Is Using Microwave during Pregnancy Safe?

A woman using a microwave

Microwave has simplified a woman’s life and now it is found in almost every house. It is convenient to use and most importantly it saves time. But can a pregnant woman use it? Can a microwave affect your baby’s life? So, as a new mommy-to-be you need to gather all the correct information about the microwave and its effects on your child because prevention is always better than cure.

Can a Pregnant Woman Use a Microwave?

Certain research conducted on the usage of the microwave by pregnant women has laid down the following facts:

  • Radiation emitted from a microwave cannot be detected with naked eyes as it is odourless and invisible.
  • It is better to avoid using a microwave if the doors do not lock or are damaged.
  • Microwaves that have been in use for more than 2 years are believed to have a higher leakage as compared to the newer models.
  • A microwave that is leaking, its radiation can be harmful to a pregnant woman, as the waves can reach up to 12 cm and the pregnant woman standing very close to the microwave is exposed to the harmful waves.
  • Leakages from microwave are bound to happen if the doors are broken or damaged.
  • Microwave radiations during pregnancy can lead to some dangerous effects like miscarriage, a malnourished child at birth, cell death and even infertility.
  • There is a high chance of delivering a baby infected with asthma if the mother is exposed to electromagnetic fields during pregnancy.

Tips for Using a Microwave Safely While Pregnant

It is advisable to use a microwave by following all the safety standards which are mentioned below:

  • Ensure that your microwave is safe to use and does not leak.
  • It is recommended that you place the food bowl inside the microwave, set the temperatures and walk away till it’s done. This practice will keep you away from the electromagnetic fields.
  • If you have purchased a new microwave wait for the technician to come home and explain the workings with a demonstration.
  • Whether you are a regular user or a new one, you must read all the instructions in the manual carefully before operating the oven.
  • Avoid using a microwave for too long and overheating the food in a microwave.
  • If you have been using a microwave for long, then it is better to purchase a new one. Since older models have more chances of leakages.
  • While purchasing a microwave look for the BIS accreditation or ISI mark.
  • Heat the food in microwave-safe bowls and avoid heating it in plastic bowls as it might get mixed with the food you consume.
  • Always wear the gloves while inserting or removing the food trays from the microwave.
  • Ensure that you stay a good distance away while lifting the lids from the cooked dishes in order to avoid steam burns.

Can You Eat Microwaved Food When Pregnant?

You can eat microwave-cooked food but it should not be overheated. When the food is cooked in the microwave, its molecular form or structure is not altered. Therefore, it can be concluded that the food is not contaminated. Also, until now none of the studies has concluded that the nutritional value of the food goes down by cooking it in the microwave. On the contrary, it is believed that microwave cooking retains many nutrients and minerals in the food than our conventional way of cooking. You would have witnessed that many times, the food in the microwave gets heated unevenly and gets extremely hot at times. So, ensure that the food cools down and reaches room temperature before you consume it.

Microwave, when used correctly, will not pose any threat to you or the baby inside you. Also, microwaves are believed to emit very fewer radiations according to the FDA reports. So, it’s safe to use a microwave with proper care and precautions.

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