Can We Eat Egg and Milk Together? - Benefits & Side Effects

Having Eggs and Milk Together – Is It a Safe Food Combination?

Breakfast is an important meal and one nutrient that is essential for the first meal of the day is protein. Two of the best sources of protein are eggs and milk. There are, however, certain reservations brought up when it comes to deciding if raw eggs with milk is good or bad for the body. On the other hand, eating an egg omelette with milk or even scrambled eggs with milk is considered to be delicious and extremely healthy. So, is it safe to have eggs and milk together?

Should You Consume Milk with Eggs?

Breakfast is the meal that kickstarts the body after long hours of sleep. A well-planned breakfast with all the nutrients that your body needs to get started for a day is the healthiest way to go about it. While eggs and milk are both excellent options for that, together, it has to be had together in the right form if you want to avail the benefits of these options.

Eggs are consumed in several forms including poached, boiled, scrambled, fried and even half-boiled. Eggs contain choline, albumin, and protein which are essential and very good for the body. Milk, on the other hand, can be taken directly or is pasteurised before consumption. However, both eggs and milk in their raw form have too much protein which the body cannot even process properly. It causes problems with digestion and tends to increases the storage of fat. Thus, cooked eggs with milk in moderate amounts make for a healthy breakfast.

What is the Safest Way to Eat Milk With Eggs?

Certain combinations of food can cause gastric problems, fermentation and indigestion. The combination of raw eggs with milk has disadvantages. In its raw form, an egg can be less palatable, and it can lead to biotin deficiency, bacterial infections or even food poisoning. Consuming eggs in their raw form with milk leads to high cholesterol levels, which is bad for the heart and increases fat deposits.

The body cannot process these two foods together, and so, the best way to consume them is in their cooked form. When cooked, the proteins in egg and milk can directly be used by the body.
Eggs and milk for breakfast

What are the Benefits of Eating Cooked Eggs and Milk Together?

The nutritional content of eggs and milk make them a healthy combination. Here are the benefits of eating eggs and milk together:

  • Eggs contain high amounts of amino acids and are filled with healthy fats. Milk, on the other hand, contains calcium and proteins that are essential for good health. Eggs and milk together are extremely rich in protein, sodium, folate, selenium, and calcium. This gives you a nutritional boost when you start your day with this breakfast combination.
  • This high-protein combination is fantastic for muscle-building.


Below are the answers to some FAQs about eating eggs with milk:

1. Are There Any Side Effects of Having Boiled Eggs with Milk?

While there is no real side effect of eating both boiled eggs and milk together, you’ll have to be careful of the egg and milk itself, i.e., whether they’ve been cooked or boiled thoroughly.

  • If the egg is not thoroughly boiled, it may contain remnants of a bacteria called salmonella which comes from the intestines of chickens. Make sure you boil and cook eggs properly before consumption.
  • There are individuals who can be allergic to the albumin proteins present in egg-whites. It can trigger swelling, diarrhoea, wheezing, vomiting, sneezing coughing and in some rare cases, difficulty in breathing as well.
  • Boiled eggs with milk can also lead to depletion of biotin leading to skin conditions.
  • The combination of milk and boiled egg contains high amounts of protein and so, can be harmful and cause indigestion when consumed in large amounts.

2. Can You Add Milk to Scrambled Eggs?

Adding milk while whisking eggs only dilutes the flavour of the eggs making them colourless and rubbery. When you are preparing scrambled eggs, adding milk is not advisable.

Now that you know eating eggs and milk together is actually nutritious, go ahead and include this combination as part of your breakfast. This will keep your energy levels high until the next meal time.

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