Top 120 Anime Girl Names WIth Meanings

Top 120 Anime Names For Girls

Anime refers to Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. It includes animated television series, short films, and full-length feature films that give an insight into Japanese culture and way of life. Derived from the English word ‘animation,’ the term anime is used to describe all animated works, regardless of style or origin. Regardless of race, traditional background, socioeconomic status, or even age, this richly fascinating art form portrays an interesting narrative, lightning action, compelling characters, aesthetic imagery, and human emotions reinforcing the values of relationship and community. A rare combination of graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other creative methods, anime genres typically involve a diverse range of genres including magic, adventure, romance, supernatural elements, scientific, fantasy, comedy, and action that offer an easy escape from the harsh realities of mundane life. Attractive, intelligent, or simply formidable, powerful female characters are equally enchanting as anime men. Female anime characters’ names are strong, cute, or distinctively stylish portraying the ferocious nature of the lovely vampires or adorable damsels. Anime girls’ character names are as awesome as the leading ladies of anime that inspire us and challenge how we see women in animation. Packed with spunk, these common anime girl names featured in action-packed bits or artistic pieces are thus gaining popularity worldwide.

120 Famous Anime Girl Names With Meanings

You don’t need to watch an anime series or play an anime video game, to choose one among the cool anime baby names that connect a person’s identity with individuality. Pick one from the carefully compiled cute anime baby girl names with sweet sounds and spiritual meanings for naming your little angel.

1. Abigail

Abigail is a cool anime character name in Great Pretender. It means “my father is joy.”

2. Akeno

This Japanese name means “bright shining field.” She is a character from High School DXD.

3. Akito

This Japanese name means ‘bright person’ from anime Fruits Basket.

4. Akane

This Japanese means “deep red.” Akane Serizawa, a minor character in the manga series Pani Poni.

5. Asuka

This Japanese name means “tomorrow,” “smell,” or “perfume.” She is a fictional character from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

6. Ami

This name of Latin, Persian, Japanese origin means “beloved” or “beautiful.” Ami Kawashima is a fictional character from the Toradora anime and light novels.

7. Asami

This name of Japanese origin means “hemp” or “future.” you can find Ryūichi Asami in the anime Finder Series.

8. Aletta

Found in anime Restaurant to Another World, the name Aletta means “winged one” in Spanish.

9. Ayano

Ayano is a Japanese word for ‘color.’ She is the protagonist of the anime Hanebad.

10. Balalaika

Found in the anime Black Lagoon, Balalaika refers to a stringed instrument of Russian origin.

11. Bashira

Bashira is an Arabic anime name. It was featured in a manga series Date Bashira. The meaning of the name is “joyful.”

12. Boa

Boa is an Urdu name meaning ‘sister’ from the anime One Piece.

13. Celty

Celty is an anime name of a popular series Durarara!! The name belongs to a headless horseman who covers Ireland to Japan on her motorbike in search of her stolen head. It could be a suitable name for a baby girl of Ireland heritage.

14. Chouko

Chouko means ‘Butterfly Child’ and is of Japanese origin.

15. Chika

This Japanese name means “thousand,” as (chi) meaning “wisdom, intellect.” She is found in the manga series Kaguya-sama- Love Is War.

16. Chiyo

Chiyo means ‘A Thousand Sparkles’ and is of Japanese origin. Sakura Chiyo is a Umetarou Nozaki’s manga.

17. Daisuke

This name of Japanese origin means ‘very helpful.’

18. Daiki

This Japanese name means “very noble and great.” This is also a character from the anime Kuroko no Basket.

19. Diane

A French version of Diana, Diane means “heavenly”. The name was featured by a 750-year-old, thirty-foot-tall giant character in the series The Seven Deadly Sins.

20. Eiko

This gorgeous Japanese name refers to ‘prosperous’ or ‘flourishing.’ Eiko Aizawa is the main human protagonist of Squid Girl.

21. Emi

This name of Japanese origin translates to “great blessing.”

22. Emika

Emika is an eccentric name of Japanese origin, meaning “beautiful child.” Ano Natsu De Matteru has a character named Emika Takatsuki.

23. Emiko

This name of Japanese origin means “blessed child.” Miyamoto Emiko is a minor character in the anime Chubby Utahime.

24. Etsuko

This name of Japanese origin means “happy child.” Etsuko is a minor character in the Doraemon series.

25. Ennis

The name Ennis is a girl’s name of Irish origin, meaning “from the island.”

26. Faye

Faye is a beautiful French name meaning “loyalty” and “belief.” Faye Valentine is a character in Cowboy Bepop.

27. Fujiko

From Lupin III, Fujiko means “child of wisteria” in Japanese.

28. Fumiko

This Japanese name means “beautiful child.” Manga Lupin III’s supporting main character Fujiko Mine.

29. Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia is the main antagonist of the anime Sailor Moon’. Derived from English origin, it is a variation of Galaxy and means ‘higher galactic level’.

