These are the Most & Least Popular Birth Months!

What are the Most and Least Common Birthday Months in The World

Everyone tends to look forward to their own birthday as well as the birthdays of their friends and family members. Which is why, it is quite noticeable to see a few months filled up with birthday celebrations and cake, while a couple of others might leave you wondering if you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday. Here’s some information detailing around the birthday distribution on a general level.

Which is the Most Popular Birth Month?

On surveying across people from various demographics, the most common birthday month has been observed to be September. A large number of birthdays tend to fall in this month, some of them literally clumping up within a week’s period or so. The period ranging from the 9thof September, close to the 21stof September has recorded maximum births.

Why Is It So Common?

Is this just a chance occurrence or is there more than meets the eye? Well, there are a few explanations that can shed light on this particular concentration of births within a specific time period as such.

Firstly, if the births are occurring in September, then rewinding the clock about 38-42 weeks takes us to the month of December. This is usually the time when a lot of us are on vacation and have holiday plans. Couples tend to plan this pretty well in advance, making it a pretty good reason to conceive a child if they’re looking forward to it.

Secondly, our bodies tend to prefer cold winters instead of hot summers when it comes to reproduction. Biologically, the male sperm has its best quality around this time, increasing the chances for successful conception. The cold atmosphere also makes it extremely conducive to snuggle together, increasing physical intimacy and libido in both genders.

Which is the Least Popular Birth Month?

While September might be choc-a-bloc with multiple babies being born on a daily basis, there is also a least common birth month, where only a bunch of babies tend to share it together. And that, unironically, is the month of December, which could stretch a bit into January and February too.

Why Are They So Uncommon?

Going by the same logic as above, rolling back the clock in December by 40 weeks takes us to April or May. A time of the year where things are hot and unbearable and our bodies biologically go into a relaxing lazy mode, even though we might have summer vacations.

For many people, it also does not make practical sense since conceiving a child around this time brings a baby towards the end of the year, a time of festivities but also a crunch time for working professionals.

Whether your child is born in the month with the most birthdays or is one of those rare children who is born in December, there is barely any difference in how they are born. Right care and great upbringing are the two pillars that always make a child who they are.

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