How Safe Is It To Use Massage Chairs While Pregnant?

Using Massage Chairs During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

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Pregnancy requires you to be in the best health, which is why you must find time to relax. Relaxing on a massage chair during the rigours of pregnancy can provide you with some relief. Massage chairs are a boon as they help tackle pregnancy pain and increase blood flow. But the use of massage chairs during pregnancy is often debated.

It is believed that massage chairs and pregnancy do not go hand in hand. Massage recliners have a heating pad that can increase the temperature of the body. If the pressure points are stressed while using them, a pregnant woman can experience premature labour. There are contradictory opinions regarding the use of massage chairs. Hence, consulting a doctor about the same would be the wisest thing to do. But, for your convenience, we have put together all the information you need to know about the use of massage chairs during pregnancy.

Can You Use Massage Chairs While Pregnant?

Massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular among pregnant women, as a perfect massage can feel heavenly during pregnancy. But there are certain complications associated with the use of a massage chair during pregnancy. Most massage chairs have a heating pad which can have severe repercussions on the baby. An increase in the body temperature can spike the baby’s heart rate leading to cardiovascular issues. Excessive heat can also cause hyperthermia. Hence, it is suggested to avoid any heating features in the massage chair.

Why Should You Use a Massage Chair?

The soothing sensation and the pampering you get while using a massage chair is magical. Lately, massage chairs are being preferred by pregnant women for the following benefits they offer:

  • Using a massage chair during pregnancy provides relief from leg and back pain, which happens because the growing uterus requires a lot of space and exerts pressure on the body. A massage chair can help circulate blood in the upper area of your body and thus ease the pain.
  • It eases leg and back pain because the growing uterus requires a lot of space and exerts pressure on the body.
  • The nodes and rollers provide massage at specific points. The nodes and rollers can be adjusted and specific areas of the body can be targeted depending on the requirement.
  • The vibrations do not give any jerk to the baby. Hence, they are safe.

Massage Chair

When Should Pregnant Women Completely Avoid the Use of Massage Chairs?

The period of pregnancy is a very demanding time. Hormonal changes happen in the body and emotionally, too, the mother’s state is almost like that of a roller-coaster. Certain health conditions and other concerns will not allow expectant moms to use massage chairs without the approval of the healthcare professionals.

  • If you have a severe headache, avoid using a massage chair.
  • If there is a history of preterm labour or miscarriage, you should avoid it.
  • If you happen to have oedema or extreme swelling, it is unsafe to use the chair.
  • If it is a high-risk pregnancy, you ought to be very careful.
  • If you are suffering from preeclampsia, it is advisable to avoid it.
  • If you are obese and have difficulty fitting into the chair, avoid using it.
  • Stress generated by using the massage chair should be avoided at all cost.

Things to Remember Before Using Massage Chairs

The therapeutic massage chairs are no doubt, very beneficial but there are few things to keep in mind.

  • Do not use the chair during the first trimester, when the body keeps transforming and chances of miscarriage are very high.
  • During the third trimester, avoid squeezing in the massage chair if you happen to be too big for it.
  • Limit the time spent on the massage chair. No matter how tempting, you must not spend more than 15 – 20 minutes.
  • If there are any health concerns, like swelling, severe headaches, history of preterm labour, you must avoid using the massage chair.

Alternatives to Massage Chairs

Health professionals do not recommend pedicure massage chairs while pregnant. There are some healthy alternatives:

  • The traditional massage therapy is always the safest. It does not have the kind of risks that are involved in massage chairs during pregnancy.
  • Yoga, as a method of keeping fit, is excellent. The different ‘asanas’ cater to different parts of the body and heal them effectively, which even a pregnant woman can pursue.
  • Acupuncture sessions too are beneficial in keeping the body fit. The pressure points, if correctly pressed, can help in relieving the pain which can be taken up by a pregnant woman.
  • Following exercise tapes or DVDs are also an excellent way of keeping the body fit and agile. Simple and easy exercises can help expectant mothers to stay fit always.
  • Simple home equipment can also help with light exercises to keep the body fit and healthy. Pregnant ladies can safely do some exercises to keep the body in a healthy state.
  • Chiropractors use different techniques to work on the musculoskeletal structure of the body and enable the body to heal itself without any surgery.

Massage chairs are handy as an effective and healthy option for pain relief. Though there are many benefits of using it, the risks are too severe to ignore. You must consult your health care provider and then go for it, for a trouble-free pregnancy.

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