6 Crazy Symptoms New Moms Develop!

6 Crazy Symptoms New Moms Develop

Health-related symptoms are not the only indication of conditions that develop post pregnancy. There are a few seemingly absurd symptoms and funny things new moms do from the moment their baby comes into the world!

New moms can either make you laugh or amaze you with their behaviour. In this case, weird habits aren’t developed over time, but as strangely as overnight. These odd, eccentric things new moms do can even border on crazy!

6 Bizarre Habits That New Moms Acquire

1. They can sleep anywhere and everywhere

As a wife, the thought of sleeping on the sofa, on the ground, or even dozing off on the dining table chair was unheard of. You craved your bed even if it was just to have forty winks. But as a new mom, almost any place where you can lay your head down and catch 5 minutes of sleep becomes appealing. After all, who can blame you for being sleep deprived?

2. Baby food starts to taste yummy

Who would have thought baby food could be appetising? Now imagine downing infant cereals or pish-pash. Before becoming a mom, you may have cringed your nose at the idea. But come motherhood and new moms suddenly acquire a palate for baby food. You relish the remains of baby food instead of tossing it into the bin!

3. Nothing repulses them, nothing at all!

Stinky body discharges no longer repulse you. For some new moms, their baby pooping is almost a welcome sight they get overjoyed over. They will even watch out for the colour of the potty. Yikes, but true! This is definitely one of those crazy things new moms do that can make everyone exclaim.

4. Baby shopping is the most exciting thing ever

Ever thought a woman would give up buying shoes, clothes and bags for anything in the world? Wait till she becomes a mother for the first time. The amount she would spend on herself takes a nosedive, but almost anything “baby-friendly” catches her fancy. She wants her munchkin to have it all. Let’s go shopping!

5. The photo maniacs

As a new mom, taking baby pictures suddenly reaches an all time high. Whether the baby is sleeping or laughing or making funny faces, every action is a cause for a photograph or a selfie. And then, everyone on your Facebook list has to know about it whether they want to or not. Talk about the baby of the year contests! Mothers will simply badger you to get those votes.

6. Baby talk takes precedence over gossip of all kinds

Girlfriends who aren’t yet mothers can relate to this one. What happened to all the juicy gossip and long conversations about married life? Your friend is now a mother, and all she can talk about is her baby. Try to change the topic and she’ll steer it right back to baby talk. This habit goes down as one of the funny things new moms do – or even a little unsettling, to be honest!

When your newborn fills your days and your entire world, these crazy symptoms seem natural. If the things you’re doing now as a mom seemed unimaginable earlier, welcome to a world of wonders!

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