20 Best Birthday Poems for Husband

Beautiful Birthday Poems for Your Husband

Celebrating your husband’s birthday can be made special in various ways. Some like to organize a grand party, and some try to keep it simple by having an intimate dinner. However, a few heartfelt verses for a husband’s birthday from the wife can be very special. The words in these poems are very romantic and intimate, and it helps in expressing yourself even more sweetly than you ordinarily would.

Sweet Happy Birthday Poems for Husband

If you want to break the monotony in the sweet and mushy birthday poems for your husband, you can go for funny birthday poems for husband. It is an unexpected twist that your husband would not expect, but it can still be made special. You can select a poem that reflects the funny moments you have shared with your husband. That would make the poem all the more special to him. Sweet happy birthday poems for husband can turn out to be extremely endearing and can turn out to be the highlight of your husband’s birthday celebrations! Give it a try, and you sure will see the magic that it spills on such a special occasion, with such a special tribute.

1. So Much to Say on Your Birthday

There is so much

I want to tell you today

My heart is overflowing

With things, I want to say

There is an abundance

Of feelings, I want to convey

Maybe I’ll tell you over

A romantic glass of cabernet

Happy birthday!

2. To Eternity & Beyond

When I married you, I was a little scared… of what the future would hold for both of us,

Of what would be the destiny of our relationship?

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself,

Stop being silly; you just struck gold!

You have a heart of gold, honey. I am too lucky to have found you.

Happy birthday, keep glittering.

3. Rockstar by Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!

You think you’re a rock star,

Singing songs forever sung,

You move like Mick Jagger,

But sound like William Hung.

You want to be famous,

With your name up in lights,

You could end up a star,

One karaoke night.

4. For a Birthday by Thom Gunn

I have reached a time when words no longer


Instead of guiding me across the moors

Strong landmarks in the uncertain out-of-doors,

Or like dependable friars on the Alp

Saving with wisdom and with brandy kegs,

They are gravel-stones or tiny dogs that yelp

Biting my trousers, running around my legs.

Description and analysis degrade,

Limit, delay, slipped land from what has been;

And when we groan, my darling, what we mean

Looked at more closely would too soon evade

The intellectual habit of our eyes;

And either the experience would fade

Or our approximations would be lies.

The snarling dogs are weight upon my haste,

Tons which I am detaching ounce by ounce.

All my agnostic irony I renounce

So I may climb to regions where I rest

In springs of speech, the dark before of truth:

The sweet moist wafer of your tongue I taste,

And find the right meanings in your silent mouth.

5. A Birthday Sonnet for My Love by Joanna Fuchs

Another year has passed for you, sweetheart;

It’s time to cut the cake and celebrate.

And once again, my love, I start to think

Of things about you I appreciate.

It means so much to have you in my life;

Your loving care fills up my days with pleasure.

Your warm and giving nature helps create

Close, special times together that I treasure.

I live within a safe and steady world,

Because you love me unconditionally.

Your easy-going ways mean that I’m blessed

With peace and joy and blissful harmony.

To me your birthday is a precious day;

I hope it brings you joy in every way.

6. Infinite Love

My love for you has never known any bounds,

These wings of adoration have known no grounds,

Secured in your love, I am always flying high,

I love you more n’ more, each day, as time goes by

Happy Birthday, to the love of my life…

7. Another Birthday Together by Karl & Joanna Fuchs

Your birthday marks another year together;

Such happy times, I couldn’t ask for more,

Spending precious minutes, hours, and days

With you, my love, whom I cherish and adore.

We’ve shared so much, we two, in love and friendship;

Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow.

I always want to be right next to you;

To be with you means more than you can know.

You’re always there for me with a loving smile;

I’m never happier than when I know you’re near.

I thought my love for you could not grow stronger;

And yet I love you, even more, this year.

8. Sealed in My heart

Happy birthday to my passionate,

and ever-loving soulmate.

You have bewitched my heart,

from the very first day.

Whereas no other, handsome or smart,

could win me in any way.

Was it your eyes,

that rooted me to your soul?

Or was it your voice,

that makes me alive and whole?

Perhaps it’s everything about you,

that makes me feel the way I do!

Happy birthday once again my husband!

