Can Breastfeeding Mothers Take Abortion Pills?

Abortion Pills During Breastfeeding – Side Effects and Safety Tips

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While a new pregnancy is often considered good news, sometimes it may occur during such times when it is least expected; that is, when you are already a breastfeeding mother! For some mothers, it may come as a pleasant surprise, while others may not be very pleased with the prospect of nurturing two small babies at the same time. If you want to let go of an unwanted pregnancy, you may look for options to terminate it. Here, we shall be discussing various aspects related to abortion pills during breastfeeding, side-effects, and various safety tips.

Is It Safe to Take Abortion Pills While Breastfeeding?

Once you make up your mind to terminate your pregnancy by taking abortion pills, you may ask your doctor regarding your options. Some of the factors influencing this may include the age of your baby, the number of feeds per day, your gestational age, etc. After establishing all these factors, your doctor may or may not prescribe you the pills. Most abortion pills come in two combinations – the first pill and the second pill. And a set of five pills are to be taken timely to terminate a pregnancy, but both can transfer to the breast milk. If you are thinking, ‘can I breastfeed if I take the abortion pill?’, well, your doctor may be the best person to guide you regarding the same.

Abortion Pills During Breastfeeding - Side Effects and Safety Tips

Do Abortion Pills Affect Breastfeeding?

For the sheer reason that abortion pills may pass into breast milk, some women may not prefer to opt for this method of ending their pregnancy. The various ingredients found in the abortion pills may affect the health of your baby, by causing diarrhoea and various other health issues. However, if proper care and precaution are exercised after taking these pills, it may help in saving your baby from any kind of side-effects of the pills. In most cases, your doctor may ask you not to feed your baby for at least five hours after taking the pill. The doctor may also ask you to express breast milk before taking the pill and feed your child the expressed breast milk for a few days. In certain cases, women are advised not to breastfeed for a few weeks even. All this may depend on the type of pill taken. However, in India, a woman may not have to stop breastfeeding her baby after taking the pill. But then again it will depend on the type of the pill taken.

Why Breastfeeding Mothers Prefer the Medical Abortion Method

Terminating a pregnancy is a tormenting experience, and it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to go in for the surgical or medical method. Surgical termination can get a bit overwhelming for a mother who is already taking care of a small baby. It may sometimes lead to side effects on the mother’s health, such as extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, loss of appetite etc. It may also lead to depression and stress. Hence, most women may look for a resort which has a lesser risk, and in such cases, abortion pills may be a good option.

The medical pregnancy termination while breastfeeding includes taking pills. Pills also offer a more personal approach to the whole procedure. For a surgical procedure, you may have to undergo immense physical and emotional pain; on the other hand, when it comes to the medical method, you can pop the pill in the comfort of their home (but under medical supervision, of course).

Abortion pills in the comfort of your home

When you take the pill, your uterus may begin contracting, thereby expelling the embryo by causing the abortion. This method is also more economical as compared to the surgical method. Nowadays, with women becoming more tech-savvy and relying on online shopping, the pill can also be shopped online from many online pharmaceutical websites. However, ensure that you take the pill only after taking your gynaecologist’s approval.

Tips to Safely Breastfeed When on Pills for Abortion

If you have taken a pregnancy-ending tablet while breastfeeding, then it becomes mandatory for you to exercise some safety tips to ensure that it may not cause any harm to your baby. Some of our suggestions include the following:

  • Do not breastfeed your baby after taking the pill. It may lead to cause discomfort or various health issues in your child.
  • You must talk to your physician before you plan to breastfeed. Only after your doctor gives you the green signal should you begin breastfeeding your baby.
  • You may have to undergo certain tests to confirm whether or not the pill ingredients may have washed out from your system.
  • Refrain from taking any abortion pill to end an ectopic pregnancy if you are breastfeeding. You may have to undergo the surgical procedure to terminate an ectopic pregnancy while you are nursing your baby.

Side Effects of Abortion Pills While Breastfeeding

If you get pregnant while breastfeeding, you may want to take abortion pills if it’s the case of an unwanted pregnancy. Medical abortion, i.e., taking pills, won’t cause any harm to your baby. However, you may notice certain side effects of taking abortion pills during breastfeeding. Some of the side effects of abortion pills include abdominal pain, severe bleeding, smelly vaginal discharge, and a fever. If you notice any of these signs, you should consult your doctor at the earliest. Furthermore, the pills should be taken only after consulting with a doctor.

It is absolutely fine if you decide not to keep the baby. It is only you and nobody else who may get affected by this decision. Therefore, if you have to make the decision of taking the pill to make sure that it is a well-thought-of and deliberate decision on your part.

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