The Natural Miracle That Has Been Protecting Women Against Cancer

Research Says, This Common Thing Reduces the Risks of Breast Cancer in MOMS by 32%!

Cancer is that debilitating, often terminal, diagnosis that changes life as you knew it. It seems to strike for no rhyme or reason and threatens to obliterate everything. Worse, it has been steadily on the rise, and despite immeasurable advances in medicine, more and more people are affected by it. What if we tell you there is a preventive measure that is all natural and effective? Find out about nature’s best miracle that is protecting millions of women against this dreaded illness.

With the amount of pain and money that goes into finding a cure for cancer, we’re sure this is one discovery that was celebrated largely when it was first confirmed. Breastfeeding! What? As moms, we do know that breastmilk has innumerable benefits for babies, including building their immunity against life-threatening diseases. But how can it possibly save the MOM from cancer? Well, science has confirmed that breastfeeding can prevent cancer in mothers to a large extent. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all lactacting moms are totally immune. But it does mean that a considerable amount of prevention can be accredited to breastfeeding.

Here are the main findings that constitute this miracle – a completely natural blessing for moms across the globe.

The longer a mother breastfeeds her baby, the more she is protected against breast cancer.

Certain studies claim that breastfeeding protects the mother against ovarian cancer too.

The role of breastfeeding in protecting mothers from cancer is cumulative and increases for mothers who have breastfed over two years.

Of all the findings, scientists are leaning the most towards the one that says that the duration of breatsfeeding plays a big role in protecting against cancer. During one study, a group of women with mutated genes was examined as they had a higher risk of breast cancer. These women were asked to breastfeed for over one year. It was found that the risk of breast cancer in these women was reduced by 32%! This protection became even better when breastfeeding was carried out over two years; a whole 19% percent more protection was recorded!

This finding has been attested by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well. In fact, WHO reccomends that moms breastfeed exclusively for the first six months but continue to do so for over two years or more. Basically, the longer she breastfeeds her child, the more the benefits for both of them. And yes, in case you are worried about the challenges that may accompany such extended breastfeeding, there’s good news for you. Ongoing research in the field of lactation and child development means that all such problems, including poor milk flow, sore nipples and returning to work, can now be solved.

The Explanation Behind This Miracle

So, what exactly is it that empowers breastfeeding to have such miraculous healing and protective properties for both the mother and her child? Well, while you are breastfeeding, you are also shedding breast tissue. This shedding helps remove cells that could have damaged DNA – thus reducing your risks of cancer. And not just breast cancer, nursing also shields you from ovarian cancer! Nursing means your exposure to estrogen and abnormal cells is lower for the entire period that you are doing it. This is why the duration of breastfeeding is important. The longer you breastfeed, the higher is the cellular protection you receive.

This discovery gives particular comfort to women with a history of breast cancer in the family, genetic mutations or lifestyle risks such as smoking and being overweight. These moms have another very strong reason, apart from their baby’s lifelong immunity and nourishment, to continue breastfeeding for as long as they can.

Cancer can be stubborn and vile. There are many contributing factors that lead to or protect from cancer, especially of the breast. Yes, breastfeeding cannot guarantee that cancer will never strike you. But it will certainly make it less probable – a lot less probable. More and more power to mothers now!

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