Why your husband may want to avoid saying “We’re Pregnant”

“We’re Pregnant!” – Why Husband Can Annoy you With That

It is natural for expecting mothers as well as fathers to feel excited about their condition and the impending bundle(s) of joy. But not when fathers-to-be to claim “we’re pregnant” all the time! While they are simply expressing their happiness, the lack of physical symptoms in husbands can be a huge turn-off for their pregnant wives.

We live in the age of gender equality and couples share not only their living space, but each and every experience together. It is hardly any surprise, therefore, that men these days have taken to announcing their upcoming fatherhood by saying “we’re pregnant” rather than saying “my wife is pregnant”. But while in the beginning it could be a show of support, as the difficulties of a pregnancy increase, women usually resent men saying it!

The appropriate terms was, is and will always be “We’re expecting”.

While husbands can’t physically get pregnant, they can definitely expect and anticipate the arrival of their bundle of joy. Thus if hubby is elated as he obviously is, the literally correct saying “We’re expecting” is more apt and equally celebratory for fathers-to-be.

Husbands don’t have to endure the physical changes

Men don’t experience stretch-marks, bloating, water retention or flatulence which usually accompany an average pregnancy. So every time they say “we’re pregnant”, they remind their pregnant wives that they are actually not. No woman ever resents her baby for changing her body during pregnancy, but she sure can resent her husband! ||

Husbands don’t have to sober-up and give up favourite foods due to nausea!

While pregnant women have to eat for two, they can’t eat many things for the better health of their baby. At the same time, husbands don’t have to make any such lifestyle changes and continue to enjoy their favourite culinary delights. Saying “we’re pregnant” while enjoying that cocktail is definitely not the right thing to do.

It can prove to be a trigger for your hormonal wife!

The final trimester can be a truly testing time for both husband and wife. But at the same time, the physical discomfort, emotional upheavals and recurring stage of insomnia which the wife experiences makes the final stage of pregnancy more harrowing for her. Thus an innocent proclamation of “we’re pregnant” from an unsuspecting husband can lead up to a full blown fight if said at the wrong time.

The fact that fathers-to-be continue to look attractive and dashing while mothers-to-be go through a hormonal mess is yet another factor which makes the “we’re pregnant” phrase all the more unbearable for some pregnant women. After all, pregnancy is difficult and you never know what triggers off a bad mood!

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