How to Overcome Guilt of Not Breastfeeding

Not Breastfeeding? Don’t Feel Guilty!

New moms often breastfeed their babies for the first few months after birth. However, if you are unable to produce enough milk, even after long hours of pumping, switch to the bottle without guilt. Bonding with the baby is more important than dwelling on unnecessary guilt.

Right from the time of conception, many women are excited about breastfeeding their babies. But some mothers do not lactate enough or need to resume work soon after delivery. This leads to them not breastfeeding their babies. However, this is perfectly normal and nothing to feel guilty about. Breastfeeding is not the only thing that mothers can do to keep their babies healthy. Non-breastfeeding mothers are no less of a mom!

Formula Feeding Your Baby

Time and again, breast milk has been noted for its antibodies that help fight infections and boost the immune system. However, you’ll be pleased to know that while formula cannot completely mimic this benefit of breast milk, you can easily compensate through vaccination and lifestyle changes. Just ensure that your baby gets all the timely vaccines and maintain good hygiene at home.

If you’re still feeling guilty about formula feeding and worried that it would interfere with your bond with the little one, don’t fret. You can strongly bond with your baby even while you bottlefeed him. Hold your baby close, maintain eye contact and sing him a lullaby. Your angel will feel loved and cared for.

Formula Feeding Your Baby

How to Get Over Your Breastfeeding Guilt

Here are some recommendations to deal with the breastfeeding guilt that most non-breastfeeding mothers face.

  • Remember that not being able to breastfeed your baby does not mean that you are lacking in any way.
  • Stop dwelling on your guilt. This is a negative emotion, and dwelling on it will only worsen the situation.
  • As a new mom, you know it is your responsibility to look after your baby and ensure he is happy. Feeling guilty will affect your ability to bond with your bundle of joy.
  • Remember that your baby needs never-ending love and attention at this tender age – breastfed or not!
  • While you bottlefeed to meet your baby’s nutritional requirements, snuggle him, laugh and play with him.

The thumb rule is to remember that breastfeeding is not the only way to become a good mother. Don’t be bogged down by guilt for no reason as this can deprive you of the chance to connect with your baby. After all, staying calm and happy is the key to enjoying the joys of motherhood.

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