Nub Theory of Gender Prediction – Procedure, Accuracy and Results

Ever since you come to know that you are pregnant, there exists a constant curiosity to know whether you are going to have a boy or a girl. There are various myths and tales about gender prediction that are very popular. There are many scientific ways also that will discover accurately what the gender of your unborn baby is. If you and your partner are curious about knowing the gender of your unborn baby then the nub gender prediction theory is one of the best means to find this out. Although, do not confuse the nub theory with skull theory as there is a vast difference between nub theory and skull theory. Most of the time people confuse the Nub theory with the skull theory of sex prediction. It is fun to carry out this during your pregnancy period.

What Is Nub Theory?

The entire process of the nub theory might sound complicated but it very simple, painless and effortless. Nub theory is a method of determining the sex of your unborn baby through the ultrasound scan. The copy of the ultrasound scan contains the images of your fetus and through that image, you can determine the sex of your baby using the Nub theory.

Babies develop a part known as nub (genital tubercle present between their legs) during the early week of pregnancy (11 to 13 weeks). It is also known as ‘angle of the dangle’. This nub of the fetus can indicate if the baby is a girl or a boy. You need to measure the angle of the nub concerning the spine of the fetus. For a boy, the angle of the nub should be over 30° from the spine and if the angle is below 30°, it is like a female fetus. Carefully examining the ultrasound scan picture is the only way to determine the accurate angle of the nub. Several studies have been conducted to see the accuracy of the nub theory and it has been found that if done by the experts under controlled settings, nub theory ranges between 98% and 100% accurate.

How Does It Work?

Now you have an idea of what nub theory is and a slight knowledge of how to perform the procedure to predict gender. To know the process in detail, continue scrolling down.

1. Copy of Ultrasound Scan

To make a gender prediction using nub theory, you need to have the image copy of your ultrasound scan. The image copy must be displaying a profile view of the baby.

2. Clearly Visible Nub

The nub must be clearly visible. This step is a little difficult as the baby inside the womb continuously moves and it is hard during the scan to get a good profile of the baby. So if you get a picture with a visible nub, you are the lucky one.

3. Find the Spine of Fetus

After achieving the right image, you need to find the spine of the fetus. The spine works as the baseline to compare the angle of the nub.

4. Find the Nub of Fetus

To find the nub, you need to look between the legs of the fetus. There a defined white line along the leg is the nub.

5. Compare the Angle

Now you have the spine as a baseline and the nub. See and compare the angle of the nub concerning the spine. See if the angle is more or less than 30 degrees.

How Are Nub Gender Theory Results Predicted by The Experts?

Mom and dad-to-be can do this at home but it cannot be always accurate as the visibility of the genital tubercle can be affected by the position of your baby and their movements. Experts know the technique of predicting the gender of the baby through Nub theory and they can give you better accurate results.

  • Experts are the team of Ultrasound scan technicians and they can predict the sex of your baby as early as 10th weeks.
  • Before the 10th week, the genital tubercle looks the same in a male and female fetus so it will give no result if you carry out this method before the 10th months of pregnancy.
  • The accuracy of the nub theory 12 weeks later is most accurate in a pregnancy.
  • Experts combine the ultrasound scan with the screening tests for assessing any kind of abnormalities in the fetus.

Factors Responsible for the Accuracy of Nub Theory

Nub theory will tell you whether it is a nub theory boy or nub theory girl that you are carrying, but the accuracy of the nub theory depends on many factors. The following factors will help you to understand better what you will need to get the accurate results of the nub theory.

  • The visibility of the genital tubercle. If the visibility is not clear, the process cannot be carried out.
  • The quality of the scan copy.
  • The nub angle to the angle of the spine.
  • The nub and spine line of the fetus.
  • The shadow around the nub captured during the ultrasound scan.
  • The length and shape of the fetus.
  • The period of the pregnancy.

What Is the Accuracy Rate of Nub Theory?

You must be thinking, how accurate is the Nub Theory? According to various studies, the accuracy of prediction increases with gestational age. Do not be in a rush for knowing the gender of the baby. You can wait for 13-15 weeks as having a bigger baby means having a more developed baby and you will get a more accurate prediction. Sex determination accuracy improves as the gestational age increases. Week 11 of pregnancy will have a lower level of accuracy rate and after week 13, the chances are better to get an accurate result. So consider carrying out nub theory in or after 13 weeks of pregnancy as this will allow you to view the genitals better.

Some predictions have made according to a research study from the journal Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. These are:

  • The accuracy rate for 11 weeks is 71.9%.
  • The accuracy rate for 12 weeks is 92%.
  • The accuracy rate for 13 weeks is 98.3%.

How Does Nub Theory Help to Evaluate the Health of the Fetus?

Since the nub theory does not include any medical procedure other than the ultrasound scan, it is not easy to determine or evaluate the health of the fetus only through ultrasound scans. Although, the entire process of the Nub theory can help access the health of the baby.

1. Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan will immediately evaluate if any abnormality is there in a baby.

2. Heartbeat

The doctor generally examines the health of the baby through their heartbeat. Before or after every ultrasound scan, they follow this step.

3. Health

The scan will help you to identify the health of the fetus.

4. Screening

After the scan, they might do further screening to determine the health of the baby properly.

How to Improve the Chances of a Better Nub Shot

How to Improve the Chances of a Better Nub Shot?

Everybody carrying out this theory will want to get the result in one shot. Nub theory largely depends on the picture of the ultrasound. Here are some tips and tricks that might improve the chances of a good image and may help you to get a better nub shot.

  • Finding a nub is not easy: Sometimes, you might locate the nub easily and sometimes you cannot. Practice by checking different ultrasound pictures. It will be fun.
  • Drink more water: It is important to drink more water during the ultrasound scan. The more amniotic fluid you have in your abdomen, the more you will get the image of the ultrasound scan clearer. Start drinking lots and a lot of water one or two weeks before your ultrasound scan.
  • Drink orange or apple juice before scan: It does not have any proven facts but it is believed that drinking a glass of apple or orange juice might make babies more active in utero. As the baby will be more active, the sonographer can capture the right nub shot. Drink any of these juice 30 minutes before the scan.

Just measuring the angle of the nub is not enough to determine the gender of the baby. In addition to the angle, other factors also need to be taken into consideration. According to some people if a nub has some forking on the tip it is a male fetus. The above deciding factors towards the prediction of the gender of the baby cannot be always accurate. Take this test as fun and enjoy the process of pregnancy nub theory with your partner. So, if you are not desperate about knowing the gender of your unborn baby and to keep the sex of the baby a surprise you can wait until you deliver. Enjoy the journey of being a parent, stay healthy and stay happy.

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