30. Guchuko

The unique and eccentric name is taken from the name of a small chocolate ball. You can find a mysterious creature character named Guchuko in the anime Potemayo.

31. Hanako

Hanako is a cute anime name of Japanese origin. It means “flower child.” Jibaku Shōnen Hanako-kun is the title name of the supernatural anime series.

32. Hideko

This Japanese name means “excellent child.”

33. Hikari

This Japanese name means ‘light.’ She is a character in the anime Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02.

34. Haruhi

Haruhi refers to ‘spring day.’ She is a character from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

35. Hannya

A female demon in Japanese folklore full of jealousy. Hannya means “a place to rest; to be happy” and is a variant form of Hania or Hanna in Hebrew, Arabic.

36. Himiko

Himiko means “sun princess” in Japanese and belongs to a character from My Hero Academia.

37. Haruka

This Japanese name means “distant, remote.” It can also come from (Haru), meaning “spring,” “clear weather,” “flower, blossom,” or “fragrance.”

38. Hana

This vivid name means ‘bud,’ ‘blossom,’ and is of Japanese origin. She is a supporting character in the anime Prison School.

39. Ichigo

Ichigo is ‘strawberry’ in Japanese. Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series.

40. Ichijou

Ichijou is an uncommon name which denotes the Japanese word for an article. It is written as 条 in Japanese. Ichijou is a well-loved fantastic character in the series Paniponi Dash!

41. Izumi

Izumi is of Japanese origin and means ‘spring’ or ‘fountain.’ She is one of the main protagonists of the Horimiya series.

42. Isamu

Isamu has a Japanese origin and means “courageous.”

43. Itsuki

This Japanese name means “timber trees.” Nakano Itsuki is one of the tsundere characters in the anime Gotoubun no Hanayome.

44. Junko

Junko means “obedient” or “pure” in Japanese. She is a character from the anime Danganronpa.

45. Kafuka

Kafuka is a Japanese anime name specially created for anime series. It has no certain meaning. Kafuka Fuura is an optimistic character against a pessimistic Nozomu Itoshiki in the series Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei.

46. Kazuko

This Japanese name means ‘peaceful child.’

47. Kokoro

Kokoro in Japanese means ‘heart’.

48. Kaede

Kaede means “maple tree” in Japanese. She is a character from the anime Elfin Lied.

49. Konan

Konan means “warlike” in old English. She is a character from anime from Naruto.

50. Kuroha

This Japanese name means “expert” found in the anime Eden of the East.

51. Kurumi

This Japanese name means “walnut” in Japanese, found in anime Date a Live.

52. Kaeda

This Japanese name means “maple leaf.” Kaede Ichinose, the last appeared Idol in the anime Aikatsu.

53. Kamiko

This Japanese name means “little goddess.”

54. Kanon

This Japanese means “flower” or “sound,” which is also the name of a Japanese visual novel, manga, and anime series Kanon about five girls.

55. Kaoru

This name of Japanese origin means “fragrant.” Kaoru Kamiya is a fictional character in the Rurouni Kenshin manga.

56. Kasumi

Kasumi means ‘mist’ and is of Japanese origin. Kasumi Nomura is one of the main characters of Asobi Asobase series.

57. Lacus

Lacus is a Latin name meaning “award.” You can find Lacus Clyne character in two seasons of the popular fiction anime Gundam.

58. Lina

Lina Inverse is a fictional character of the manga series Slayers. In Arabic, “Lina” refers to a ‘small,’ ‘young palm tree,’ “tender,” or “tenderness.”

59. Machi

A short and cute name, Machi in Japanese means “town.” The character of Machi in the anime Blue Orchid Island is played by an innocent-looking woman, yet a sadist. She is quite a puzzle for an innocent woman.

60. Masami

This name of Japanese origin means “become beautiful.” She appeared as a minor character in the Angel Beats anime.

61. Mayu

This Japanese name means “true” or “gentleness.”

62. Mei

This Romanised spelling of a Chinese surname means “beautiful’.

63. Michiko

This Japanese name means “child of beautiful wisdom.” Michiko to Hatchin is a Japanese anime television series.

64. Misaki

This Japanese name means “beautiful bloom.” Misaki Ayuzawa is the main character of the manga Maid Sama.

65. Minori

This Japanese name means “truth.”

66. Miyuki

This Japanese name means ‘wonderful blessing”.

67. Mizuki

This Japanese name means “beautiful moon.”

68. Nadia

Nadia is a popular Arabic name which means “delicate.” Fushigi no Umi no Nadia portrays the story of a lead character Nadia who is an orphan and does not know anything about her past.

69. Natsuki

Natsuki is a compound of (na), meaning “vegetables, greens” and (tsuki) meaning “moon” in Japanese.

70. Nao

Nao means ‘love’ or ‘affection’ in Japanese.

71. Nanami

This Japanese name means “seven seas,” belonging to a character from Kamisama Kiss.

