Tips to Buy a Safest Bed to Your Baby

When You’re Bed Shopping For Your Toddler

Now that your baby is set to leave the crib behind, you have to get your nursery toddler-ready! From safety notes to recommendations for higher comfort, these tips will add more value to your investment toward the perfect bed.

Congratulations! Your teeny-tiny baby is now big and active enough to transition to a bigger bed. These options will guide you forward in your quest for the right bed, both in terms of safety and aesthetic value.

How to Buy a Toddler Bed without Getting Confused!

Pick a Bed the Size of the Crib Mattress

While buying a bed for toddlers, it’s important to be vigilant about the size of the bed and make sure it meets certain safety metrics too. Choose a bed that is both cosy and snug, and suits the size of the existing crib mattress. That way, you need not invest in a larger mattress or a new twin-sized one yet. This is one of the top tips to buy a bed for your baby as it combines cost-cutting with functionality!

Ensure that the Bed Has Safety Rails

When it comes to toddler bed safety, it’s essential to buy a frame that has built-in rails or high sides for keeping your child from rolling out or falling while asleep. These days, there are many attractive beds that have a striking appeal and are custom designed for additional safety. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Consider Choosing a Custom-shaped Bed

From beds that are designed to look like princess castles to those that appear like speed-demon cars and sleek space ships, there is no dearth of innovative pieces in nursery furniture stores. Get ready to be smitten, you’ll love them all. As for the toddler mattress recommendation for your chosen bed, just make sure it is soft, cozy and bright!

Do You Have a Convertible Crib?

There are many cribs that are capable of converting themselves into a toddler bed whenever required. If you have one already, then you have just saved yourself some money. Dig out the conversion kit that you had purchased earlier on from the crib’s manufacturer, use the bed rail and hardware, and you’re good to go!

You May Choose to Avoid a Toddler Bed

Want to avoid toddler beds completely?  Install rails around a regular bed frame or put inflatable pillow-style bolsters on the sides to ensure 100 percent safety for your toddler. You may also like to place a mattress on the floor, directly. Once the art of sleeping without a crib is mastered, the mattress can be moved onto a frame.

The bed you choose should take care of the factors of sturdy construction, a snug fit, weight limit, smooth edges, and a colourful appeal. Depending on the bells and whistles and quality of materials used, the price will obviously vary. So, be prepared to choose the best toddler bed in your budget.

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