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Raha Name Meaning, Origin, Rashi & More

Daughters are God’s gift; their mere presence lights up a sad soul and invokes a happy feeling inside. If you have scrolled through the internet in search of a perfect name for your precious child, try the baby girl’s name, Raha. Raha is an Arabic girl’s name with sweet and divine meanings. The name is currently topping the charts and is worth exploring. Let us help with the detailed analysis of the name Raha, from its meaning and origin to its popularity and sign. 

What Does Raha Means?

Raha is a soulful and quintessentially elegant name that is beginning to become popular after being on descent for a long. The meaning of Raha is ‘divine path.’ very much diverse. You’ll be surprised to know that the name Raha has diverse meanings because of its universality. In Arabic, Raha means ‘peace’, in Swahili, the name means ‘joy’, in Sanskrit, it refers to a clan, and in Bangla, it means ‘comfort’. Raha, in general, also stands for ‘bliss’ and ‘freedom.’ The name certainly resonates with softness when pronounced and is the ultimate baby girl name that should make your shortlist. 


Raha is a feminine given name which stems from Arabic culture. In Arabic, Raha means ‘peace of mind’ and ‘comfort’. The Arabic culture dates back centuries and has a rich history. The fact that the origin of Raha is Arabic makes it special and precious of all. Although Raha is an Arabic girl name, many people of different cultures are also adopting this name globally. 




The name is pronounced as Ra-HAA. 


Raha is a two-syllable cutesy girl’s name consisting Ra and Ha. Two-syllable names are in high demand these days as they are pleasant-sounding and easy to pronounce. 


Raha is a very cute and short name consisting of four letters: R, A, H, A. 


The numerology of this name is 1. People bearing this number usually have strong leadership qualities. They are determined, independent, and have a charismatic aura around them. 

Birth Star (Nakshatra) 

The birth star or Nakshatra of the name Raha is Chitra Nakshatra as per Hindu astrology. 


As per Vedic astrology, the moon sign of the person with the name Raha is Libra (Tula). People bearing this sign are usually friendly and jaunty. Their charismatic quality allows them to connect to people very easily, while their leadership quality helps them strengthen their bond with people. People with the name Raha tend to connect spiritually well, which is beneficial for them in their professional life. Since they are also goal-centred and independent, their opinions and philanthropic works favour society. This quality of theirs puts them in the limelight and helps them influence things and people in the right direction. 

Raha Name Meaning, Origin, Rashi & More
How Popular Is the Name Raha?

According to Google search data analysis, in the last ten years, the name Raha’s popularity was at its peak in November and December 2022. Even though Raha baby name ranking has gone up in the recent times, it is not new. The name stems from Arabic origin and has been in play for several years in Indian and Arabic regions. 

The name Raha has become more popular than it has ever been, all thanks to Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who decided to name their baby girl Raha. Their adaptation of the name Raha has sparked interest in other people and now more, and more people are looking into this name to see if they could also use this name for their little girls. 

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

The name is most searched in Pakistan and India. In India, the name was mostly searched in the northern regions, including Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Bihar, and more. In 2022, Raha was the 6129th most popular girl’s name. 

Middle Names That Go With Raha

If you are looking for a middle name that could pair well with the name Raha, then you are at the perfect place. Raha baby name is short and elegant, which makes it highly flexible to be used with several different middle names. Some of the ideal middle names that could go with this interesting name are: 

Raha Riah 

Initials: R. R. 

Raha Janiss 
Initials: R. J. 

Raha Mykela 

Initials: R.M.  

Raha Khristel 
Initials: R. K. 

Raha Sheylyn 
Initials: R. S. 

Raha Danuta 
Initials: R. D. 

Raha Juhana 
Initials: R. J. 

Raha Ghadir 
Initials: R. G. 

Raha Joanni 
Initials: R. J. 

Raha Sonica 
Initials: R. S. 

Raha Sarahann 
Initials: R. S. 

Raha Premlata 
Initials: R. P. 

Raha Bridges 
Initials: R. B. 

Raha Stefaniane 
Initials: R. S. 

Raha Tomika 
Initials: R. T. 

Raha Larrin 
Initials: R. L. 

Raha Name MeaningFamous People Named Raha

Raha is a well-known unisex name across the world. There are several popular personalities bearing this interesting name. Alia Bhat and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter, has also joined the list of famous celebrities named Raha. Let’s check some of the notable names adorning this and their professions or achievements: 

Celebrity Name 

Profession/Famous For 

Arup Raha 

Arup Raha is a well-known Air Chief Marshal, who served as the 24th Chief of the Air Staff of the Indian Air Force. 

Raha Moharrak 

Raha Moharrak is a famous art director in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Sara Larsson 

Sara Larsson is a soulful voice who is a Swedish-Tanzanian professional singer and songwriter. She is known by her stage name SaRaha. 

Raha Etemadi 

Raha Etemadi is a decorated Iranian Lyricist, Director, Producer, Documentary Director and Host of the Manoto TV channel. 

Similar Names to Raha

It’s okay never to settle! If you are open to exploring other names for your little girls that seem similar to Raha, we would be happy to help. Baby names like Reha or Reya have the potential to rise to fame. Here are some options worth considering: 

Ra  Rae
Rie  Raea 
Riya  Reia 
Reha  Raaya 
Ruh  Ruhi 

Sibling Names Related to Raha

If you are expecting twins or planning an upcoming sibling, you can look for sibling names that go with the name Raha. 

Some sibling sister names for Raha are: 

Rahana  Rahab 
Aagraha  Rahini 
Radha Raeha 
Abraha  Rajisha 
Rabiha  Rahaf 

Some sibling brother names for Raha include: 

Rah  Raahat 
Rahul  Rahula 
Raghav  Rama
Rahaam  Rahula
Agraha Vigraha 

Nicknames for Raha

Can a name be complete without a nickname? We don’t think so. Let’s catch up on some amazing nicknames for Raha that could bring a smile to anyone who hears it.

Rah  Rahi 
Ruhi Rahu 

Raha is a simple yet voguish name with diverse meanings. If you name your little girl, she would love it! 

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