Playing Hide and Seek Games With Babies

Playing Hide and Seek Games With Babies

Children across ages and all around the world do not seem to tire themselves of playing peekaboo, jack in the box or hide and seek. Besides all those giggles and guffaws this everyday game has a number of physical and mental benefits – even for your little baby!

Playing hide and seek encourages babies to search for hidden objects or people and ultimately the concept of hunter or hunted without being hurt. This traditional game hasn’t lost any of its fun and popularity over the years across countries and generations!

Do not write off this simple diversion game as some nonsensical time pass. The benefits attached to it makes it really worthwhile to invest some precious play time every day in playing hide and seek.

What Hide and Seek Teaches Your Baby

1. Object Permanence

Your baby learns that his disappeared favourite toys or his dearest mother aren’t gone forever. They’ll return miraculously as they still exist even though he can’t see them. These are some early learnings on abstract thinking and memory.

2. Problem Solving Skills

In the process of searching, your baby develops his imagination which in turn tunes his problem solving capacity. He tries to figure out possible ways to hide or find out the hidden.

3. Social Skills

This is a good opportunity to interact and bond with your parents or other playmates which later helps in socialising and working in teams.

4. Physical Health Benefits

Even for very small babies, trying to find out the vanished mommy or a favourite toy might lead him to stretch or push out a bit which improves muscle tone, stamina and overall coordination.

The only downside of this game can be separation anxiety, especially when your baby misses you or his favourite rattle. The cries of your darling may deter you but over time he’ll get adjusted.

If you’re wondering how you can play hide and seek with your baby while he is so little, fret not! Your baby will not be able to actually hide or find you but he can very well understand the proceedings. So, scoot under the blanket and out again or hide behind the curtains and emerge to see the big smile on your little wonder’s face!

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