Dancer Hold/Hand Breastfeeding Position: Benefits & When and How to Use

Dancer Hand Breastfeeding – Benefits and How to Do It

New mothers usually lack knowledge about taking care of their infants, yet they try to manage everything very well. However, there are some crucial steps in a baby’s upbringing, and breastfeeding is one of them. 

Many mothers do not know the effective ways of breastfeeding their kids. Breastfeeding kids includes a lot of factors, and none of them should be ignored for the healthy growth of the baby and the well-being of the mother. Breastfeeding babies in any random comfortable position is not correct and should be avoided. Mothers can use different prescribed positions instead. In this section, we will discuss the dancer hand position, which is a proper technique for breastfeeding kids. Let’s understand this position in brief. 

What Is Dancer Hand Position for Breastfeeding? 

Dancer hand position, also known as dancer hand position, is a breastfeeding technique for mothers of newborn babies. This technique is very beneficial for those mothers whose kids are born prematurely or with conditions similar to down syndrome. 

It is a position that should be taught to every mother out there so that they can use it effectively and help other new mothers as well. 

When and Why Should You Use This Position? 

We talked about the dancer hand position, but why and when should a mother use this breastfeeding position? 

Mothers always face issues in holding their babies correctly while breastfeeding; this position can be used to have a great grip over the baby and give proper support to their back while breastfeeding. It is very beneficial for mothers whose babies are born before the expected date and/or have down syndrome. 

Benefits of Dancer Hand Position 

Benefits of Dancer Hand Position

Both mother and baby must be comfortable during breastfeeding. The following are some of how the dancer hand position can be beneficial:

  • It helps preterm babies by simplifying the feeding process. 
  • Babies with improper feeding skills can get nourishment through the dancer hand position.
  • If the gagging reflex is weak in babies, the position can be used.
  • When muscle tones are weak in babies, the dancer hand position will be easier for them to feed.
  • If illness obstructs proper feeding of the baby, the dancer hand position can be helpful.
  • Disabled babies might not be able to suck the milk without help; this position can assist them. 
  • Babies with cleft lips will also be helped in feeding through this position.
  • Down syndrome interrupts the general capacities of the baby. In such a situation, the dancer hand position can be ideal for their proper feeding.

How to Use Dancer Hand Position for Breastfeeding 

The dancer position breastfeeding is one of the simplest among all breastfeeding positions. This can easily be done with the help of the following steps by a mother: 

  1. Put your hand under your breasts and support it with three fingers. 
  2. Create a U shape using your thumb and forefinger to hold your baby’s chin and press the cheeks of your baby from your thumb and forefinger. 
  3. This way, your baby would be in a fine position to press onto your nipples and suck milk. 
  4. For a better hold, keep your baby close to you in the same position; this will help in better nursing. 

What Is Two Finger Dancer Hand Position? 

A slightly varied breastfeeding technique can be used when the baby does not require chin support, but their cheek tone is low. The prone posture shall be ideal for feeding the baby. The mother is supposed to lay down on her back with the baby on her belly. To support the easy and efficient supply of milk to the baby, the mother uses her index and middle fingers. She curls both the fingers inward at the second joint, and the flat portion is inserted within the mouth of the baby. 

When to Use This Position? 

As we have already mentioned, breastfeeding positions should be comfortable for the baby and the mother. 

Two-finger dancer hand position ensures an easy supply of milk to the baby. Premature babies or babies with certain types of weakness cannot suck the milk from the breast as effectively as other babies, impacting their health. Hence, mothers should pay attention to the special requirements of the baby and use the right breastfeeding technique. 

How to Try Two Finger Dancer Hand for Breastfeeding? 

Two-finger dancer hand position is quite similar to a three-finger, but in this, your baby should be prone over your belly so that they don’t need chin support. Mothers can easily try this breastfeeding method and ensure proper feeding of the baby. 

It is a wonderful experience to become a mother for the first time; however, this happiness comes with several challenges, and feeding the infant properly is one of them. Use the right breastfeeding technique according to your baby’s needs and gift them a healthy and happy life.

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