How to Manage Weight During Pregnancy - Obese Pregnancy

Weight Watching Tips for Plus-Sized Moms To Be

Overweight and pregnant? You’re not alone! Although adopting a weight loss routine is a strict no-no, plus size pregnancy can be managed with good eating habits! In fact, simply by eating healthy, quite a few overweight women even lose weight during pregnancy!

If you’re overweight and pregnant, stop worrying about losing weight. That choice can be damaging to you and the baby. Many plus-size moms-to-be have managed just fine. Here are some weight watching tips that can help you stay in shape without fuss.

How to Manage Weight During Pregnancy

1. Light exercise

Adopting a healthy exercise pattern is imperative if you safely lose weight while pregnant. You might want to go for a short walk in the morning or a leisurely swim in the evening. You could always ask your doctor to recommend light exercises. Around 15 minutes of light jogging could be helpful. Remember, if you find that you cannot talk to your jogging partner, its time you slow it down. This is an effective way on how to maintain your weight during pregnancy.

2. Drink up like a fish

If you were never in the habit of drinking a lot of water, it’s time you made that change. Weight loss during pregnancy – and even generally – is closely associated with the amount of water you drink on a daily basis. Drinking ample water will prevent you from binging on junk food. Around 8 glasses of water in a day is beneficial for you. If you’re following an exercise routine, adding to the amount will help you. Increasing water intake will also prevent constipation- one of the undesirable side effects of pregnancy. Your digestive system slows down when pregnant so make sure you eat nutritious food and fluids. More water intake means less chances of bloating. By the way, talking about fluids, have you tried drinking hot lemon honey water for weight loss? It helps a lot!

How to Manage Weight During Pregnancy

3. Constructive cravings

If you’re a junk food fan, it’ll not be easy giving it up altogether when you become preggers. You can give into your cravings but ensure you get tons of protein and fats in your diet. You and your baby will benefit from this slight tweak. You could mix an unhealthy craving with a healthy choice. Low-fat ice cream and granola bar, anyone? You get the crunch and the taste you want. If you have a craving for chips, you can always try out a substitute. How about fried tortilla chips topped with shredded cheese and a little avocado? This option may contain more calories, but it packs in nutrients too. Losing weight while pregnant if overweight is never a good idea though it’s advisable to watch what you eat.

4. Weight talk

It’s important to discuss the weight issue with your doctor regularly so he/she can help you make necessary changes. After all, being overweight in pregnancy is unhealthy. Set goals for yourself and work towards it. Doctors will help you know if your weight gain borders on abnormal. This way you’ll stay on the right track. When you know what you’re working for, you can check your cravings and exercise accordingly.

Remember that you are not alone – many women go through similar problems in pregnancy! Visit your doctor if you need advice. Don’t overdo it with exercise or crash diet of any sort. Remember, junk food isn’t your friend during this period. Staying healthy and eating right even when overweight while pregnant should be your goal.
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