Eating Corn Flakes during Pregnancy


Are corn flakes good during pregnancy? There is no right answer. There are both good and bad effects of eating corn flakes during pregnancy.

Why to Eat Corn Flakes during Pregnancy?

  • Cornflakes help you feel fresh throughout the day. This is because corn flakes are rich in complex carbohydrates and provide energy.
  • Cornflakes are also rich in riboflavin, thiamine, iron, dietary fibre and niacin that makes it a wholesome food.

Benefits of Eating Cornflakes in Pregnancy

Cornflakes are said to be rich in dietary fibre, and these fibres are considered to be good for pregnancy. Here are some advantages of eating cornflakes during pregnancy.

  • Dietary fibre helps in reducing the blood pressure and control the issues of constipation.
  • One average bowl of corn flakes contains about 25 grams of fibre. You can control most of the issues related to pregnancy when you consume a meal rich in dietary fibre.
  • Consuming one bowl of corn flakes daily can help in reducing the risks of preeclampsia that is triggered by high blood pressure. It can cause severe issues for your developing foetus if not taken care of.
  • When you consume a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast, your stomach gets filled with dietary fibre, and it satisfies your hunger as well.
  • Consuming corn flakes also helps in controlling weight during pregnancy.

Adverse Effects of Eating Corn Flakes when Pregnant

Eating excess of corn flakes can cause some problems for pregnancy. Here is a list of some negative effects of eating corn flakes during pregnancy:

  • The corn flakes which are commercially available are rich in fat, salt and sugar which are unhealthy for pregnancy when eaten in excess.
  • Cornflakes may result in issues like flatulence, intestinal gas, abdominal pain and bloated feeling. The capability of your body to absorb zinc, iron and minerals decreases when you eat corn flakes in excess.
  • Cornflakes with grains are usually acidic in nature, hence causing an acidic state in the tissues and blood.
  • Compared to sprouts, fruits and vegetables, it is harder to eat grains in corn flakes.
  • The conditions may exacerbate further if you eat corn flakes if you have irritable bowel syndrome.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • If you love to eat corn flakes for breakfast, include them in your diet. Just make sure that you eat them in moderation.
  • Avoid eating corn flakes that contain artificial sweeteners or artificially flavoured corns.


  • You can add natural sweeteners such as strawberries or honey to enhance the taste of your meal.
  • Feel free to consult a nutritionist before you make any changes to your diet plan. Also, discuss your food habits and cravings.
  • Always add warm milk to the cornflakes because dry corn flakes might make you feel nauseated.
  • Try to have corn flakes only for breakfast and not during other meals.

Eating cornflakes will do you no harm in pregnancy if you eat it in moderation. Cornflakes without any artificial ingredient can actually be healthy for pregnancy. But don’t forget to follow the tips if you are going to add corn flakes to your diet.

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