Surprising Qualities That Are Unique To Babies Born During The Winter

Surprising Qualities That Are Unique To Babies Born During The Winter

Brrr…apart from sweaters, hot chocolate and cuddling in blankets, winter brings along with it festivities and excitement too. If your baby’s due date or birthday fall in winter, then this time of the year is a series of endless celebration for you! Your winter baby is the apple of your eye and makes you feel warm and happy, even on the coldest days. But did you know that being born in winter gives your baby some qualities that are exclusive to only winter babies? Excited to know them?

Winter babies have endless festivals and celebrations around their birthday. Navratri and Diwali are still fresh in memory and there’s Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year to look forward to. The skies are grey, the winds are cold, but that spot of occasional sunshine makes everything feel more beautiful than ever. In this setting, babies who are born are sure to imbibe some qualities of the season! As per science, there are some traits – both personality and health related – that are special to babies whose birthday falls during the winter months, i.e. typically November to March, if you live in India.

Here’s a list of qualities that are unique to winter-born babies – some good and some that demand extra care and caution from your end. Find out now how many of these are coming true for your child!

1. They are Born Intelligent

Yes, it has been established that winter babies have greater brain power! This is one of the most common traits observed among winter babies. This conclusion has been derived from a number of comparative studies through the decades. As to why this happens, scientists are not very sure yet, but nutrients derived from seasonal foods in the winter are likely to play a role. So, if your little winter baby has already begun asking questions and taking interest in intellectual activities, encourage him as much as you can. This is only natural for him!

2. They Have a Happier and More Cheerful Temperament

Winter babies are also known to have a summer disposition – meaning they are more cheerful than summer babies! This is because seasonal changes have an effect on chemical substances in the brain which control mood – serotonin and dopamine. Babies born in summer have been observed to be much more irritable than ones born in cooler months. After all, even babies like pleasant, non-humid weather and celebrations around them!

3. They are More Well-Behaved Than Other Kids Their Age

If your baby was born in the winter and you notice that he is docile and follows instructions obediently, don’t be surprised. Winter babies have been observed to be more well-behaved than other babies, and less likely to develop behavioural problems later in life. Curious, eh? But certainly very good news!

4. They Often Have Larger Body Frames

Don’t mess with winter babies! They are known to have larger frames than other babies and also tend to weigh a little more. Even their heads tend to be larger heads than other babies of the same age who were born in summer. The most likely reason behind this phenomenon is that a mother who gives birth in spring or summer spends the last phase of her pregnancy in winter, and this is a time when she may eat fewer vitamins. This is something that mothers who deliver in early winter escape from.||

5. They Have a Greater Risk of Neurological Disorders

One of the primary risks winter babies face is that of neurological problems. While your winter baby may be good-natured, he may be prone to disoders related to the mood and the nervous system later in life. This happens mainly because a baby born in the winter is not exposed to some much-needed vitamins that sunlight provides. Here’s a list of essential nutrients for your kids and the foods that can provide them – make sure you keep this in mind!

6. Their Bones May Be Weaker Than Their Fellow Children

This is one of the most common prolems faced by many kids born in the winter months. Again, this is due to the lack of sunlight in winter. Mothers of winter babies also do not recieve enough Vitamin D from sunglight and this is the Vitamin that strengthens bone structure. To make up for this, you need to be extra careful about your baby’s diet and feed him vitamin-rich foods that will up his bone strength. Read this quick starter guide on ensuring that your baby gets adequate amounts of this important vitamin.

7. They May Be More Prone to Food Allergies

Uh-oh first weaker bones and now this! In a rather distressing observation, it has been found that winter babies are also prone to food-related allergies. You need to make sure you test your little one for these allergies and keep him away from any triggers. While not all winter bubs testify to this being true, of course, it is still a good idea to get your baby tested if you notice any problems. He will then be able to eat whatever he wishes if the tests are clear!

So, while there are certain problems your winter baby may be prone to, he will surely be an upbeat, positive little fellow who brings you tons of joy! Besides, a winter baby means that you get to enjoy all that extra snuggly cuddling without any sweatiness. And who can deny that little babies are even more adorable when all bundled up for the winter?

Make the most of your time with your little darling and remember that winter or summer, your love and care will help him overcome all odds!

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