How To Eat The Same Food as Your Family and Still Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight Eating the Same Food as Your Family

It isn’t eating to chomp down diet food as your family is eating their regular food. After a point you are going to want to give up and binge! Instead, we’ve got a way you can eat the same food as your family and still hit your weight loss goals!

Trying to lose weight is tough enough but if you are cooking a yummy meal for your family and eating your own “diet” food separately, it is only a matter of time before you begin binge-eating and that weight your lost comes right back on faster than you can say “Gulab Jamun!”

Before you argue that your kids will NEVER eat healthy food, hear us out. By making separate meals for your family and yourself, you are already encouraging and unhealthy body image in your kids. This is sending them signals that food is bad and food is going to make them fat. Or you are indirectly telling them that it is okay to eat unhealthy when they are young but as soon as they get older they need to switch to a healthier diet. Both of which are damaging.

What if you began to teach your kids through example why healthier food choices are better? At the same time you are not compromising on your own food choices. Planning for a sustainable way of eating healthy as a family is a way for your to reach your goals and get your kids used to a healthy way of living too.

Here are Some Tips to Start

1. Begin with Hiding Veggies

Now don’t go hiding carrots behind your couch. We mean shred, blend, disguise your veggies with stuff your kids actually like. Veggie cutlets are a big hit. Serve these with your favourite green chutney for a wholesome, healthy and kid-approved meal. You can bake cutlets too, to reduce the oil content.

2. Offer Only Vegetables as Snacks In-Between Meals

Be strict about this. Do not keep anything packaged around. Carrot or cucumber sticks with hummus are a good snack to have around. A nice yoghurt dip is a good option too. Surprise them by adding cheese into the dip every now and then. Potato and cauliflower mash also makes a good and healthy snack that takes just 10 minutes to whip up.

3. Ditch the Sugary Drinks

Let your kids have juice occasionally. Milk is okay too. You stick to water. Self-control is key when it comes to your diet. Drink infused water if you would like some change, especially in hot summer months.

4. Serve Food in Smaller Plates

Sometimes the only change you need to make is eating lesser portions. Using smaller plates tricks your mind into believing that you are eating more. The plate appears fuller and you tend to feel full because of the illusion that a packed plate offers.

5. Do Not Keep a Secret Stash

If you are hiding certain foods from your kids, you most probably shouldn’t be eating those either. As a parent, health comes first for your kids but somehow we’re lax when it comes to our own health. Ditch the foods you need to keep a secret from your kids, it won’t do your body good.

6. Keep Mealtimes Stress-Free

Stress makes you eat faster and you end up eating more food than usual. Try and make meal time a peaceful ritual where your family talks about their day. Eat slowly to help your food digest and prevent over-eating.

7. Ditch Gadgets

As a rule for your kids and yourself, keep mealtimes free of any gadgets, including the T.V. Distraction from gadgets can cause mindless eating and lead to overeating. Take the time to savour the flavours from your food and enjoy the benefits of eating well.

You can begin with these tips to inculcate healthier eating in your family. It might be tough to train your kids,especially if they have been allowed to eat different prior to this but here are some tips for fussy eaters to help you out.

Once you have these habits set, you will begin to shed excess weight over time. A long-term lifestyle change is more beneficial than any short term diet plan as you are more likely to stick to an easier long-term plan than a crazy, tough diet plan that will make those kilos come right back!

Couple your daily life with light exercise and enough hydration for real results. If you still aren’t losing excess weight, a nutritionist can help point out the cause and make choices more suited to your body’s needs!

Worry not! It takes time for a good habit to set but once it does you’ll see the difference! Plus you wont be promoting unhealthy habits to your kids and you’ll get to eat the same wholesome food your family is eating!

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