List Of Christmas Words That Start With E

List Of Christmas Words That Start With E

The holiday season is a magical time, especially for the little ones. As we approach Christmas, the air is filled with excitement and wonder, and what better way to celebrate this festive time than by exploring a list of Christmas words that start with E, perfect for preschoolers and kids? These words not only enhance kids’ vocabulary but also help them embrace the joy and warmth of the season.

In this article, we’ll take you on a delightful journey through a selection of words that start with the letter E, all related to Christmas. From traditional holiday terms to whimsical expressions, we’ve got a treasure trove of vocabulary to share. So, let’s dive into the world of “xmas words beginning with e for preschoolers and kids” and discover the beauty of language and the holiday spirit hand in hand.

Popular Christmas Words Beginning With E and Their Meanings

The letter E in Christmas brings forth a collection of enchanting words that contribute to the festive charm. Let’s explore these “xmas words beginning with E” and uncover their meanings to add a touch of holiday magic to your vocabulary.

1. Eggnog

Meaning: Eggnog is a creamy, sweetened beverage made with eggs, milk, and spices, often served during the Christmas season. It’s a delicious and indulgent treat that warms the heart and brings comfort to gatherings.

Example: “Every Christmas, our family gathers around the fireplace to sip on delicious homemade eggnog, a tradition we cherish.”

2 Evergreen

Meaning: Evergreen refers to trees and plants that retain their green leaves or needles throughout the year, even during the winter months. These trees, like pines and firs, symbolize hope and the continuity of life during the holiday season.

Example: “Decorating our evergreen Christmas tree with ornaments and lights is a cherished family activity that marks the beginning of the holiday season.”

3. Embellish

Meaning: To embellish means to decorate or enhance something with intricate or ornamental details. During Christmas, people often embellish their homes, trees, and gifts to create a festive and inviting atmosphere.

Example: “Jenny used her artistic skills to embellish handmade Christmas cards with glitter and ribbons, adding a personal touch to each one.”

4. Elf

Meaning: Elves are mythical creatures from folklore known for their association with Santa Claus. In Christmas lore, they are Santa’s helpers who assist in making toys for children and maintaining the North Pole workshop.

Example: “Children around the world believe that Santa’s elves work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure every wish list is fulfilled on Christmas Eve.”

5. Exchange

Meaning: To exchange gifts is a cherished Christmas tradition where family and friends give and receive presents as an expression of love and goodwill. This act of giving brings joy and strengthens bonds.

Example: “Our family’s Christmas morning begins with the joyous exchange of gifts, laughter, and heartfelt hugs.”

6. Excitement

Meaning: Excitement is the feeling of enthusiasm and anticipation that fills the air during the holiday season. It’s a sense of wonder and joy that accompanies the countdown to Christmas.

Example: “The children’s faces lit up with excitement as they watched the first snowfall of the season, knowing that Christmas was just around the corner.”

7. Enchantment

Meaning: Enchantment refers to the magical and captivating quality of Christmas. It’s the feeling of being spellbound by the beauty of holiday lights, decorations, and the spirit of giving.

Example: “The town square was transformed into a place of enchantment, with sparkling lights, carolers, and a towering Christmas tree.”

8. Eve

Meaning: Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas Day, marked by anticipation and preparation for the arrival of Santa Claus. It’s a time for family gatherings and setting out milk and cookies for Santa.

Example: “On Christmas Eve, our family attends a candlelight service at the church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.”

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9. Embrace

Meaning: To embrace during Christmas signifies a warm and affectionate hug or gesture of love shared among family and friends. It’s a way of showing care and appreciation during the holiday season.

Example: “As the snow fell gently outside, we gathered around the fireplace to exchange gifts and embrace one another in the spirit of love.”

10. Epiphany

Meaning: Epiphany, also known as Three Kings’ Day, falls on January 6th and marks the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus. It signifies the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God.

