Climbing Stairs After C-Section - Is It Safe & Precautions To Take

Climbing Stairs After C-Section Delivery

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A major abdominal surgery, a c-section, requires several weeks to heal. Your doctor will advise you not to climb stairs after a c-section. When you have a c-section, you will probably stay in the hospital for 2 to 4 days, but it may take several weeks to recover fully. While getting out of bed and moving around is advised, you shouldn’t engage in strenuous activity. You should not delay your healing by injuring yourself, so you are advised to follow simple tips to recover faster.

Can You Climb Stairs Post a C-Section?

Doctors advise against climbing stairs for a few weeks after the surgery, as the body requires time to heal completely. It should be done with great care and caution if you need to climb stairs. It is best to limit trips up the stairs. It is also essential that you do not carry anything heavy while going up and down. Doctors have traditionally advised women to avoid stairs after a C-section.

How Many Days After a C-Section Can You Climb Stairs?

Any major surgery requires time to heal completely. After spending four to five days or longer in the hospital post-delivery, it is obvious that your body needs time to recover. Doctors advise rest of at least six weeks for mothers who have given birth via C-section, as there remains a risk of the incision opening up, and causing a painful infection. When to use stairs after a C-section is obvious – after a few weeks post-delivery.

What Are the Risks of Climbing Stairs After C-Section?

It is common for women to climb stairs often after undergoing cesarean delivery, but it is important to be cautious and aware of certain risks. Understanding the potential hazards of climbing stairs following a cesarean surgery is crucial in mitigating potential harm.

1. Increasing Pressure at the Incision Site

Since a cesarean delivery involves significant abdominal surgery, the incision may take several weeks to heal. Applying additional pressure to the area may cause discomfort or injury, particularly if the incision is not fully healed. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when climbing stairs, as rushing or exerting too much force on the incision could lead to pain or bleeding.

2. Injury to the Ligaments and Muscles of the Abdomen

Another issue to be mindful of is the potential for injury to weakened ligaments and abdominal muscles following cesarean delivery. It is important to be careful when climbing stairs, as these areas can be strained or injured. To minimise the risk of harm, it is advisable to ascend and descend the stairs gradually and steadily, giving your body time to adjust to the added physical strain.

In addition, if you encounter any abdominal pain or discomfort during the process, it is recommended that you immediately discontinue climbing the stairs.

Cautionary Tips While Using Stairs after a C-Section

The postpartum period is a crucial phase, and special attention has to be paid to the new mother. Every new mother needs time and care to heal and recover from the delivery process, more so in the cases of C-sections. Here are some important tips healthcare providers give new mothers for climbing stairs:

1. Seek Help

You must not hesitate to ask for help while climbing up and down the stairs if it is absolutely necessary when you are still recovering from major surgery.

2. Hire a Postpartum Doula

You must have your family members nearby when you have to take up the regular day-to-day chores while you are still healing. If this is impossible, do not hesitate to hire a postpartum doula who can help you with all kinds of tasks.

3. Do Not Be in a Hurry

Be slow, and take your time – you must never be in a hurry to start climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects too soon after major surgery as it can cause injuries and slow down the ability of your body to heal quickly.

4. Take Support of a Handrail

While climbing up or down the stairs, you must hold the handrail, as dizziness can prove to be dangerous for recovering moms.

5. Avoid Poorly-Lit Staircases

You must ensure that the staircase area is properly lit so that there are no chances of tripping and falling.

6. Seek Expert Advice If You Trip

You must not ignore minor incidents like tripping or slipping off the stairs. The doctor should be consulted to rule out any internal injury after the C-section.

There are ways to tell if your C-section incisions have caused an infection, which would warrant you to visit a doctor immediately:

  • You see redness or swelling on the site of the incision
  • You experience bad-smelling discharge from the vagina
  • You have a fever of more than 104 degrees F
  • You experience heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Your incision area is hurting more than usual
  • You experience chest pain, difficulty breathing, or unusual pain in the breasts

7. Wear Comfortable Attire

Choose loose-fitting clothing that won’t cause friction and avoid anything that will rub against the incision region.


1. How Can You Ease Your Anxiety of Climbing Stairs After a C-Section?

Before trying a full staircase, practise on a single or a couple of steps. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to gradually build up your strength and get used to the sensation of climbing. Then, when you are prepared to use the entire staircase, begin cautiously and lean on the railing for assistance.

2. Can You Climb Stairs After Three Weeks of Cesarean?

Often, a doctor will advise you not to re-exerting yourself for six weeks. In addition, performing extra physical activities, like climbing the stairs, can cause significant bodily injury. 

Climbing stairs after a C-section is safe if you are careful and comfortable. If your body is too frail to take the exertion of climbing stairs, you must not force your body to do it. However, some cautionary steps can help you recover faster and revert to everyday life after a C-section.


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