20 Best Role Play Ideas for Kids


Every child needs engaging and fun ways to learn in their initial phase of education that is pre-school. In fact, pre-school is the phase when kids pick up many of the important basic life lessons. Kids love to mimic adults’ actions and learn about life in the process and role-playing activities help them do just that. This article lists down 20 of the best role play activities for preschoolers that can help them learn about life.

20 Creative Role Play Activities for Your Child

Role playing games for kids is a fun and interesting way to learn and to strengthen their imagination. Here are some that you can try.

1. Bakery

Kids can create their own bake-house and bake goodies and sell them to other kids who would be their customers. You can make goodies like cookies and cakes using cardboard paper cutouts and crayons and double baking oven using bookshelves. You can also buy ready-made baking playsets for the same.

2. Fairy Tale Plays

Fairy tales are a great way to spark the imagination of children. Kids can easily relate to fairy tales and enacting the same by making sets out of coloured cardboard paper can help them memorize the tale as well as inculcate the morals imparted by the tales. Renditions of ‘Three Little Pigs’ or ‘Goldilocks’ are excellent dramatic play ideas for kids to learn and memorize the story as well.


3. Flower Shop

Recreating a flower shop during spring is an excellent role play idea for kids. The kids learn about different flowers, the craft of arranging them into beautiful bouquets by tying them with attractive ribbons as well as the skill of counting flowers to strengthen their number recognition and counting abilities.

4. Pizza Parlour

Kids love pizzas! They enjoy making and delivering pizzas using pizza ovens made out of cardboard cutouts and pizza slices made out of coloured chart paper. This helps the children to have fun by interacting with each other and learn how restaurants like pizza parlours work.

5. Soda Vending Machine

A soda vending machine can be made with a cardboard box cutout, Styrofoam cups and some coloured tissue paper. This can be a great addition to various dramatic role-playing scenarios such as restaurants, pizza parlours, hospitals and so on.

6. Baby Care

Kids love taking care of toy babies like they are real babies as they see parents take care of babies. There are kits that come ready-made for these baby care role-playing scenarios. This is one of the most effective role-playing scenarios for kids as they learn care and affection for other kids and life forms through this activity.

7. Ice Cream Counter

Kids can make their own ice cream parlour with different flavours of ice cream by just using felt or playdoh (clay), some empty transparent plastic boxes, an ice cream scoop and a few cones painted out of paper. This helps children enjoy and understand different colours while pretending to eat one of their favourite snacks in the world.

8. Castles

Kids can make their own castles out of bed linen, a few cushions and some sticks. This lets them enjoy the medieval times of being royals in their castles with their people living out in villages outside the castles. This can be used to explain some historical incidents vividly.

9. Tea Sets

Kids can play with ready-made tea cup sets and recreate a scene of high tea with other friends and enjoy. The kids also learn to make friends and communicate and share feelings with them through this activity.

10. Dinosaur Excavation Site

This activity will bring out the palaeontologists in the kids. You can create this pretend play idea with just a large rectangular tub, some sand to fill it and some plaster of Paris bone replicas which can be buried in the sandbox. The kids can use brushes to remove sand and dig out dinosaur bones and have their share of fun and education together. This is one of the most fun pretend play ideas for kids.

11. Grocery Store

Kids love pretending to do what adults do while shopping and this will help them pretend to do grocery shopping. You can make a pretend grocery store by making products out of empty cereal boxes, aisles out of empty bookshelves and make carts out of cardboard paper and tricycles. This is a highly fun and interesting way of keeping kids interested in pre-school.

12. Hospital

Kids absolutely love emulating doctors by wearing stethoscopes, prescribing medicines and treating other kids. Hence, this role-playing scenario is a must-try with kids to make them enjoy and learn at pre-school.


13. Band

Kids can recreate the scenario of a band by making instruments out of used cardboard paper. This activity allows them to let their hair down by singing their favourite kids’ songs along with their friends and having loads of fun.

14. Construction Engineer

Kids can play construction engineers by building towers out of building blocks and Lego bricks. This activity helps the kids to have fun as well as understand spatial orientation and sequence in the process. Hence, this activity is an assured hit with the kids.

15. Sailors

This is a fun activity for kids as they are inspired by lovable cartoons like Popeye. The ship and the mast can be recreated with a few empty suitcases, some boards, some sticks and used bed linen. Kids can also use paper tubes for telescopes and create sailor hats, flags and maps out of paper which can be coloured accordingly. One can also make fishes out of coloured paper and use a stick and some threads to make fishing rods as well. The kids can learn colour recognition as well as how to use a compass with this interesting activity.

16. Camping

Children can recreate a camping scene by making a tent with used bed linen and a stick and stay inside it. They can also share stories with each other to make the experience even closer to actual camping and have lots of fun in the process.


17. Police or Detective

Kids can put their Sherlock hats on with this activity where they can be asked to investigate for a missing object with the help of clues. This can help in fueling the inquisitive minds of children by boosting problem-solving skills while keeping them engaged in the activity.

18. Veterinarian

Kids can act as veterinarians with a doctor’s play set and trying to treat stuffed, toy animals in this activity. Kids could actually learn to have compassion towards animals with this activity.

19. Airplane

Children love to recreate this scene as they imagine themselves to be pilots and passengers flying in the sky by pulling chairs together in two rows and recreating the scenes that they regularly encounter on flights.

20. Bank

Kids can create currency notes out of paper and recreate the scenario of a bank where they can give and take money and learn how to deal with money as well as counting and addition. The kids also inculcate collaboration and cooperation and learn to work with other kids through this fun activity.

These fun activities can foster the imagination and creativity of kids and also inculcate core lessons for life and help them excel into bright young students in their junior school. They can definitely be tried out to make the pre-school experience for the children highly engaging and playful.

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