Example: “In some cultures, Epiphany is celebrated with a special cake called King’s Cake, and the person who finds a hidden figurine inside is considered blessed.”

11. Exuberance

Meaning: Exuberance is a state of overflowing joy and excitement, often seen in children as they eagerly await the arrival of Christmas morning and the opening of presents.

Example: “The children’s exuberance was infectious, filling the house with laughter and boundless energy on Christmas Day.”

12. Exchange Student

Meaning: An exchange student is someone who temporarily lives in another country as part of an educational program. Christmas is a unique time for exchange students to experience different holiday traditions.

Example: “Our family welcomed an exchange student from France during the holidays, and she was fascinated by our Christmas traditions.”

13. Epistle

Meaning: An epistle is a formal or literary letter. During Christmas, the term is often used to refer to the biblical letters, such as the Epistle of St. Paul, which are read in churches.

Example: “The Christmas service included the reading of an epistle that conveyed the message of hope and goodwill.”

14. Everlasting

Meaning: Everlasting means something that lasts forever or is eternal. It’s a concept often associated with the love and blessings shared during the Christmas season.

Example: “The bond of friendship forged during Christmas seemed everlasting, as friends continued to cherish their memories year after year.”

15. Excursion

Meaning: An excursion is a short journey or trip. During the holiday season, families often plan excursions to visit Christmas markets, festivals, and light displays.

Example: “Our family took an exciting excursion to the nearby town to experience their enchanting Christmas market.”

16. Evening

Meaning: Evening is the time of day when the sun sets and darkness begins to fall. Christmas evenings are often cozy and filled with the warmth of family gatherings.

Example: “On Christmas evening, we sat by the fireplace, sipped hot cocoa, and shared stories of holidays past.”

17. Earthly Delights

Meaning: Earthly delights refer to the pleasures and joys of the material world, such as the delicious food, gifts, and festivities enjoyed during the Christmas season.

Example: “Christmas is a time for indulging in earthly delights like sumptuous feasts and sweet treats.”

18. Emotion

Meaning: Emotion refers to the strong feelings and sentiments that Christmas evokes, including love, happiness, nostalgia, and gratitude.

Example: “The emotion in the room was palpable as families reunited and celebrated the holiday together.”

19. Enlightenment

Meaning: Enlightenment signifies the process of gaining knowledge, insight, or wisdom. Christmas can be a time of enlightenment as people reflect on the true meaning of the season.

Example: “The simple act of giving can lead to profound enlightenment about the importance of generosity and compassion.”

20. Expectation

Meaning: Expectation is the sense of anticipation and hope for something to come. Children often have high expectations for Christmas gifts from Santa Claus.

Example: “The children’s faces were filled with expectation as they left out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve.”

21. Elfish

Meaning: Elfish describes something that is mischievously playful or reminiscent of the characteristics of elves. It’s a term often used to describe the spirit of fun during the Christmas season.

Example: “The children’s elfish laughter filled the house as they played games and shared holiday stories.”

22. Excess

Meaning: Excess refers to an abundance or surplus of something. During Christmas, it’s common to indulge in excess when it comes to delicious food, decorations, and gift-giving.

Example: “The table was adorned with an excess of holiday dishes, including roast turkey, stuffing, and an array of desserts.”

23. Expression

Meaning: Expression is the act of conveying thoughts, feelings, or ideas. Christmas is a time when people exchange heartfelt expressions of love and gratitude.

Example: “A warm hug and a sincere expression of thanks brought tears of joy to her eyes on Christmas morning.”

24. Excelsior

Meaning: Excelsior is a Latin word that means “higher” or “ever upward.” It’s often used as an expression of encouragement and aspiration, emphasizing the pursuit of excellence.

Example: “As we decorated the Christmas tree, we embraced the motto “Excelsior” and aimed for the highest level of beauty and perfection.”

