Ring Gender Test – How Accurate Is It

Ring Gender Test - How Accurate Is It

When a woman is expecting a baby, she comes across such questions many a time like “what are you expecting, a boy or a girl” or “is it a blue or pink color there”. There are many technical ways to determine the gender of the unborn baby. But when there was no technology, there existed folklore. Nifty technology is new in this case, we did not always have the advance technology for determining the gender of the fetus. Sex prediction traditions have been there for many generations. One of the sex prediction tests is the ring-on-a-string game which is interesting and fun to play. It sounds intriguing, right? Although the popular pregnancy ring test has no scientific background and may not be accurate, it is still widely used.

What Is the Ring Gender Test?

Ring gender test is a superstition procedure to predict the gender of the fetus that has been passed down from generation to generation. This test is so old that is next to impossible to unearth how this method even started. In the ring gender test, an important ring (associated with the couple) is tied to a thread or string. The pregnant woman lies down and someone else needs to dangle the tied ring over her baby bump. If the ring swings in a circle, it is a baby princess and if the ring swings back and forth, it is a baby prince. According to many stories and folktales, the opposite is true that is a circle means a baby prince and back-and-forth means a baby princess. Some folktales also claim that the ring test tells the number of babies. However, the test does not have any scientific connection, it is fun and easy to try out.

Is This Test Safe for Pregnant Ladies?

The safety and care of the pregnant woman is the most important thing. The ring test method of the pregnancy test is safe to try out. The process does not involve any step that is difficult, uneasy, or harmful for the pregnant lady. Although, you should not be so eager to know the gender of your baby that leads you to take some unwise decisions that may harm you or your baby. The safest and easiest option to determine gender is the ultrasound scan, which is a part of regular fetus check-ups.

How Does It Work?

You must be thinking how is the ring test done, right? Well, the ring test is very easy to do, so there isn’t a lot of preparation needed. You can perform this test with your partner or in a family function or even in your baby shower party. If you already know the sex of the baby, then can be very exciting to try the ring test. Here are the steps to perform the test.

  • First, find a comfortable place to lay down the pregnant women. A comfortable bed or a couch is a safe option.
  • Ask the woman to lay down and be ready with the ring and a thread.
  • Suspend the ring from the thread above the baby bump and hold the thread while you carefully read the results of the ring test.
  • Let the ring dangle on the baby bump.
  • The string should move on its own without any interference.

What You Need to Do

To perform the ring test, you need a few simple things. The items needed for trying this test can be found at your home. These are:

  • Thread or a piece of hair (depending upon the folklore you believe)
  • A ring (people prefer using the wedding ring of the mother)
  • A partner to perform the test (Ask your husband to do this test)

Alternate Ways

There are many alternate ways to determine the gender of the fetus. Some have a scientific connection and some have no connection with science. Some of these ways are:

  • If your skin has a transparent glow, then you will deliver a boy and if you have breakouts, then you will welcome a girl.
  • Nub theory of gender prediction.
  • Skull theory of gender determination.
  • Energetic babies in the womb are boys and chill and calm babies in the womb are the girls.
  • Faster heart rate means baby girl and a slower heart rate means you are carrying a baby boy.

How to Interpret The Results?

Interpreting the outcome of the ring test is not very clumsy and difficult. The result of the ring test is interpreted as per the movement of the ring. As soon as you perform the ring test boy or girl, within a few moments you will get the result.

  • If the rings move in a circular direction then congratulations you are going to have a baby girl.
  • If the ring moves in back and forth direction then get ready to hail a baby boy.

How Accurate Are The Results of The Ring Gender Test?

Since the ring gender test is just a fun old wives tale and people try out this for fun only. There is no scientific evidence to support the results of the ring test. There can’t be an accurate reading on the ring test so relax and have fun trying out this test with your family and friends.

Is the Ring Test Method of Gender Prediction Scientifically Proven?

Our brain is wired to believe what we like or what to believe. Neither the ring test can accurately determine the gender of the baby nor it can predict how many babies you are going to have in the future. Science does not provide any evidence in support of this wedding ring gender test.

Some studies on ring tests have been conducted to see the accuracy rate and the probability is of fifty-fifty. If the ring swung in a circle and a couple welcomes a baby girl, that’s merely a coincidence, not magic or science. Do this for fun, make wishful thinking and pray for the well being of your baby. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the most important thing is that the baby should be healthy. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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