72. Naru

This Japanese name means “to become.”

73. Naomi

This name of Hebrew origin means “pleasant one.” Naomi Misora is a former FBI agent in Death Note manga.

74. Nami

Nami means ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Red apple,’ ‘Wave’ and is of Japanese origin.

75. Nana

Nana means in French “grace,” “favor” from Anna. Nana is derived from the lucky number “seven” in Japanese.

76. Noa

This name of Hebrew origin means “motion.”

77. Nori

Nori is a supporting character in the anime Mother’s Rosario. This name of Japanese origin meaning “doctrine or seaweed.”

78. Noriko

Noriko is a beautiful, cold, and enigmatic girl in the anime Kiznaiver. This Japanese name means ‘law and order.’

79. Nobuko

This name of Japanese origin means “trustworthy.”

80. Oiwa

A vengeful female ghost in Japanese folklore.

81. Olivier

Olivier is a popular Dutch name meaning “elf warrior.” Olivier Mira Armstrong plays the character of a military officer in Fullmetal Alchemist.

82. Popura

Popura is a fantastic name derived from the name of the poplar tree.

83. Raynare

Raynare from anime High School DXD is an Anglo-Saxon name taken from the Old Germanic name Raginhari meaning ‘counsel’ and ‘army.’

84. Reiko

From anime Parasyte ~ The Maxim, this Japanese name means “gratitude.”

85. Rias

From anime High School DXD, this Japanese name means “sea of bitterness,” “drop of the sea,” “Star of the sea.”

86. Riko

This name of Japanese origin means “jasmine” or “truth.”

87. Rikka

This name of Teutonic origin means “tranquil leader’.

88. Rin

Rin is a Japanese name meaning ‘dignified.’ She has appeared in the anime and manga versions of Fate/stay the night.

89. Rika

Rika Furude is the main protagonist from Higurashi: When They Cry. This Japanese name means ‘eternal ruler’ or ‘fragrance.’

90. Revy

This name of English origin means ‘sea of kindness.’

91. Saika

Saika has a Japanese origin and means “colourful flower.” We absolutely loved the character Saika Totsuka in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

92. Saki

This name of Japanese origin means “blossom” or “hope.”

93. Seibā

This name of Japanese means “truth.”

94. Sora

This Japanese name means “sky.” She is one of the main characters in the No Game No Life anime series.

95. Shizuru

This wonderful Japanese name means ‘precious stone.’

96. Sakura

Sakura is a popular anime girl from the anime Naruto franchise. This Japanese name means ‘Cherry Blossom.’

97. Taiga

Taiga is a strong anime name which was designed to resemble the tiger. Taiga is played by a strong protagonist in Toradora!

98. Tora

This name is of Japanese origin, and it means ‘tigress.’

99. Tsukiko

Originating from Japanese, Tsukiko means ‘moon.’

100. Tsubasa

The name Tsubasa means ‘wings’ and is of Japanese origin.

101. Tamami

This Japanese name means ‘beautiful gem/jewel.’

102. Tomiko

Tomiko means ‘wealth’ or ‘happiness child’ and is of Japanese origin.

103. Ukyo

A gender-neutral name of Japanese origin, Ukyo means “right, respect.” Ukyo Kuonji is a feminine character of a worldwide loved anime Ranma ½ who lives as a boy after being ridiculed in the martial arts class.

104. Usagi

In Japanese, Usagi means ‘rabbit.’

105. Uzume

The Japanese name Uzume means ‘whirling.’ It is also the name of a Japanese Shinto goddess.

106. Utsumi

A Japanese name, Utsumi, means ‘sky.’

107. Umeno

This Japanese name means ‘plum fields.’

108. Wakana

This Japanese name means ‘harmony’ or ‘music.’

109. Wakumi

This Japanese name means ‘spring water.’

110. Wataru

Wataru means to ‘cross over’ and is derived from Japanese.

111. Wendy

Wendy is an English feminine given name meaning “white” and “fair.” Wendy Marvell is a dragon slayer in Fairy Tale.

112. Yumi

This Japanese name means ‘archery bow’ or ‘reason.’

113. Yoi

The Japanese name means ‘born in the evening.’

114. Yasu

This Japanese name means ‘calm’ or ‘peace.’

115. Yoshiko

In Japanese, Yoshiko means ‘virtuous, plot and beautiful child.’

116. Yui

Yui is a Japanese name which means “to tie” and “to bind.” Yui Hirasawa is a cool and funky character in the manga series K-On!

117. Yuna

Yuna in Japanese means ‘kindness’ or ‘night.’

118. Zakuro

Zakuro means ‘pomegranate’ and originates from Japanese.

119. Zuiko

This Japanese name means ‘light of the gods.’

120. Zyunko

This Japanese name means ‘genuine’ or ‘pure.’

These unique anime girl names portraying the wit, strength, and intelligence of the anime characters make them truly memorable and an easy choice for naming your newborn baby girl.

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