10+ Interesting Facts & Characteristics of October Born Babies

Interesting Facts and Characteristics of October Babies

Do our nature and other characteristics get affected by the month we are born in? Well, there are many believers of the fact that one’s behaviour and other personality traits greatly depend on the month they are born. October babies have some fun and quirky personality traits, and if your little one is born during this month, we are sure you might be interested in reading some facts about him. This is a fun exercise you can do with your family, and guess if your baby indeed does have these traits. In this article, we will be discussing some interesting facts and characteristics of October-born babies!

Fun Traits of Babies Born in October

Want to know about October-born personality traits? Here are some fun facts about babies born in October:

1. October-born People are Romantic

People born in this month are die-hard romantics. Whenever they fall in love, they love with all their heart and soul. Love holds too much value and importance to them, and they do not shy away or hesitate to express their love. They can go out of their way to show to their partner how much they love and care for them and also how important they are to them. When you fall in love with an October-born, get ready for romantic getaways, dinners, and more such sweet acts of love.

2. October-born People Are Charming

If anyone exudes charms and charisma, it has to someone who is born in October. These people have an unmatched charm that can mesmerise anyone, and for this very reason, these people are very good at winning the hearts of people. They are such charmers that people like to be around them or be friends with them. They are filled with optimism and positivity that attracts people. Their positive approach to life tends to influence people around them.

3. October-born People are Calm

They are peaceful and calm people who like to contain their emotions and feelings inside them. Their easy-going attitude lends them a very chilled out nature. They do not attract problems and believe in making more friends than foes. They also try and stay away from negative people or people who try to give them jitters. In short, they are kind of introverts, and they like to keep their emotions to themselves. People often find them to be too close and not easily swayed by their emotions.

october born people are calm

4. October-born People are Collected

The people born in this month are collected and poised. They seldom blurt out their feelings, anger or worries to people around them. In case they feel scared or nervous, they would prefer to keep it within themselves to avoid making hoopla of a situation. They are very sensitive and empathetic towards other people, and instead of confronting you, they may offer you a helping hand. They do not like to judge people.

5. October-born People Have Perseverance

These people are very perseverant, and whatever they undertake or start, they will finish to the best of their ability. No matter how difficult a task or job is, they will try their hundred per cent to solve the issue and find a solution for it. For this very reason, they like to work solitary or alone rather than working with others or more number of people. They achieve greater levels of success, and they usually have a well-settled and stable life.

6. October-born People Are Positive

People born in this month are very optimistic and positive in their approach towards almost everything in life. They never give up, and if they make up their mind in achieving something, they do not stop until they achieve what they thought off. Even if a failure is met, they do not stop, and they work tirelessly towards achieving their goals. They may not appear so, but they can be extremely stubborn towards achieving success or achieving their goals. This trait also motivates others to offer their best.

october born people are positive

7. October-born People Like to Spend Money

Whether they have money or they are in dearth of it, October-born people love to own luxurious stuff. If they have money they will buy what they desire and when they do not have it, they can save money for a long time to buy what they desire. They not only like spending money on themselves, but also like to spoil their loved ones with extravagant gifts.

8. October-born People Are Smart and Intelligent

They generally perform well academically, and they are such keen learners that they like to invest their time and money in acquiring more knowledge in the field they are interested in. They are focused and quiet and when they say something, it correct and relevant. They tend to observe and analyse various situations and then come up with the best possible solutions that usually please everyone. People often ask them for their advice because they have great ideas and they are very sharp.

9. October-born People Live in the Present

These people are live wires and believe that life is to be lived with loads of fun and for that each moment must be lived to the fullest. They do not like to worry about the future or the past, and prefer living in the moment. They perform their duties and responsibilities diligently and worry only when a problem is faced rather than worrying about it before it is even there. They do not worry about what will happen tomorrow because they are focused on what is happening today.

live in the present

10. October-born People Are Kind-hearted

As per astrology babies born in October month are very warm, friendly and kind. They do not like to be in anybody’s bad books and thus try and make efforts to be friendly and nice to everyone they deal with. They do not like to hurt anyone, and even if they do not want to do something, they may just do it to make their friends or near ones feel comfortable and happy. Those who are born in this month are kind friends and above all good and decent souls.

11. October-born People Believe in Justice

October borns believe in honesty and justice and believe that fairness and equality rule the world. Your baby is most likely to tell you the truth rather than hiding it from you, so you won’t have to worry about them doing something behind your back. They prefer resolving disputes through conversations for a harmonious outcome.


1. What Are the October Birthstone Colours?

October-born people are associated with two birthstones; opal and pink tourmaline. These two birthstones are found in multiple colours, and this array will make them stand out. Your baby will enjoy multicolour accessories and stones, which add fun and colour.

2. What Zodiac Signs Are Associated With October Born Babies?

The two Zodiac signs associated with October-born babies are Libra and Scorpio. Babies born from 1st – 22nd October are considered Libras, and babies born after October 23rd are Scorpios.

These are some of the special traits of October-born babies. Share these facts with your friends or family members who are born in this month!

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