Is Burping during Pregnancy Normal?

Is Burping during Pregnancy Normal?

If you are constantly burping during pregnancy, then you may wonder if this is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. But did you find it in one of the pregnancy books that you have been reading? You may not have, not as a prominent symptom at least. So what leads to burping? Pregnancy changes your body in the ways you may not have ever imagined. You must be well aware of the common pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, back pain, weight gain, but burping is not what you were aware of, were you now?

Is Burping Common during Pregnancy?

If you talk to any woman who has been pregnant or currently is, they will share their experience on burping. Among the numerous symptoms of pregnancy, you may not have heard of burping but it is rather common.

Hormonal changes in the body can increase the proportion of gas in the stomach and the intestine. Your eating habits change and you experience morning sickness and excess saliva. The stress of pregnancy can also put the body in a different zone altogether, making burping as an unintended consequence of it.

What Causes Burping when Pregnant

The frequency of sour burps during pregnancy is quite high. Your stomach contains extra acids and substances which further increase the chances of burps. Burping may occur because of the following reasons:

  • A slightly full feeling that reaches your throat
  • A sense of bloated stomach
  • Nausea that is accompanied by instances of heartburn

Most of these are strongest in the initial months of the pregnancy, which is when the burps tend to be at their highest frequency, too.

How to Stop Burping While Pregnant

Burping at night during pregnancy can disturb your sleep as well as of your partner. But there are a few ways to keep your pregnancy burps in check and reduce their frequencies to a bare minimum.

1. Sleep Properly

As important deep sleep is for a pregnant woman, the right posture while sleeping is also necessary and can work towards reducing the tendency to burp at night. Lie down on your left side, either by bending your legs or tucking them together. Such a position is conducive to digestion and helps your stomach process the food easily at night, and reduces the formation of gas and thus burps.

A pregnant woman sleeping

2. Exercise Regularly

You don’t need to run around and pick up weights during pregnancy; performing light exercises regularly go a long way in keeping your digestive system in a proper condition. The physical activity releases various chemicals within your body, which stimulate different regions and enhance their working. Simple activities such as washing utensils or drying clothes can do the trick, too.

3. Stay Calm

Your physical well-being, particularly, gastrointestinal health depends significantly on your mental health. Any presence of tension or anxiety can disturb the balance of chemicals in the stomach, causing indigestion or an increased production of gases. Hence, it is important that you do some light exercises or practice meditation or simple yoga. As it can help you maintain mental peace and keep your body functioning in an optimal condition.

4. Stop Smoking and Drinking

Irrespective of whether you are burping or not, staying away from cigarettes and alcohol should be instinctively avoided after finding out that you are pregnant or even when you are trying to get pregnant. These are harmful to the foetus growing inside you, and experimenting with a small portion of either of them is not worth the risk. Furthermore, smoking and drinking increase the chances of swallowing air along with it, which can increase burps. So, it is better foregone.

5. Swallow Liquids Slowly

Swallowing liquids slowly can reduce your frequency of burps during pregnancy. Many people have a habit of drinking directly from a bottle or pouring water directly in the mouth without touching it to the glass but this should be avoided. Drink water from a cup or glass, slowly and gradually, while sitting straight. These increase the chances of taking in more air with the liquids that stay trapped in the stomach.

6. Chew Food Slowly

Most of the suggestions that are necessary for reducing burping during pregnancy would be similar to what you would tell a small child as well. The simplest techniques can have the biggest impacts in such cases. The stress of pregnancy could cause you to eat your food quickly and swallow it rapidly, which further increases chances of indigestion and the formation of gas. So, eat food slowly and do not talk while eating. Also, take a light stroll after you are done to stimulate the digestion process.

A pregnant woman eating food slowly

7.  Do Not Drink Aerated Beverages

The chances of burping increase when you gulp down your favourite carbonated drinks. These contain carbon dioxide which can only escape your body when you burp it out. Also, such drinks contain caffeine in high amounts, which is not exactly healthy during pregnancy. Replace them with plain water and drink good amounts of it. Choose to drink herbal teas that can relax your body as well as provide it with health benefits.

8. Avoid Foods That Have a Propensity for Gas

Even if you take all the precautions to reduce the intake of air or other reasons for burping, there are certain food items that will result in an increased production of gas. This is due to the nature of their constitution. Cabbage, asparagus, broccoli and even various sugar-free products contain substances that cause gas formation. Fried products are next in line and its overconsumption could cause heartburn. So, keep their consumption to a minimum.

9. Go for Smaller Meals

A lot of food consumed in one go can increase the load on the stomach and increase the chances of indigestion or lead to delay in digestive processes. All of these work in tandem in creating gas within your body and increasing the burping frequency. Switch the traditional three-meal structure to a six-meal one. This helps you ration your food portions, keep your hunger cravings satiated, as well as reduce chances of experiencing the unwanted effects of indigestion.

When to Consult a Doctor

There is no need to contact your doctor if you are burping more often than usual. It could be a one-off incident, based on something you just ate. Making sure your diet continues to be balanced and nutritious is all you need to worry about in your pregnancy.

However, if this problem of burping is getting beyond control and you experience heartburn and indigestion, your doctor might suggest a few options to calm you down and even check for any other conditions that might be causing it.

Burping in the third trimester of pregnancy or any other stage of the entire journey is not unheard of. Although it is not extremely common, it causes trouble during pregnancy. Hence, the tips mentioned above can go a long way to make the burps easy on you, keeping you in the pink of health throughout your pregnancy.

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