List of 35 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids 2024

Super Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday time when families gather, laugh together, enjoy warm and delicious food, and have endless conversations over the delicious turkey. With all the mouth-watering food in the kitchen, your kids may not leave the dining table at all. You may have to come up with some great stories and jokes to keep them entertained. So We bring you some amazing Thanksgiving jokes that you can tell your kids. This way they will learn about the Thanksgiving holiday all by means of fun! We have a great list of thanksgiving puns and jokes for kids that your little ones might enjoy. So read on!

Jovial Thanksgiving Jokes for Children

Bring some humour to the dinner table on Thanksgiving with our turkey jokes and puns for a memorable Thanksgiving!

1. What does a turkey love for dessert? 

Peach gobbler!

2. Why did the turkey cross the road?

The chicken had a day off.

3. What did the turkey say before it was roasted?

Oh, man! I’m stuffed!

4. Why did the cranberries turn red?

They happened to see turkey dressing!

5. What would you call a pilgrim’s vocabulary?


6. The turkey was involved in a crime. What was the suspicion?

Fowl play.

7. What smells the best during Thanksgiving dinner?

Your nose!

8. Why did a pilgrim’s pants fall down?

Because his belt buckle was on his hat.

9. What is the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?

A turKEY!

10. What was served after Grandpa sat on the turkey?


11. Which side dish tells the worst kind of jokes?

Corn(y) bread

12. What do you get if you divide a pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter?

A pumpkin pi!

13. What is a Thanksgiving called when the parents aren’t around?


14. What is it called when a turkey fumbles while playing football?

A fowl play!

15. What happened to the turkey when it got into a fight?

The stuffing got knocked out of him!

16. What did the mother turkey tell her naughty, disobedient children?

If your father could see you, he would turn over in his gravy!

17. Who is the least hungry at Thanksgiving?

The turkey, since it is already stuffed.

18. Why can’t a turkey go to a church?

Because he uses fowl language!

19. What do you call it when it rains turkey?

Fowl weather!

20. Why did the turkey refuse dessert?

Because it was already stuffed!

21. What did the turkey do when it was placed next to the pumpkin pie?

It gobbled it up!

22. What do you get when you cross a centipede with a turkey?

Drumsticks for everyone!

23. What sound does a turkey’s phone make?

Wing, wing, wing!

24. What type of glass does a turkey drink from?

A goblet!

25. Why did turkey lay the eggs?

Because they would break if it dropped them!

26. If fruit comes from a fruit tree, where does a turkey come from?

A poul-tree.

27. What kind of a key has legs but cannot open the doors?

A Turkey

28. What kind of a bird is best at bowling?


29. What is the difference between a cranberry farmer and a pirate?

The pirate buries his treasure but the cranberry farmer treasures his berries.

30. What is similar between a monkey, donkey and a turkey?

They all carry keys.

31. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


32. What happens to the cranberries when you are rude to them?

They turn into blueberries.

33. What sound did the turkey make with its broken leg?

Wobble, wobble!

34. Which part of a turkey is the most musical?

The drumstick!

35. What do Thanksgiving and Halloween have in common?

One has the gobblers and the other has goblins!

With these funny Thanksgiving-themed jokes serve up some chuckles on the dinner table. These jokes are bound to make your kids laugh. We hope these Thanksgiving jokes for preschoolers will help you lighten the mood around the house during the holidays. Tell these jokes to your kids and have a wonderful time with your family members!

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