Sex During Third Trimester – Benefits, Positions & More

Sex During Third Trimester – Making Love in Late Pregnancy

Making love is one of the most beautiful aspects of a relationship. But expecting parents, sometimes, let go of this for the safety of their baby. Here’s some good news for all parents-to-be – if you’ve had a safe and healthy pregnancy so far, then having sex during pregnancy with some essential precautions is safe. We advise that you seek your doctor’s advice before going ahead.

Sex During Late Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Yes, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe if you have a healthy pregnancy throughout. By using the recommended positions, sex can continue right until the last month of the pregnancy. It is recommended that you avoid anal sex during pregnancy as haemorrhoids can cause rectal bleeding and make sex uncomfortable and painful.

How Your Sex Life Changes in the Last Trimester

In the last trimester, your belly grows large and as a result, you might not find sex exciting. Other factors that can dampen the excitement during the last trimester are swollen feet, back pain, exhaustion, leaky breasts, varicose veins, swollen vagina, and pelvic pressure.

But if you wish to still go ahead and make love, then you can experiment with different positions. For instance, you can ask your partner to penetrate you from behind with both of you in the spoon position. As this requires minimal movement on your part, it is safer. Find out the positions you’re comfortable with before taking the plunge.

Benefits of Having Sex During the Third Trimester

Benefits of Sex During 3rd Trimester

Having sex during the third trimester has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Improved bonding between partners and intimacy is kept alive.
  • Semen contains a certain hormone called prostaglandin which softens the cervix during sex and causes contractions.
  • Women release a happy hormone called oxytocin during sex which helps in arousing contractions.
  • Orgasms strengthen the pelvis and prepare the body for pregnancy.

As long as your water doesn’t break, it is beneficial as well as safe to have sex in the last trimester.

When Should You Avoid Sex During the Third Trimester?

Consult your doctor before you indulge in sex during pregnancy. Be aware of the status of your pregnancy and ask the doctor whether you should stay away from sex. If you suffer from the following conditions, the doctor may advise refraining from sex in the third trimester.

  • If you suffer from placenta praevia, the placenta is in the anterior spot of the baby’s head and sex may cause bleeding in the placenta and, in turn, may harm the baby.
  • If your water breaks prematurely, then the mucus plug that protects your cervix will also get dislodged, exposing both you and your baby to a lot of infections. To avoid any sexually transmitted diseases, you may have to do away with sex during the final stages of pregnancy.
  • If you’ve undergone premature labour in the past, your doctor will counsel you to refrain from lovemaking during the last trimester. This is because the hormones released during sex may put you in danger of premature labour.
  • Also, if you are expecting twins or multiples, you will be advised against sex in the last trimester. Twins usually arrive early and sex may cause the twins to be delivered prematurely.

Can Sex During These Months Harm You and Your Baby?

Sex during the third trimester does not harm the foetus. Your baby is securely placed in the amniotic sac that puts it out of harm’s way. The mucus plug around the cervix protects your baby from infections. So, you don’t have to worry about her safety.

However, women feel uncomfortable having sex during the third trimester for various reasons. One of the reasons is that the baby’s head may drop down during the last trimester and cause a certain amount of discomfort and pressure during intercourse.

Also, the hormones secreted by both partners during sex can cause the muscles to contract to induce labour. Hence, a woman with a history of premature delivery will be advised against sex during the last trimester.

Orgasms during the last three months may cause Braxton Hicks contractions. During these contractions, your womb and the baby bump become hard. This lasts for some time but does not pose a threat to your health.

Recommended Sex Positions

As the uterus grows bigger in the last trimester of pregnancy, some positions become uncomfortable and difficult to perform. Here are a few sex positions that you may want to try during the third trimester pregnancy for safe and comfortable intercourse.

  • The spoon position is a cosy and comfortable position for your growing belly. You lie on your side your partner enters you from behind.
  • You on top of your partner is a very comfortable position during late pregnancy. You can control the pace as per your comfort. Just ensure that your partner doesn’t penetrate you too deeply.
  • The edge of the bed position is also recommended during late pregnancy. Lie down on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. Your partner can stand or bend over to enter you. Just be careful to tell your partner how slow and gentle you want him to be.

If you are uncomfortable with penetration, you both can always opt for oral sex or mutual masturbation.

Sex Positions to Avoid

Generally, no position is unsafe at any stage of pregnancy, except for the missionary which requires you to lie down on your back. Whatever position you opt for, talk to your partner and avoid deep penetration as it may not only make you uncomfortable but also cause bleeding.

During oral sex too, you must take care that your partner does not force air into your vagina as it may block a blood vessel, making it dangerous for both you and your baby.

Does Sex During the Third Trimester Induce Labour?

Does Sex in Third Trimester Bring on Labour?

Intercourse during the third trimester can initiate labour pain if your cervix and uterus are ready. But if the cervix is not ready, then sex may not do this. If you don’t experience labour pain even after the 42nd week of your pregnancy, avoid making love.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to have penetrative sex with my husband. I’m currently in my third trimester of pregnancy. Will penetration poke my baby?

The answer is – no. Penetration doesn’t affect the baby as she is safe and snug in her sac, which doesn’t allow everything to pass through. Yes, the uterus will move around a bit, but that’s normal. Unless you’ve been instructed pelvic rest, sex is okay during these months.

2. I’ve been told that sex during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. Is this true?

Absolutely not! Miscarriages are, more often than not, caused due to abnormal development of the foetus rather than making love during pregnancy. It also doesn’t induce early labour in a low-risk pregnancy. So, if you’ve had a healthy pregnancy till now, you can safely go ahead and get cosy under the sheets.

3. My partner penetrated me last night and I noticed bleeding. I’ve been carrying my lil’ one for eight months now. I’m really worried. Please help! 

Pregnancy makes a woman’s body and her sexual organs very sensitive. So, you might have spotting after sex and for a few days after. This might have happened due to your cervix getting irritated. It’s best to go for a check-up if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

Sex during pregnancy is not only safe, but may also be recommended. Besides the physical benefits it offers, it also strengthens your relationship with your spouse who may be finding it hard to adapt to the changes.

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