Is Flash Photography Safe for Baby’s Eyes?

Technology today has made things much easier than before. With the advent of new gadgets, clicking a picture of your newborn’s first moments is just a matter of a few seconds. As a parent, it is quite obvious that you would like to capture your baby’s pictures to create memories and cherish them for a lifetime. But the question that arises in this context is that: is flash photography safe for baby’s eyes? Well, it is a frequently asked question, but no the truth is that there is almost no effect of camera flash on a baby.

Do Camera Flashes Affect Baby’s Eyes

There has been a lot of debate over the years about the effect of camera flash on the newborn baby. Many people are of the opinion that a new born’s organs are extremely sensitive to powerful sources of light. So, exposure to such a strong source of light as a flash can cause damage to their eyesight. However extensive studies have been done on this topic, and it has been observed that camera flashes do not affect the baby in any way. Just like other sources of light such as the tube light or direct sunlight, it might dazzle the baby’s eyes for a few seconds. But this does not harm the baby’s eyesight in any way.

However, a flashlight should not be used to capture a baby’s picture in a completely dark room or in low-light conditions. This is because it creates a lightning effect due to which one loses his eyesight completely for a few seconds, as it stresses the retina. However, this is not something characteristic of babies only. Adults too can equally be affected by a flashlight in a completely dark room.

Doctors are of the opinion that the use of flashlight while clicking pictures of a newborn can, in fact, help detect vision problems in a baby. The flash leads to a “red-eye effect” in a picture: where a person with perfectly centred eyes will have red spots in place of the cornea of the eye when clicked. This happens for a newborn too, and if it is found that this red-eye effect on one eye is brighter than the other, this would need immediate medical attention.

Is It Possible that a Baby go Blind from Camera Flash

It has often been reported that the flashlight from a camera can blind a new born’s eyes. But many types of research have been conducted on this issue. Doctors have come to the conclusion that there is no harmful relation between a camera flash and babies. So, using camera flash on babies will not cause any damage to their eyesight at all, let alone blinding them.

Baby and mother being clicked

A frightening story had once been circulated about a family in China reported that something was wrong with their baby’s eyes as soon as his picture was clicked. This news article which claimed that a 3 months old child was blinded by the flash of a camera was challenged by Dr Alex Levin. He was the chief paediatric ophthalmologist as well as an ocular geneticist at Philadelphia’s Will’s Eye Hospital. According to him, the child must have been blinded from before as a flashlight cannot blind a baby. In fact, even in the medical operations performed, a strong source of light is being exposed to, so, obviously, that does not affect the vision.

Things You Should Know to Prevent Harming Your Baby’s Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important organs of the body, and your new born’s eyes are extremely sensitive. Therefore, as a parent, you have to ensure that they are protected against any kind of damage from external sources. Hence, you should keep the following things in mind to prevent hurting your baby’s eyes:

  • Avoid Rubbing Eyes: Make sure your baby does not rub his or her eyes too much. Since a baby is too small to understand what might cause permanent damage, it is better to prevent him or her to rub eyes off and on.
  • Keep Away from Sharp Objects: Make sure your child is kept away from sharp objects. Getting hurt in the eyes with a sharp object can damage the retina leading to serious and cause irreparable damage.
  • Examine the Symptoms: If you notice some abnormality in your child’s eyes, do not neglect it. Symptoms of injury or infection include redness in the eye, excessive and uncontrollable tears or even irritation in the eyes. If you think they are more than usual, make sure you visit a doctor.

There has been a lot of debates and discussions about whether the camera flash can damage a baby’s eyesight. However, it can safely be concluded that clicking pictures of newborns under normal circumstances do not affect their vision in any way.

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