How to Save Money During Pregnancy

Save a Fortune with 5 Genius Pregnancy Tips!

Most women jump with joy when they find out they’re pregnant. However, the burden of expenses can soon get to them. It’s important to start saving money while pregnant to avoid heavy costs later. A pregnancy fund should be the first thing you start once you confirm you’re carrying.

There are small things you can do that will save you a few extra bucks when pregnant. The idea is not to splurge, but to spend wisely and save even if you have a decent amount in the bank. It never hurts to think ahead so that when you’re expecting, you don’t become broke.

How to Save Money During Pregnancy without Foregoing Much

1. Go easy on the diapers

All moms think they need to start stacking up on diapers when pregnant. Yes, diapers do help keep your little one fresh and clean. However, your baby may not require that many changes and even if he or she does, you can always use cotton nappies. They’re far cheaper and better for the environment. Keep a couple of packs of newborn diapers ready before your baby is born. You can always get more later.

2. Don’t buy too many clothes

Along with diapers, try not to go crazy buying clothes pre-delivery. You might end up getting items that are too small or too large. Besides, once your baby is born, you’ll be bombarded with kiddie clothes from well-wishers. In fact, many moms are gifted with so many that they don’t always get to use all of them. So instead of spending too much on clothes, save money for your pregnancy and after.

3. Don’t buy too many pregnancy kits

Do not spend on multiple pregnancy tests, instead three kits are more than enough to keep around. If you have a large supply, you’ll just end up with a pile of them. Once you’ve tested yourself a couple of times, you need to confirm your pregnancy with your doctor anyway to rule out false positives.

4. Get a multipurpose crib

It’s important to invest in a crib for your baby. When shopping for one, buy a crib that can also be converted into a toddler’s bed. Cribs can take up a decent amount of space and being saddled with one you don’t have any need for is a pain. You can get a crib that converts into a day bed and a twin size bed too. It’ll save you a lot of cash and a ton of space in the nursery.

5. Stop splurging

Saving money while pregnant means learning not to splurge on yourself too much. You may have pregnancy cravings that you simply must satisfy and it’s okay to do so. Just try to avoid eating out as it could deplete your finances in no time. It isn’t healthy too. Instead of too-oily foods, you can get nuts and fruits. Instead of expensive pastries, you can make yourself smoothies and try fruit cocktails.

These money-saving tips should help you build your finances during your pregnancy. Even if you can’t make massive changes in your spending habits, you can start small and slowly work your way up. Try not to obsess over money, but enjoy the experience of being pregnant. You’ll feel less stressed and be a lot healthier.

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