurable lovemaking. This is also the phase where one should start taking precautions for the growing belly and keep in mind that it is never in physical duress. Try these safe sex positions during the second trimester for more satisfaction:

1. The Side Saddle:

  • How: The female lies down with her legs over the male to allow penetration.
  • Why: This position ensures that there is no pressure on the growing belly. The free hands of both partners ensure more caressing and fondling.
  • Precautions: The side saddle in no way puts any pressure on the foetus and can be extremely pleasurable.

2. The Sitting Position:

  • How: Here the female can sit on a chair, sofa or bed with her legs wrapped around her partner.
  • Why: Since the woman is on top, there is relatively less pressure on the belly. Facing each other increases the intimacy and restricted movement ensures the safety of the belly.
  • Precautions: Be careful about leaning backwards.

3. The Woman on Top:

  • How: The woman can bend forward or backwards for support while she sits on her partner. She can even face away from your partner for a more controlled movement.
  • Why: This position is ideal for the second trimester as you don’t have to open your legs too wide and your partner’s free hands can help stimulate your breasts and clitoris.
  • Precautions: Too much force from either partner can hurt the foetus.

Sex Positions during Third Trimester

The third trimester is critical and sex positions during late pregnancy need to make sure that least contact has been made with the belly. It is also a crucial period since many women suffer from haemorrhoids during this phase. Anal sex should be avoided at all costs since it could be extremely painful and can lead to organs rupturing and bleeding. Also, anal sex increases the risk of getting infected, especially if the germs spread to the vagina. Safe sex positions during third trimester of pregnancy are as follows:

1. Spooning:

  • How: In the spooning position, both partners have to lie down sideways. The male partner has to penetrate sideways from behind.
  • Why: This reduces the woman’s work, increases vaginal penetration, allows for more stimulation from the male’s free hands and keeps the belly away from contact.
  • Precautions: Keep a pillow underneath or towards the side to reduce pressure.

2. Doggy Style:

  • How: The female has to kneel down on all fours and the partner can penetrate her vagina from the back.
  • Why: This is one of the most common techniques and most recommended for women during their third trimester. It takes the pressure away from the lower back area completely and keeps the almost full-sized belly away from any damage.
  • Precautions: Too much pressure on the wrists can lead to carpal tunnel issues and excessive thrusting can damage the cervix.

3. Oral Sex:

  • How: Cunnilingus in the most comfortable position for the woman.
  • Why: It is convenient, safe and enables orgasms.
  • Precautions: Hygiene should be maintained to avoid infections

Sex Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy

As a precaution, it is advisable to not try any positions that cause even the slightest of discomfort. Here is a trimester wise list of sex positions to skip in pregnancy.

During the First Trimester

There are not a lot of positions one should avoid during the first trimester. Try not to attempt something extremely acrobatic. Play it safe and keep things simple.

During the Second Trimester

Avoid positions that require you to lie on your back, like the missionary position. This is because, after 20 weeks of your pregnancy, the pressure of the growing foetus on your aorta (the blood vessel that carries blood to the placenta) may damage or block it, leading to low blood pressure.

During the Third Trimester

Stay away from anal sex, since it poses a lot of health risks. Make sure to maintain hygiene during oral sex.

In addition to this, sex should be avoided in the following conditions:

  • if you have experienced premature labour, bleeding or spotting
  • if there’s a leak in the amniotic sac
  • in case you are having more than one baby
  • if you are suffering from any medical conditions
  • if there is cervical incompetence or placenta previa

Do remember to use condoms to avoid an infection that might pose a risk to you or the baby.

As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to consult a gynaecologist before you even start having sex. Apart from these factors, there is not much that can harm your baby if you have sex during pregnancy unless it is too rough or extreme. Take the necessary safety measures and enjoy sex even during those 9 glorious months.

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