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YouTube Kids App Launched by Google: Cool or Not?

Technology is growing smarter and so are your kids! To help your child’s technological development and to enhance his knowledge, Google has recently come up with a YouTube kids application. The app is available on Android and iOS based devices and is loaded with a lot of interesting and informative content.

Do you have a hard time getting fun apps to keep your kids engaged while making sure that they learn new things too? Then you must try the YouTube kids app recently launched by Google. The app is aimed at helping your child learn and explore new things  at the same time. Since the App has exclusively been designed for kids, it also allows you to keep a check on their viewing habits. Take a look at the App’s features listed below for your reference.

Features the YouTube Kids App has to Offer

  • It gives access to child-friendly videos, educational stuff, and songs.
  • It features content from National Geographic, DreamWorks TV, Jim Henson TV, and other child friendly YouTubers.
  • The home screen of the app has four icons including two light bulbs, one for educational programmes and another for popular videos, one radio icon for pop numbers, and a TV set for famous kids’ television shows. These have been categorised as Learning, Explore, Radio, and Shows.
  • The YouTube kids application includes a timer that allowsyou to restrict screen time for your child. Once the app shuts down it can only be re-started when you key in the password.
  • It includes an option to limit the search settings so your kids can only view the videos you set on the home screen.
  • It gives you the option to turn off the sound effects and background music.

As a mother you would want your kids to explore new games and apps to figure out their area of interest. However, you might hesitate in leaving them unattended as the internet can offer a lot of content that is not suitable for children. This kids app is thus a brilliant option for parents as it only contains content which is appropriate for children and further allows you to limit the stuff you want your kids to watch. A pop-up box stating, ‘Try something else’ appears as soon as your child tries to access videos that have been restricted by you. This is the first ever app by Google which has been designed solely keeping kids in mind and thereby addresses parents’ concerns tactfully.
The YouTube kids app has a user-friendly interface with large icons and tap targets, so that kids can browse smoothly. It also comes with a voice search feature made especially for the smartphone-friendly kids of this generation. This is one of the coolest apps for kids since parental control is easy and you can make sure your kids see stuff that makes learning fun – no wonder, its gained immense popularity in no time! Time for you to give it a try!

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