Eating Raisins during Pregnancy

A Guide to Eating Raisins During Pregnancy

One of the primary changes that occur while you are pregnant is the consciousness of the importance of your diet. You are after all not just responsible for your nutrition and health but your baby’s as well. This is where superfoods come in. A superfood is a small portion or ingredient that is packed with nutrition and goodness. One of the most easily accessible and nutritious superfoods available are raisins.

Is it Safe to Eat Raisins or Dry Grapes While Pregnant?

Before we discuss the benefits of raisins, the first question to answer is – are raisins safe to eat when you’re pregnant?

The answer to that is a resounding yes. Dry black grapes during pregnancy are not only rich in nutrients but act as great snacks due to the number of benefits they provide.

Nutrition Value of Raisins

1. Fibre

Raisins provide a rich source of fibre. They are extremely easy to digest and help control your digestive tract at all times. Fibre is an essential aspect of any diet but it becomes twice as important when you are pregnant. This is because when you are pregnant your body is inconsistent with breaking down food. Hormonal imbalances cause numerous digestive issues, and raisins help regulate these.

2. Iron

Another important benefit is that raisins are a rich source of is iron. Iron is extremely important because it helps regulate blood flow, maintain heart health and ensures a healthy source of oxygen-carrying blood cells pass through your lungs. This makes sure your lungs are working in a healthy manner. A deficiency in iron can cause a type of anaemia called iron deficient anaemia.

3. Calcium

One of the most overlooked but possibly most important minerals in your body is calcium. This mineral is responsible for bone health, dental health, cholesterol absorption, skin’s health and heart’s health. It is required for a body to function properly and raisins provide a rich source of calcium as well. In fact, calcium is twice as important for pregnant women as it is essential for the baby’s bone development in the womb. It ensures the baby’s bone density stays at normal levels and develops appropriately.

How Many Raisins to Consume Daily When Pregnant?

Eating a handful of raisins a day can be an extremely healthy, nutrition-packed snack. They can be an extremely healthy snack with tea or a great pick-me-up when you need a burst of energy. It is recommended that you moderate the intake of raisins.

How Many Raisins To Consume Daily When Pregnant?

Benefits Of Raisins (Kishmish)

Raisins have numerous benefits for both the baby and mother. When pregnant it is important to understand how the mother is affected by the consumption of raisins.

For Mothers

Here are a few benefits of raisins during pregnancy for mothers-to-be.

1. Dental Care

Raisins are rich in calcium as well as oleanolic acid and help protect and care for your teeth. Due to hormonal imbalances, your teeth are known to deteriorate during pregnancy and raisins can help combat that.

2. Relief from Constipation

Due to the rich fibre content of raisins as well as other laxative properties, they help ease constipation. Constipation during pregnancy is one of the most frustrating ordeals to manage, and raisins are a natural way to prevent or cure minor constipation.

3. Increases Blood Cells

Raisins are a rich source of haemoglobin which is used to produce red blood cells in your body. When pregnant, your body undergoes a lot of trauma and changes, one of which is the inconsistent production of red blood cells.

4. Eases Digestion Of Food

Much like constipation, the high fibre content of raisins helps improve the digestive functions of your body.

5. Supply Energy

Raisins are known to be an extremely good source of healthy and natural glucose; they are a great source of energy as the body breaks them down for energy easily.

6. Prevents Anaemia

Anaemia is caused by severe iron deficiencies, Raisins are rich in iron and help combat anaemia.

7. Cancer Prevention

Pregnancy puts your body through immense stress and trauma, this can have a long-lasting impact on your health down the line. One of these complications can be cancer. Eating a handful of raisins everyday regulates blood flow and helps stop cancerous clots from developing.

8. Avoids Acid Reflux

As mentioned above raisins are rich in fibre, one of the most important aspects of fibre in the body is the ability to prevent GERD or acid reflux.

Who Should Avoid Eating Raisins

Although raisins are healthy, they can also cause harm to those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or blood-sugar related illnesses. It is recommended that you consult a physician to find other natural alternatives to raisins.

Side Effects Of High Consumption Of Raisins In Pregnancy

While raisins are extremely good for your health, there is such a thing as too many raisins too. Eating too many raisins can be detrimental to your health. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t eat too many raisins:

  • They can raise your blood sugar
  • They can cause gestational diabetes
  • They can cause infant diabetes, making the delivery of your child difficult naturally and may result in c-sections
  • They can cause type 2 diabetes in your baby.

Raisins, in moderation, can be an extremely healthy snack that energises you and help revitalise your system during pregnancy. They are a great source of nutrients that help balance out your entire body. Talk to a dietician and doctor to learn more about superfoods like raisins. Planning a diet with a healthy intake of raisins is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy life in general.

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