How to Soothe Your Baby With Gripe Water

How to Soothe Your Baby With Gripe Water

For any new parent, nothing is more agonising than hearing the howls of their little one who cries miserably for long periods because of colic or other digestive issues. It’s understandable, as tummy problems can make anyone miserable, more so with little babies who cannot articulate or resolve their discomfort!

How to soothe your baby, stop their crying, and ease their bloated tummies? Sometimes, it feels like you’ve tried everything possible, but nothing is working. Don’t worry! There’s light at the end of the tunnel with the time-tested remedy called gripe water. 

Many parents vouch for gripe water to calm their gassy and fussy babies. But what exactly is gripe water, 
what does it contain, and does it really work? 

Gripe Water 

Gripe water is a mild formulation made specifically for infants. It has been traditionally and primarily used to help relieve the occasional fussiness or stomach ache from gas or colic that infants often experience. The ingredients in gripe water work together to release the gas bubbles formed in the baby’s stomach through a burp or 
flatulence, thus effectively providing the baby with relief.

Now, that’s a convenient and stress-free solution to help your little munchkin, right? Even better if you get your hands on gripe water with an Ayurvedic formulation and no side effects.

Just a few teaspoons of the gripe water (dosage differs according to age) can drive away your baby’s tummy troubles and help them enjoy a good night’s sleep, which means more rest for you too!

Woodward’s Gripe Water uses a unique formulation made with Anethum Graveolans oil (dill seed oil) and Sarjikakshra, which are known to cure tummy problems. Babies love the mildly sweet and refreshing taste of this gripe water and will immediately feel heaps better.

What Is Gripe Water Used For?

Babies often experience gassy and bloated tummies as their internal organs have not fully developed. The discomfort due to this build-up often leads to the little ones crying for increased lengths of time, as they do not have the ability to relieve themselves of the pressure from gas build-up.

Colic is one of the several factors that contribute to this discomfort. Colic is a pattern of intense fussiness and crying in babies for at least three hours daily and three or more times a week.

Also, have you noticed your baby, especially during the initial days, having prolonged hiccups that don’t seem to end? These are caused due to the trapped air when the baby feeds too quickly. Hiccups are uncomfortable for the baby to bear as the abdominal muscles contract rapidly and consistently. 

Using Woodward’s Gripe Water for babies helps to provide immense relief from the air bubble build-up that causes hiccups. Gripe water relaxes the tummy and neutralises the excess acids in the stomach caused due to these gases. This improves digestion, helping the baby burp and thereby providing relief from colic pain.

That’s not all! Gripe water also comes in as a saviour during the dreaded teething phase. Due to excessive crying during teething, babies tend to gulp in a lot of air, leading to painful tummy bloating; Gripe water helps reduce this bloating, thereby providing relief.

How Do You Use Gripe Water to Soothe Your Baby?

Gripe water is to be fed directly to your baby. Do not dilute the solution by adding it to breast milk, formula, or any other medicine or water. Use a dropper or a medicine spoon. 

You can give Gripe Water up to a maximum of three times a day. The dosage will vary based on your baby’s age. Make your baby sit upright and tilt their head a bit. Use a clean medicine dropper, syringe, or a tiny spoon to offer the gripe water to your baby safely. Give your baby time to swallow each drop before administering the next one. Offer gripe water whenever your baby is in distress due to colic, gas, an upset stomach, acidity, or indigestion.

In conclusion, gripe water is a tried and tested way to ease your baby’s stomach troubles. It is a mild, baby-friendly formulation that does wonders to make sure your baby is at ease. It sure offers a win-win situation for both the baby and their parents! So, when you see your baby in discomfort, the first step would be to try to understand what’s causing the discomfort. This will help you spring into action to soothe your baby effectively. Hang in there; you’ve got this!

About the author- Supriya Katiyar is a trusted dietitian expert qualified in child nutrition. She loves to work on both fitness and healthy diet plans and have been in the field for over 3 years. In addition to being a nutrition expertise, her aim is to inform her readers about how personalized, unique diet and fitness plans help more in the long run rather than generalized diets, starvation, and boring workout routines.

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