15 Creative & Unique Kids Room Decorating Ideas

15 Creative and Unique Decorating Ideas for Kids Room

Parents all around want to give their kids nothing but the best. However, it isn’t easy to come up with children’s bedroom decor ideas. Firstly, you will have to figure out what your child’s preference is, right from the colour of the room to the theme that will follow. In order to get that right, keep an eye for what your child loves the most. Is it his favourite television show? Or maybe it is his favourite toy car.

15 Best Kids Room Decorating Ideas

All set to give your child his or her own room? The fact that your kid is rapidly growing is one fact you need to keep in mind when decorating your child’s room. By the end of a year or two, your child might have a new superhero or would have gotten bored with the existing theme. Investing smartly in an idea that works in your favour as well as your child’s is tricky, but you can do it – here are a few tips to decorate your kid’s room –

1. Favourite Colour

Child's favourite colour

Starting with your child’s favourite colour is a wise decision. This pretty much is the base of all decorations. You can mix two or more colours as well.

2. Bring Out the Artist in You

Mom and child painting wall

Channel your inner artist in the making of your child’s bedroom. If you happen to paint and draw really well, then get the brushes and paints and do just that. You could use one wall of your child’s room to do this. You can also involve your child in this for some fun and bonding!

3. Showcase your Little Artist

Child's painting framed

If it is your child who has the artistic flair, go ahead and put up his or her creations up on the wall. Are there any drawings or paintings that your child has done, that simply blew your mind away? Collect them and make a collage out of it – the perfect kid’s room decor!

4. Memories of the Wall

Photo collage on wall

Nothing takes you down memory lane as photographs do. The most beautiful thing about photographs is that they capture the moment and help you relive it, several years later too. Cherish every moment you have with your family, take photos, and make a collage out of it. You can then dedicate an entire wall of this in your kid’s bedroom. Your child will love seeing these happy memories that are filled with fun and love.

5. Favourite Superheroes

We’ve all got our favourite superheroes, and the same goes for your child as well. Does your child love Batman, Captain America, or Wonder Woman? Or maybe your child loves all of them. Is your child a Marvel or DC fan? Whatever be the case, customize your child’s room to turn it into his or her favourite superhero’s universe.

6. Favourite Disney Princess

Princess decor

Imagine waking up everyday feeling like a Disney princess yourself – you can actually give your child this by following this idea! Go ahead and turn your child into a dancing ballroom like Cinderella’s, an under-the-sea world like Ariel’s, or a rose garden like Belle’s.

7. Boys and their Toys

Car themed bedroom

Boys love their toys, that’s a given. And the best part about this is that they never really grow out of this obsession! Does your little boy love his cars? Or maybe he loves planes. Go ahead and create a theme that revolves around his favourite toy. You could decorate the room with this toy and paint the wall in accordance with that – for example, if he loves cars, paint a wall to make it look like a race track. Load up on cars as well.

8. Share the Room with Barbie

Barbie plays a significant role in almost every girl’s life. Turn your little girl’s bedroom into a dollhouse that both she and her favourite doll can live in. Don’t forget to stack up on pink paint for this makeover!

9. Lovely Cuddly Animals

Animal theme bedroom

An animal-centred theme is a great idea, as this firstly introduces your child to the world of animals, and secondly, being a part of nature has a calming effect on your mind. Which is your child’s favourite animal? Find out, and go ahead and stick up pictures of the same. You can also make some origami figurines of animals. Several wallpapers that have animal pictures are available at the stores as well.

10. Lighten Up your Child’s Room

Fairy Lights in room

Most children are afraid of darkness, but with this child’s room decoration idea, that fear will be out of the picture. Use fairy lights to decorate your little one’s room. You can use lanterns as well. Also, this makes the room look beautiful!

11. Nature Lover’s Paradise

Tent bedroom

If your child is someone who loves nature, then bring the outside into your child’s bedroom. Follow a nature-themed idea. You could also make the bedroom look like a campsite, by adding a tent in there for good measure.

12. Office for the Busy Bees

Office Bedroom

Caught your child pretending to work as his father or mother? Then how about giving him his own office space? A lot of kids find the idea of working fascinating – we all did (and what a disappointment that turned out to be) – so go ahead and decorate the bedroom with an office theme.

13. Bookworm’s Hideout

Does your child have a passion for reading? Then you can decorate the bedroom with a bookshelf and reading space. Load up this shelf with your child’s favourite reading books – ask or look up for recommendations as well.

Bookworm's Hideout

14. Aiming for the Stars

Galaxy Themed Bedroom

Does your child love stargaze? You could create a theme that involves stars, the planets, the entire galaxy. This will look surreal and beautiful.

15. Have Fun with the Basics

Child's bedroom

The basics are always relatable – the alphabets, numbers, and shapes. Follow a theme that throws in all of this in a fun way. This is a smart way to introduce your child to the world of education.

While decorating your child’s room is a tedious task, one thing is for sure – it’s a lot of fun! Make sure your child is a part of this as well. Also, avoid any objects that can be hazardous to your child.

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