Tips to Create A Successful Morning Routine for Kids

Morning routine for kids

School mornings are typically quite rushed, when the entire family needs to get dressed, fed and leave the house on time. There are bound to be unforeseen delays, unexpected disasters and possibly a meltdown! It can be quite a task to pull it off successfully and that too everyday. Forming a habit and order of a morning routine may make this task easier and its implementation simpler. Also, it may ensure that the family starts the day off on a happy and high note rather than complaining and grumbling.

10 Ways to Set a Great Morning Routine for Children

Establishing a clear and structured kids morning routine for school may assist him to stay on track and kick start his day on the right note. A morning routine for a child should ideally be comfortable and relaxed. Here are some helpful ways to manage a great morning routine for children:

1. Ensure That the Kid Gets Enough Sleep

It is important to consider if your kid is getting enough sleep at night before you begin to look at his morning routine. Every kid is different. But kids usually require about 8 to 10 hours of good sleep depending on their age, physical activity and other factors. A proper night’s sleep may help your kid to wake up fresh and energetic.

Boy sleeping

2. Get Things Prepared the Night Before

Encourage your kid to do little things the night before like packing his schoolbag according to the timetable or laying out his uniform so that he may save some time in the morning. You can also do the major prep work for making his lunch the previous day. Every detail that you can attend to the night before may help you save precious minutes the next morning.

Clothes laid out on the bed

3. Prepare a Morning Routine Schedule

Chalking out a clear-cut structured morning routine may help your kid in being better prepared for mornings. It may also help in developing a sense of security, trust and safety in your kid. It may make him aware of what he is expected to do, which can help him move easily through his morning responsibilities. Involve your kid in the decision-making process so that he can get a sense of control over his routine.

Morning Routine Schedule

4. Assign a Place for Things

Try and get organised and designate a location for all school essentials like lunch boxes, water bottles, school bags, and school shoes, so that valuable time is not spent each morning looking for them. You can do the same for utility items like the umbrella, keys, and phones.

Assigning places for things

5. Wake Up Before the Kids

Getting up about 15 to 20 minutes before the rest of the household may aid you in setting up the entire family for a fruitful morning ahead. You may also get some much-needed time to make the desired transition from sleepiness into active mode. Consider formulating a morning ritual for yourself that can help you begin your day effectively. It is essential that you follow a regular bedtime routine as well so that you may get adequate rest and sleep.

Waking up before kids

6. Remain Cool and Connected

Try and maintain your calm and composure under all circumstances. In case your kids see you all rushed up and frantic in the morning. it may negatively affect their functioning. Refrain from resorting to screaming and yelling at kids as they tend to imitate the tone and actions of adults. You definitely may not like them to start off their day on this panicky note. Instead, explain to them that they need to pitch in with the work and take ownership of certain tasks. Modelling patient behaviour may elicit better responses from your kid.

Remain cool under pressure

7. Connect With Your Kid

Indulging in some relaxed snuggle time with your kid while you are waking him up can help you establish a connection with him early morning. It may work as a good motivation for your kid to wake up happy and bright. He may readily cooperate and be more willing to conduct himself well. It can be a great way to prevent a kid’s morning resistance and whining.

Connect with your child

8. Connection Routines for Easy Transitions

Mornings are all about transitions. Kids can find it difficult to make these transitions all by themselves. Pamper your kid with kisses and hugs when you wake him up. If getting out of bed is tough to coax him gently hold his hands and help him get up. Avoid giving orders and too many unnecessary instructions. Keep your tone happy and cheerful. You may like to be around him when he is going about his morning routine to offer help whenever he seems to be in need of it.

Easy transitions for child in the morning

9. Natural Rewards

Do remember your child getting dressed on time is your priority not necessarily his. Acknowledge your kid’s sincere efforts to tackle his morning routine. A few words of praise from you will boost his morale and may propel him to do his tasks without any confrontations. Positively reinforcing a child’s good behaviour is a better way of teaching him responsibility. For example, highlight the natural reward of getting ready on time. Your child may get some extra time to enjoy his breakfast, more play time before school begins, etc.

Child enjoying breakfast

10. Keep the Morning Routine Simple

Maintain a simple routine which your child can manage well. For example, you may like to rethink the morning glass of milk or an elaborate breakfast if your child is not inclined to it. Prioritise the essential tasks and leave out the non-essentials to be done later in the day. Also, you can offer choices to your kid within reason which may make him feel empowered and less argumentative. Does he want to wear his shoes first or have his breakfast first? Does he want to shower in his bathroom or use yours?

Children ready for school

Creating a morning routine for your kid may transform the mornings into a fun, happy, connecting time rather than being stressful. Getting all family members to contribute to it may facilitate smooth execution of the routine. Focus more on providing a pleasant start to your child’s day.

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