Lies Mothers Tell Themselves Constantly

Mommy Lies You Tell Yourself Just to Survive!

With parenthood being as difficult as it is at times, there are certain lies that mothers tell themselves to get through it all. These lies forge on. They face life with a little denial. Thanks to their ability of lying to themselves while making things work, they survive!

With everyday pressures concerning home affairs, work, and kids mounting like never before, mommy lies seem the only way out to save that complete breakdown. Hip and cool moms are now finding their way through the maze of parenthood by allowing themselves to live in denial. Rather than sobbing on bathroom floors or getting frustrated, they are telling these little lies to keep the momentum going. Are you among these moms too? Read on for certain lies that mothers don’t mind telling, just to survive.

Lies Mothers Tell Themselves

1. I am so carefree, I don’t care

Oh really? Given half a chance, you’ll probably scoot to the washroom to get that yogurt ridden tee off your self. Much as you portray that you are okay about going through the day with the Wild Kratts theme song playing in your head, you would also like to get some “me-time” for grooming yourself. Just like you did in your hay days….but then, is that possible?

2. These yoga pants look so good on me!

Well, they do, but only when you are on your yoga mat performing those tough postures. The rest of the time, you’re just wearing them because of their high comfort quotient. As you squat on the floor to pick up things, run upstairs when your kiddo wails or keep doing this or that, these stretchable pants help your aching muscles do what they are bid to.

3. My kids are such darlings

They are angels. I was never so well-mannered. Go on if you must, but we know where you are going. Brats at times, your kids are not just having a moment. Things have been this way for quite a few years now. However, it makes sense to take all the chaos and upheavals brought about by parenthood with a smile, and of course, a few lies.

4. TV watching is educational

Try hard as ever, but you cannot stop them from watching back-to-back TV programs. Be it the many episodes of sitcoms or channels that show nothing but cartoons the whole day, they are not science-based enrichment classes that you approve of!

5. I’m going to lose weight Later

This is the most common lie of all and is told by mothers globally. With other things taking centre stage, it’s not easy for mothers to invest time in exercises, aerobics, jogging or other helpful habits that can make them get back into shape. But, who has the guts to commit to this guilt?

Call it procrastination or laziness, it’s a fact that getting involved with kids leaves moms in a disarray. In these situations, they can give up, keep tearing their hair, or just tell lies that comfort them temporarily. Just like you. But then, it’s okay if these simple lies make your life a wee bit lighter and happier!

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