25. Enjoyment

Meaning: Enjoyment is the state of experiencing pleasure and happiness. Christmas is a time for sharing enjoyment through festive activities, music, and gatherings.

Example: “The children’s enjoyment was evident as they sang carols and decorated gingerbread houses.”

26. Everlasting Joy

Meaning: Everlasting joy signifies a profound and enduring sense of happiness that extends beyond the holiday season, emphasizing the lasting impact of cherished memories.

Example: “The memories created during Christmas gatherings brought everlasting joy to our hearts.”

27. Exchange Rate

Meaning: The exchange rate refers to the value at which one currency can be exchanged for another. It becomes relevant during the holiday season when travelers exchange currency for vacations.

Example: “Checking the exchange rate is essential before planning an overseas Christmas vacation.”

28. Effort

Meaning: Effort signifies the energy and dedication put into achieving a goal. During Christmas, people put in considerable effort to create a memorable and festive atmosphere.

Example: “The meticulous effort put into decorating the house made it a Christmas wonderland.”

29. Elf Workshop

Meaning: An elf workshop is a mythical place at the North Pole where Santa’s elves craft toys for children. It’s a whimsical concept that adds to the magic of Christmas.

Example: “Children love imagining the bustling elf workshop where toys are created for Christmas.”

30. Evening Prayer

Meaning: Evening prayer is a spiritual practice where individuals offer prayers and reflections before bedtime. During Christmas, it’s a time for gratitude and reflection on the season’s blessings.

Example: “We gathered for an evening prayer, thanking God for the gift of family and the joy of Christmas.”

31. Effervescent

Meaning: Effervescent describes something bubbly, lively, and full of enthusiasm. During Christmas, the atmosphere is often effervescent with the excitement of the season.

Example: “The children’s laughter and joy made the room feel effervescent with the holiday spirit.”

32. Exquisite

Meaning: Exquisite refers to something exceptionally beautiful, elegant, or finely crafted. It’s a term often used to describe the intricate ornaments and decorations during Christmas.

Example: “The Christmas table was set with exquisite china and crystal glassware, creating a breathtaking display.”

33. Expectant

Meaning: Expectant means having an eager anticipation or waiting for something exciting to happen. Children are often expectant on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.

Example: “The children’s faces were filled with expectant wonder as they hung stockings by the fireplace.”

34. Edible Treats

Meaning: Edible treats are delicious snacks and sweets enjoyed during the holiday season. From gingerbread cookies to candy canes, these treats are a Christmas tradition.

Example: “The kitchen was filled with the aroma of freshly baked edible treats, tempting everyone to indulge.”

35. Ever-Burning

Meaning: Ever-burning signifies something that never extinguishes or remains constant. During Christmas, the love and warmth shared among family and friends can feel ever-burning.

Example: “The ever-burning candle symbolizes the enduring love between two people, even during the holiday season.”

36. Exhilaration

Meaning: Exhilaration is a feeling of extreme joy and excitement. It’s often experienced during Christmas when people come together to celebrate and exchange gifts.

Example: “The exhilaration of opening presents on Christmas morning filled the room with laughter and happiness.”

37. Exchange of Vows

Meaning: An exchange of vows is a significant part of a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom promise their commitment and love to each other. Some couples choose to marry during the Christmas season.

Example: “They celebrated their love with an intimate exchange of vows in a beautifully decorated Christmas chapel.”

38. Essence

Meaning: Essence refers to the core nature or quality of something. The essence of Christmas is about love, giving, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Example: “The essence of Christmas lies in the simple act of sharing and caring for one another.”

39. Endearment

Meaning: Endearment is an expression of affection or fondness. During Christmas, people often exchange heartfelt endearments as they celebrate their love for one another.

Example: “Their exchange of endearments and loving glances made their Christmas celebration truly special.”

40. Ever-Changing

Meaning: Ever-changing refers to something that is constantly evolving or adapting. During Christmas, traditions and celebrations may be ever-changing to accommodate new family members or circumstances.

