Turn Taking Activities and Games for 3 Year Olds

Explaining Turn-Taking To Preschoolers

If you notice a lack of patience in your child and are worried about his slow learning skills, don’t panic! Let’s look at some interesting facts regarding turn-taking and ways to teach your children to take turns in order to increase his patience level.

Teaching a child is not a simple task, especially when it comes to teaching them to take turns in life. Taking turns is a tough task as even the most grown up man can show impatience waiting for his turn in a long queue. It’s a critical skill that becomes challenging for parents to teach as young kids don’t know the literal meaning of patience and are always in a hurried state. If a child isn’t well versed with the power of taking turns at the correct time he’s bound to have trouble valuing time and practising patience.

Some Turn Taking Games for 3-Year-Old

Make Your Kid Practice Waiting

Until and unless you don’t inculcate the habit of waiting in your kid, they won’t realise the correct move to take their turn. For this purpose, try to play games like “stop and go” in the park and explain them how when they are asked to stop they should obey and wait for their turn. In this way, they’ll learn the concept of waiting and will simultaneously understand the correct time to take their turn.

Motivate Your Child During Their Successes

If your kid is waiting for hours for his turn on a swing in a park or is waiting in a queue to go to the bathroom, motivate your kid by saying positive sentences like “You did well for waiting for your turn to come. I am proud of you” or “You are a good boy/girl who waited so much in the line. Waiting is not easy. Good job!”. Such sentences will motivate him to be patient and wait for his turn to come. ||

Involve Turn Taking Task In their Play Time

Games like playing card, board game, basketball, catch a ball game, racing a car, etc. are a good source to establish patience in your kid and build up their turn taking technique correctly. These games should be played during their play time so that your kid understands when he should take the right step for his chance and when he should stop for others to complete their turn.

Concrete Time Cue

It’s hard for children to understand the idea of imagining waiting for a minute or two during play time. This is because their imaginative technique isn’t as mature as grownups. Thus, instead of asking the child to wait for imaginatively; tell them to wait their turn will after a certain number of people. Such visually concrete cues will prove more beneficial in making them wait for their turn and establishing a sense of turn taking in them.

The above-mentioned turn taking activities for preschoolers will prove very beneficial for you as a parent. These are some essential values that every child should be equipped with during childhood in order to live with discipline and patience.

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