Indoor & Outdoor Safety Equipment for Children

Indoor & Outdoor Safety Checklist For Toddlers

One thing all moms want is to build a safer environment for their child. The answer to your quest may be safety equipment. Though it does not replace the need for supervision, it helps you in protecting your child from harm to a large extent.

Toddlers, with their enthusiastic and inquisitive behaviour, require a lot of supervision. With their constant jumping, kicking and running around, you need to ensure a balance between protection and freedom during playtime. You can consider using child safety equipment that has essential tools to keep children safe from dangerous injury.

Indoor Safety Equipment for Kids

1. Gates and Barriers

They keep your toddler from climbing up the stairs, tumbling down, or going into rooms with potential hazards such as the kitchen. You can use these till your toddler is well-grown. Once he is over 3 years, he will probably learn to climb over a barrier!

2. Window Locks

Window locks are important so your windows don’t open far too much. After all, your active toddler could be inquisitive and try to climb out.

3. Harnesses

A five point harness is good to use for push-chairs or highchairs. This prevents your child from falling off.

4. Appropriate Surfaces

Proper, smooth surfaces in play areas help your active tot to lessen pain during injury.

5. Anti-slip Poducts

Using anti-slip products during bath-time can let your toddler maintain balance in the bathroom.

6. Covered Edges

Ensuring that your furniture does not have any sharp edges helps protect your child. If it does, use corner and edge guards to protect your child from getting scratched.

7. Nightlights

They make sure children don’t trip or bump into objects when they get up to go to the toilet at night.


Outdoor Safety: Kids Playground Equipment

Outdoor Activities

  • The playground equipment should be tightly anchored below the earth’s surface. This prevents them to rise up all of a sudden or come out loose when a child is using them.
  • Play equipment should be used as per your toddler’s age. For example, if in the ‘monkey bar’ apparatus,the distance between two bars is wider than half the height of a kid, don’t use it!
  • The equipment present in the playground must meet the standards of basic safety. Slides should have a large top deck and rails on both sides to hold. Swings should be placed at a good distance, so that two of them don’t collide with one another. The merry-go-round should have flattened surfaces and places to hold onto.

When you’re considering buying safety equipment, read the manual that comes with the equipment carefully. Once sure, go ahead and install it at home so that your child can play without any fear of getting hurt.

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