Example: “Our ever-changing Christmas traditions reflect the growth and evolution of our family over the years.”

41. Extravaganza

Meaning: An extravaganza is a spectacular and elaborate show or event. During Christmas, some cities host extravagant light displays and parades to celebrate the holiday season.

Example: “The city’s Christmas parade was a dazzling extravaganza of lights, music, and colorful floats.”

42. Enchanted Forest

Meaning: An enchanted forest is a mythical and magical place often depicted in Christmas stories and decorations. It’s a symbol of the wonder and enchantment of the holiday season.

Example: “The children’s eyes sparkled with delight as they entered the enchanted forest of twinkling Christmas lights.”

43. Elusive

Meaning: Elusive describes something that is difficult to capture or achieve. The spirit of Christmas can sometimes feel elusive, but it’s often found in the small moments of joy and kindness.

Example: “The perfect Christmas photo of the children playing in the snow proved elusive, but the candid shots captured their genuine happiness.”

44. Emigrant

Meaning: An emigrant is someone who leaves their home country to settle in another. Some families reunite with emigrant relatives during Christmas, making it a special time of togetherness.

Example: “Christmas was a joyous occasion as we welcomed our emigrant cousins back home for the holidays.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter E

Engaging your child in fun activities is a fantastic way to introduce them to the world of language and vocabulary. In this section, we’ll explore creative and educational activities that will not only keep your child entertained but also help them learn “Christmas words starting with the letter E” and “Christmas words that begin with the letter E.” These activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and memorable for your little ones.

1. E is for Elf Coloring:

Give your child coloring sheets featuring adorable Christmas elves. Encourage them to color the elves and their surroundings while you talk about the role of elves in holiday traditions. This activity not only enhances their vocabulary but also improves fine motor skills.

2. Evergreen Hunt:

Take a nature walk with your child and look for evergreen trees such as pines and firs. Explain that these trees are symbols of hope during Christmas. Encourage your child to collect fallen evergreen leaves or needles and create a mini nature journal to remember the adventure.

3. Embrace the Story:

Read a Christmas storybook together, focusing on words that start with E, like “Elf,” “Embellish,” or “Excitement.” Ask your child questions about the story and the words they encounter, encouraging discussion and comprehension.

4. Elf on the Shelf Adventures:

If you have an Elf on the Shelf, involve your child in moving the elf to different spots each day. This interactive game allows your child to learn new words related to the elf’s mischievous adventures. Discuss the elf’s activities and vocabulary as you go along.

5. Exciting Holiday Baking:

Engage your child in holiday baking and use this opportunity to introduce them to “eggnog” and “edible treats.” Let them help you in the kitchen, measuring ingredients and decorating cookies. Talk about the significance of these treats during Christmas.


1. What are some Christmas words that start with the letter E that are suitable for young children?

Some child-friendly Christmas words starting with E include “Elf,” “Evergreen,” and “Excitement.” These words are easy for young learners to grasp and are associated with the joyous holiday season.

2. How can I help my child remember Christmas words with the letter E?

To help your child remember these words, engage in interactive activities like coloring elves, going on an evergreen hunt, or reading Christmas stories. Repetition and discussion during these activities will reinforce their vocabulary.

3. Are there any educational benefits to teaching Christmas words that begin with E?

Yes, teaching Christmas words starting with E has several educational benefits. It enhances your child’s vocabulary, improves their language skills, and fosters a love for learning in a fun and festive way, making the holiday season both enjoyable and educational.

In conclusion, exploring the world of “Christmas words that start with the letter E” not only adds a touch of enchantment to the holiday season but also provides valuable opportunities for learning and bonding with loved ones. From the elegance of evergreen trees to the excitement of exchanging gifts, these words capture the essence of Christmas in a warm and personal way. As you embark on your holiday festivities, may these words and activities bring joy, laughter, and a deeper appreciation for the magic of Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy learning!

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