Human Rights Day 2023 - Activities to Do with Your Children to Celebrate This Day

Human Rights Day Activities For Your Children

Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10 every year to honour and uphold basic human rights for children and adults. It commemmorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations way back in 1948.

Human rights and responsibilities for kids are still vague concepts when they are young – but facts they must appreciate as they grow older. How can you celebrate the day in a fashion that helps nurture your kids into responsible, empathetic adults?

5 Things To Do With Your Child On Human Rights Day

1. Organise a GK Quiz

Start off with questions such as – “What is the UDHR?” “When was the UDHR adopted by the United Nations?” and the open-ended “What basic human right do you think we all must have?”
[Answers: 1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the first global statement of international human rights principles.
2. Dec 10, 1948.
3. This is where your kids get creative. You also get insight on his thought process and sensitivity to the world around him.]

2. It’s time for the freedom of Expression

Go bonkers with canvas sheets, poster colours, plasticine…Help your kids create motivational posters, eco-friendly crafts (e.g. green wreaths) or write letters to the authorities in your locality. The right to expression is among the foremost of our rights and one that your kids must exercise in this free country!

3. Go for a nature walk

Nature can be a great teacher of equality – as well as inter-dependency. From little creepers that depend on bigger trees to grow, to flowers that get pollinated by birds, a walk through nature is a beautiful depiction of the symbiotic relationship between human beings. Go for a family picnic and let your children appreciate the many lessons and beauties of nature.

4. Lights, Camera, Action!

Nothing spells family time as well as the cinema. Screen a film to highlight the message of equal rights for one and all, whether from your community or not, whether ill or healthy, whether on this side or that of the wired borders. For starters, you can pick from Life Is Beautiful, Grave of the Fireflies and Taare Zameen Par. These films are safe watching for children but also manage to help with teaching human rights to kids beautifully!

5. A day at the local NGO

The best way to teach children about human rights is to ensure they are sensitised to the world around them. Spending time at the local NGO or orphanage tells them how they should count their blessings and help give the less fortunate a better quality of life. Your family can help with the food, activities or even fun and games at the centre.

On Human Rights Day 2021, give your children one of the best and most important lessons of life – uphold your human rights and do your best to help others around you uphold theirs!

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