Mommy Secrets - Things Moms Don't Want to Admit

Shhh! You Won’t Catch a Mom Admitting She Does Any of This

Every mom has a few little secrets that every once in a while she’d like to confess to. Check out the list of secrets of moms revealed that are funny and so very adorable. You may find yourself nodding in agreement!

Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also one of the toughest jobs. Sometimes, you want to scream out ‘I’m not a super mom!’ when things get overwhelming. While your family may think you’re the perfect mother juggling so many responsibilities, there are times when you wish you could reveal your secrets!

4 Secrets of Moms Revealed

1. You Need a Long Break

“Me-time” – the time when you can do whatever you want to!! But when you’re a mother, that seems like a distant dream. There are often times when you just can’t wait to get away from it all. Maybe it’s a 10-minute breather when the kids are running wild, or a few extra minutes in the shower, or even munching food slower than usual. Let’s not forget how much you miss those pre-baby sleeping hours too!

2. Choosing Nap Time Over Daddy Time

After the day’s labour, what you need most is a good night’s sleep. Yes, you love your man. You enjoy making love and cuddling with him. You like spending time with him. But sometimes, you desperately want to hug your pillow and fall into a long, deep sleep rather than getting cosy with your husband. But it doesn’t always work and it’s one of those hush things moms don’t want to admit.

Baby lying on bed with mother

3. Using kids as an Excuse to Get Out of Boring Parties

Don’t feel like attending that family get-together? Your children are the superb excuse to bow out of things. You know it’s a little underhanded, but you can’t bear the thought of pretending to laugh at your uncle’s lame jokes and being compared to that cousin of yours. So you choose to stay indoors with excuses like “Sorry, the baby isn’t feeling well” or “My babysitter needs to leave early”. In your heart, you know it’s an awful thing to do but you just can’t help it sometimes!

4. Using gadgets as a Distraction

This is one of the easier said than done secrets of moms revealed. You give your hubby’s smart phone to your tots to keep them engaged while you clean up the house or catch up on work. Other times, you just hand them a few picture books or tune to a cartoon channel and sneak some sleep. You know spending one-on-one time with them is far better, but when you’re stumped for time, you just can’t help it.

These mommy secrets are something that nearly every mom holds close to her heart. She may never reveal them, but she has probably experienced them every so often. With so much going on in a mom’s life, it’s no wonder she wants to get away or enjoy me-time every once in a while. So don’t feel guilty when all you want is to pamper yourself sometimes. Go ahead and do it … it’s completely normal!

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