25 First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

25 First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Anniversaries are way more special than they are assumed to be. People often choose to celebrate bigger milestones in their married life, such as their 25th and 50th anniversary. But couples should appreciate every day they spend with their loved ones. Your first marriage anniversary should be as special as any bigger milestone. You should be celebrating it and making your spouse feel loved and valued. But how can you do this? Well, the simplest way to celebrate the first anniversary is to get a precious gift for the love of your life. 

However, it is never easy to make the right choice when getting a gift for your first anniversary. But a little bit of guidance can always help, and we are here for that!

What Is the Traditional First Anniversary Gift?

The right gift for the first anniversary is paper as per the tradition. While the paper itself might not seem to be very exciting as a gift, you can incorporate the theme of the paper and make your gift interesting. But why should the paper be the first traditional first-anniversary gift? Well, there is a reason behind that. 

Paper signifies the blank canvas as you start a new married life. You and your spouse are responsible for filling this blank paper and making it the way you wish.

There are other traditional symbolic gifts as well. Gold is the traditional metal for your first-anniversary gift, and the right colors for your traditional first anniversary are yellow and gold. Flowers are also the right gift for the first year of your married life. If you wonder about the modern gift ideas for your better half, you can gift him a clock. 

Best First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Partner

We are really glad that you have officially made it. There could not be a bigger occasion to celebrate. However, it cannot be easy to make the right choice with several options available. Even if you can choose between traditional first anniversary gifts and modern first anniversary gifts, it would be complicated to decide which traditional or modern gift shall be right for your loved one. We have listed down 25 great gift ideas for couples to make it easier for you. 

With the right anniversary gift, you shall be able to express your love, care, and gratitude better. 

Paper Gifts for First Anniversary 

On the first anniversary, traditional paper gifts for your partner will signify your will to spend your entire life with them. The paper might seem ordinary, but gifts from paper can be extraordinary. It can be romance inflicting and as unique and expressive as your emotions for them. The best way to make any gift made from any material special is to get them personalized. The following are some interesting paper gift ideas that you can use and make your bond stronger:

1. Personalized Paper Weight 

This gift idea is not made up of paper, yet it helps a lot while managing papers. Get a customized paperweight for your partner where you can print a photo of you two smiling or the way you guys met. This will help you keep the spark alive; your partner will think of you even when dealing with papers. 

2. Photo Art Print 

It is always a good idea to have a glimpse at your old photos and the good memories you created with your spouse during your wedding or your honeymoon in the past year. Suppose you have good photos of yourself and your partner. In that case, you can get those beautiful photos printed and live those memories again—an amazing paper gift idea for celebrating your 1st anniversary. 

3. Paper Flowers 

Flowers can signify love and affection for your partner, but why give something to your partner which will lose its charm and beauty in 3-4 days. The alternative of real flowers can be paper flowers, beautifully made for gifting to your partner. You can choose from a wide range of designs to gift the best to the best person in your life. 

4. Customized Napkins 

If you have already thought of a great gift for your partner but wish to add the pinch of tradition, you can get customized napkins. Napkins with the initials of the pair’s name will make an ideal paper anniversary gift. 

5. Personalized Journal 

How about getting a gift that solely belongs to you two? A personalized journal with names, photographs, and important memories of your married life will be very sweet and overwhelming for your partner. 

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband 

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

1. Personalized Pen Holder  

Gift a personalized pen holder to your husband, who loves to work at his table; it will make him remember your presence every time he takes a glimpse at it. 

2. Customized Phone Case 

If you think your husband is on the phone every time, gift him a customized phone case with a photo of yourself and him printed on it, he won’t only be happy but will love it. 

3. Smart Watch 

Smartwatches have become a trend in the gift segment nowadays. Gift him a smartwatch that facilitates multiple benefits to him. He will love to wear it everywhere and flex your gift. 

4. Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are small accessories that can be added to a man’s attire, yet it adds a premium look to the personality. You can gift classy cufflinks to your husband to make their outfit look perfect. 

5. Dapper Decanter 

Does he love whisky? How about appreciating things he loves? You can get him an inscribed decanter set and make him feel loved. 

6. A Personalized Frame 

A personalized frame that he could keep in his office would make an ideal first-anniversary gift. 

7. Luggage Tag 

Does he travel quite frequently? A personalized luggage tag would be a perfect first wedding anniversary gift for the husband. 

8. Retro Pocket Watch 

Pocket watches look fascinating, gift him one on your 1st anniversary, and he will praise your choice. Help him in adding a classic look to his personality. 

9. Classic Hourglass 

Your dear husband can use the classic hourglass in his office. To make it even better, you may get it inscribed. 

10. Wine Box 

Wish to get thoughtful gifts for him? Something that he could use and show off in front of his besties? Nothing could be better than a wine box!

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife 

1. Customized Candles 

Wives love romantic gestures. Customized candles with her favorite ingredients and essence will surely win her heart. 

2. Engraved Lockets 

When you think about gifts for her, jewelry must be there on the list. A locket with your or her name engraved on her would make her feel special. 

3. Gold Watch 

If you wish to mix the traditional theme with a modern one, you can get a gold watch for your better half. Gold is a timeless metal; it would never fail to make anyone happy. 

4. Custom Jewelry Box 

As we have already mentioned, women love pieces of jewelry. However, if you feel your wife already has several pieces, then you can get a customized jewelry box for her. Thoughtful, right?

5. Paper Crane Earrings 

Do you wish the gift to be traditionally appropriate and interesting at the same time? How about choosing something like Paper Crane earrings with a paper theme, but it is much more than paper. 

6. Photo Book 

Women like it better when the gifts are thoughtful instead of expensive. A photo book that consists of special and important moments shared by you two would be heart-touching for you. 

7. Rose Gold Watch

Females love the Rose Gold. If you wish to gift her something useful and thoughtful at the same time, a Rose gold watch would be the best option. 

8. Golden Hoops 

Sticking to the tradition, yet making it to her heart. Yes, that’s what you can do by gifting her classic, timeless Golden Hoops. 

9. Plush Robe 

Does she love luxury? How about gifting her a super comfy robe to make her feel special. To make it even better, you may get the robe personalized. 

10. Interlock Necklace

You must have already noticed that your wife wishes to be everywhere with you. She needs to make sure that you do not forget about her. By gifting her an interlocking necklace, you will make her feel that you also wish to be there with her all the time. 

Finding the best first-anniversary gift for your partner can be overwhelming and hectic, but if you know what they want, you won’t face any issues while choosing something meaningful. Hopefully, this article will give you some great ideas for gifts that you can get for your dearest person. 

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