Tips to Let Your Husband Know What You Want in a Relationship

Want More From Marriage? Let Your Husband Know!

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Husbands are not mind readers, ladies! You need to tell them if you expect more from them. A roundup of how to tell him what you want in a relationship could be just what you need!

First and foremost, you need to decide what more you want from your marriage. What are those things that matter the most to you and should not be compromised upon to keep your relationship healthy? Once you identify them, you can approach your husband and let him know.

Let your Husband Know What you Want in a Relationship

1. Start the conversation with a sincere compliment

Take note, ladies. You need to do this first step right to get your hubby’s attention for what’s coming ahead. Approach him at a time when he’s in a relaxed mood. Before you open up about how you want him to put more effort into the relationship, tell him how much you appreciate him and everything he’s done.

2. Ask him how you can be more supportive toward him

Prepare a mental list of warm-up questions like what his dreams are and how you can help him achieve them. You can also ask him what his worries are and how he can rely upon you to help him overcome them. Doing this can act as a motivator for him to look within and reflect what more he could be doing for you both.

3. Now’s the time to open up about your feelings

You needn’t worry if he doesn’t react in the way you expect. If you’ve followed steps one and two, you should go ahead with ‘the talk’. No more beating around the bush. You get to be frank and straightforward now. Tell him earnestly what you expect from him and the efforts you too can make toward your relationship.

4. Keep a check on your tone

Don’t be defensive. Steer clear of nagging and finger-pointing about what’s been done. Criticism will not get you anywhere! If it seems like he isn’t too eager to make more of an effort, have patience. It could be that he’s taken aback by this change of pace and needs a moment to think.

5. Mirror your words in your actions

Once everything is said, it’s time for action. Take the ‘ladies first’ approach here. Do what you expect him to do for you and lead by example. Your actions will speak louder than your words. Once he sees how hard you’re trying to solidify the relationship, he’ll be encouraged to do the same.

6. Keep the talk going

Don’t just have ‘the talk’ when the water rises above your nose. Take and give feedback on a regular basis to nurture a healthy companionship. Discuss your individual and collective dreams even when it seems like life’s going well. The tide can change anytime, and you want to be prepared.

The question of how to tell your husband what you want in a relationship doesn’t have to be fraught with worry. Take the bull by the horns, prepare him and speak your heart to your sweetheart. Communication is the key to strengthening any relationship.

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