How to Make a Family Tree: 5 Easy Craft Ideas

How to Make a Family Tree – 5 Easy Craft Ideas

Children are a curious lot. They have a lot of questions about their family and a fascinating way to clear their doubts is by creating a family tree. A family’s history comes alive with a family tree. There are many kinds of families. Some may be only mom, dad and child while there may be others who grandparents too live in the same house. Give your children some time to understand the relations between the members of the family.

What is a Family Tree?

A diagram showing the relationship between people in a family is a family tree. It is generally presented with the oldest generation at the top and the youngest generation at the bottom. The family lineage depicted in a family tree shows bits of recorded history which can make a child feel proud of knowing his roots and understanding how influential they have been.

How Does a Family Tree Benefit a Child’s Learning?

A family tree collage is an interesting way of learning about the heritage and history of the family. It can affect inheritance and be an important clue to a person’s lineage and ancestors. It can impact a child’s learning in many different ways:

  • It helps in establishing the lineage for a person’s claim to property and inheritance. For example, families which parted during a major war could get together with the help of a family tree.
  •  A family tree is of great help to medical professionals as they can find clues to genetic diseases embedded in the members of the family. They can also assess the diseases that are hereditary and suggest preventive measures.
  • Children feel secure and stable knowing that they are a tiny part of a bigger whole.
  • It has been observed by experts that children who know their family story have higher self-esteem and are happier.
  • Discussion about family members can be a great way to learn about language and literacy and celebrate the differences within families.

Family Tree

How to Create a Family Tree?

If you wish to illustrate your family history, creating a family tree is one of the best ways. As the first basic step, you should research your ancestry and display each generation and embellish it to make it presentable. The steps on how to create a family tree chart on paper are given below:

1. Collect the Names You Need to Include in the Family Tree

Collect the names of great grandparents, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, cousins and arrange them from the oldest generation downwards.

2. Research the Details

The names to be included should be accurate and names of the grandparents’ siblings and their spouses can be known after talking to older members of the family.

3. Collect the Details You Wish to Highlight

In order to make the family tree informative, you can add birth dates, death dates, marriage dates, and hometown as well.

4. Add Photos If Possible

A small portrait of the ancestors can be added if they are available. This will make the family tree come alive.

Easy and Innovative Family Tree Craft Ideas for Your Child

There are plenty of eye-catching ideas to make a family tree. Ultimately it should be able to project your family history. It should be the responsibility of each member to update and preserve family history.

1. Apple Family Tree

You can make your own family apple tree.

Apple Family Tree

What You Need:

  • Green and brown paper (stiff) for making the tree
  • Scissors and glue
  • Red paper for apple cut-outs

How to Make:

  • Trace and cut out the shape of a tree and glue it to the paper.
  • Write the names of family members on apple cut-outs.
  • Glue the apples to the tree.
  • A beautiful family apple tree is ready.

2. Peek a Boo Family Tree

It is a simple and easy way to prepare a family tree on the wall. Children can make cute and adorable craft work and depict family genealogy spanning three or more generations.

Peek-a-Boo Family Tree

What You Need:

  • Simple folded paper
  • Labels and markers
  • Pictures of family members
  • Glue
  • Green and brown paper

How to Make:

  • Take the paper and write out the titles of the family members on it.
  • Create a secure tree on the wall.
  • Cut the pictures and glue them on the tree.
  • Stick a label over each picture so that they are covered and your child has to lift the label to see it.
  • A beautiful peek a boo family tree is ready.

3. Painted Leaves Family Tree

It is one of the easiest ways to make a family tree.

Painted Leaves Family Tree

What You Need:

  • Some sticks
  • Paint of any colour
  • Cardboard tube
  • Glue
  • Old T-shirts
  • Paint trays

How to Make:

  • Cut out the cardboard tube into several oval shapes and pinch at the top and bottom.
  • The kids can make any kind of a tree using the sticks.
  • Using glue, stick the stems/sticks to the paper.
  • Use the cardboard tube leaves to make paint prints on the paper.
  • Each leaf is labelled as a family member and allowed to dry.

4. Family Tree Sensory Box

It is a lot of fun to sift through pictures of mum and dad, babies, cousins, uncles and aunts, grandpas and grandmas. It is a fun and unique way to make a family tree.

Family Tree Sensory Box

What You Need:

  • Family member photos
  • Glue, tape, paper, markers
  • Cut-outs of leaves
  • Fine sensory bin filler (coloured sand)
  • Paintbrush
  • Crayons or markers (dry erase)

How to Make:

  • Draw a rough tree shape on a paper.
  • Paint it any colour of your choice.
  • Cut out photos of family members and glue them on the tree.
  • Turn it into a fun hide and find activity.
  • Hide the laminated pictures at the bottom of a bin covered with coloured sand.
  • A brush can be used to dust away the sand and identify the members.

5. Handprint and Footprint Family Tree

It is a fun way to track of fall bucket list and requires easily available items. It can display the family photos and for an entire month, kids can be given the opportunity to share the treasured memories with the family in class.

Footprint Family Tree

What You Need:

  • Card paper
  • Brown paper for feet
  • Red, orange, yellow paper for hands
  • Glue
  • Tape

How to Make:

  • Cut out footprints on the brown paper and adjust to form the trunk of the tree.
  • Tape this on the wall or glass door.
  • Cut out handprints on the coloured papers and use them as leaves.
  • Write down the names of family members on the leaves to complete the family tree.

Family members are the people we share our memories with and so creating a family tree can be a wonderful way of celebrating family ties. DIY family tree art can increase creative ideas and make learning fun.

A family tree is a visual documentary of one’s ancestry. The work of creating a family tree will inspire future generations to preserve the family history for the years to come.

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