9. Desired

Handsome, charming, and hot

Is my hubby who I love a lot

Cool, smart and carefree

Is my husband with whom I want to be

Desirable, stylish, and attractive

Is my husband with whom I love to live

Perfect, ideal, and flawless

Is my husband, the reason for my happiness

Happy birthday, darling!

10. Remembrance

Happy birthday, darling,

I fondly remember the day we met

And our love has not seen a dip as yet

I pray to God for keeping it alive

For you are the reason I took a dive

Into a relationship of bond and trust

Happy birthday, hubby, you are the best!

Sweet Happy Birthday Poems for Husband

11. Best of the Best

The best husband in the world

Deserves an extraordinary treat

A boring party is not enough

For a husband so sweet

The most amazing man in the world

Deserves a beautiful evening

So let’s pop the champagne

It’s time to start celebrating

Happy birthday

12. One and Only

Happy birthday to the best husband,

in the whole wide world,

and I would never trade you,

for any amount of silver or gold.

Still, my heart does the flip-flops,

whenever I look at you,

and I will love you for an eternity,

just like you love me too.

May this day shower you

with abundant happiness!

13. Wishing Him the Best of Life

If there were an award

If there were an award that I would reserve for you alone,

It would be for being the world’s best husband

Because you have had my back and guided me all through

And you have always been there to look out for me

Dear husband today, I wish you do well

Your dreams are the place I’d like to dwell

You bring lots of happiness to my life,

You are my only way

And on your birthday all I want to say is

You’ll always be the best!

Happy Birthday to you

Have a smiling life all along!

14. To Tell Him He Is Your Stars and Sparkles

As I saw your eyes sparkle,

even the shiniest stars paled in comparison

As you smiled your radiant smile

The rays of sunshine became brighter forever

As your sweet voice touched my ears,

even the songs became more melodious

And your velvet-like skin

was smoother than the finest silk I knew

And darling in comparison to our precious love

every other romantic story falls short.

Happy Birthday, dear husband!

15. Living Life Without You

Would be a real feat

Without you, my existence

Would be incomplete

The reason for my smile

The cause of all my joy

Is none other than you

My charming birthday boy

Happy birthday

16. To Cherish Your Bond

Sometimes words do not suffice

for me to say

You mean the world to me in every way

You make my life complete

And without you my strength

tends to deplete

And on your birthday

I am trying to make it special in every way

If I have to do this again

it will definitely be you

My life has had so much gain

From the moment I married you

Happy Birthday, dear husband!

17. To Have and to Hold by Joanna Fuchs

Holding your hand warms my heart.

Kissing your lips ignites my soul.

Making a promise, never to depart,

I rely on you, to make me whole.

Another year, and another birthday,

an additional candle lights up the cake.

Need not to count those candles today,

So just enjoy the glow they make!

May this birthday be the best day of your life!

Happy Birthday, My Love!

On Your Birthday

On your birthday, I am so very happy

to have shared life with you another year,

basking in the special light of your love.

May your birthday be filled

with joy, satisfaction,

and the kind of amazing happiness

I feel whenever I’m with you.

18. King of Hearts

I am not Royalty

; but you do make me feel like the Queen, of your heart.

Thanks for making me feel so desired, so special, and loved.

Happy Birthday to the Incontestable King of my Heart.

19. Forever Young

Your birthdays are not scary

You are always gonna be young at heart

Happy Birthday to my Forever young husband.

20. More Than Enough

I couldn’t ask for

Anything more

You’ve already laid out

Every joy at my door

I couldn’t seek anything

Other than this

You have already

Made my life full of bliss

Thanks for being a husband

So perfect in every way

I wish that you have

The most fantastic birthday

Thus you can choose from any of these 20 poems, whichever strikes a chord with you. They are all different from another, with varying lengths of feelings incorporated into the words. How you feel for your husband and how you want to express it on his birthday is up to you. These beautiful birthday poems for your husband is just a way of making it more special and expressing it a bit more creatively. The words in these birthday poems are extremely heartfelt and written with a lot of love and passion. It is the love for a husband that a wife beholds and wants to share on his big day. It is meant to make the person whose birthday it is to feel loved and wanted. What better way to select a beautiful birthday poem for your husband and strengthen the bond of love even more on such a special day?

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